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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam o alikum sisters, I have a problem that is difficult to handle for me, actually I am studying in a university with co-education system. We prefer to take skype and fb video lectures and attend live sessions instead of regularly attending the university. so we all classmates discuss our assignments and projects via facebook.etc and our teachers also join us. You can say its a kind of distance learning. Now there is a boy in my class, who asked me that he wants to be my brother(I never met him face to face, have a contact with him on fb), i thought there isn't anything wrong in calling someone "brother" as i am used to call everyone in my class "brother". after that he started messaging me most frequently even without any important thing to be discussed and i felt that he praises my every single word and work. but I always felt strange with this relation as he already have five sisters, why he pretends that he cannot live without texting me. But as he is my class fellow so I didn't take these things seriously. Well, now after 6 months with this brother-sister relation, he asks me that as I have become his sister so there isn't any need to hide myself in front of him.(I always cover myself and with male classmates or while attending live sessions, I prefer to cover my face too (to avoid any awkward situation), But he says he wants to see my picture without hijab. (I am not in the favor of sending my picture to any non-mahram even when I am wearing hijab). I don't understand how to refuse him ? I refused him in a decent manner, but he says "you don't have any need to hide yourself in front of me as i am your brother", I said "you know, you are not my actual brother" and he starts arguments with me that I am too rigid when it comes to follow Islamic rules and I don't know how to respect others and how to compromise and that he is my brother and I am not following his orders, we must cut-off and we must not be in contact with one another anymore. The problem is that I don't want to create a strange atmosphere in my classroom and I am also afraid to make anyone mad at me for some reason. Have I done anything wrong, or would it be wrong to end this relation and contact also ? What must I do now ?
  2. O these lines are so beautiful, at this time I am missing Him badly. He a.f is with me but I can't see him :-(
  3. Bermuda triangle is Imam Mehdi's place and this is confirmed in so many books especially 'Jazeera e Khazra'. There are also some islands near the Bermuda Triangle. These islands are called "shia islands" and only shia live there and their food and all others necessities of life are being fulfilled from Bermuda triangle. Residents of Bermuda triangle supply everything to them two times in a year. And please note when I say that triangle is our Imam's (a.f) place it doesn't mean that he (a.f) lives there
  4. you are right but they also believe in arrival of their Master as we believe in Return of our Master a.t.f
  5. (salam) it is very amazing to find proof in another religion's books for Imam's a.t.f arrival. kindly would you please share that book's name??
  6. No, Respected friend Belief in Awaited Imam a.f makes us strong. Because He a.f is central point on which we are all united
  7. (salam) thanks a lot brother for sharing full Hadith, I read an article in a Pakistani newspaper in which writer said that it is sign of qayamat e Sughra, So I was anxiously searching for this Hadith thanks again
  8. (salam) These sayings are awesome I felt that I am reading a letter of Imam a.f. Great work brother Abbas Ali Stay Blessed
  9. (salam) you r right that He a.f will end all sects and in this matter I totally agree with you that we should be united and we are united. when I write that "we are going to see our beloved awaited Imam a.f" it does not mean that only one sect is going to be a part of his army or going to see him. We as humans waiting for him because his arrival is essential for humanity not only for Muslims.
  10. (salam) respected friend I didn't even mentioned that sunnis would not be part of Imam e zamana a.t.f army I am just looking for actual text of Hadith
  11. (bismillah) (salam) 2 days ago I read an article in which there was a Hadith e mubarika It says that when you will see that aden (Yemen) is on fire, it will be sign of Qayamat e Sughra. (nearest time of zahoor e Imam a.t.f) this is not actual text of Hadith I think it is fraction . If Anyone of you have complete text of this hadith please share, I am searching for this hadith.
  12. Alsalam O Alaikum every one every one have complete text of this Hadith, It says that before Imam e Zamana a.t.f zahoor Yemen (Aden) will be on fire and that will be nearest time of Zahoor Imam a.t.f I read it in "Qayamat e Sughra" book last year, As war begin between Yemen and Saudi Arab I just recall this hadith but I don't have it's complete text.
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