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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. waalikum assalam yeah, my both eyes are completely fine...I had my eyes tested just because of this pain but i dont have that problem
  2. Waalikum Assalam I have visited my family doctor and many more others ...they gave me different types of pain killers, as I said I have this pain from 1.5 years, so I used many medicines (i don't remember even their names), but nothing seemed to help. Doctors usually say, its just a headache which is called migraine.....try finding your pain triggers and you'l be alright.
  3. Assalam o alikum everyone. I have migraine for almost one and a half year. Now its like..killing me, I can't study because of it, can't bear noise or light, hot weather triggers it. I have to do a lot of screen work for my weekly assignments and papers, but with this pain it is really very difficult to manage all of my tasks. My pain has become chronic and when it starts I feel like someone is stabbing multiple knives in my head on left side. After that, hangover doesn't let me get up from the floor. I have been using pain killers, drinking more water, using an ice pack, mint oil...but there is nothing as far as i experienced that can stop this pain or delay it. Any migraine sufferer here ? Please share your experiences and also what type of remedy you people use to get escape d from this pain ? Or please if someone can share any Dua for this pain... Thanks in advance...May Allah protect all of you
  4. Hope everyone here is fine. I was reading Imam Hussain a.s 's sayings, One of them says.... "If you neither believe in religion nor fear the hereafter, then at least be free from Tyranny and Arrogance" I want all of you to help me understand this quote. There are so many bad things in this world...in our life, but why Imam a.s said to be free from cruel leadership and that feeling when you think you are smarter and best as compare to others. By the way, I am not criticizing His a.s advice (God forbid), I am just curious that what is special in these two things that Imam a.s advised to be free from them.
  5. yeah, i agree......in my area, we experience earthquake above 5 magnitude..sometimes 7 in a very short period of 1 or 2 months....this strange weather and many many other signs... I am sure we are living very close to the time of reappearance of our holy beloved Imam ajtf. Lets pray that Allah make us the cause of His ajtf reappearance.....not the cause of delay in His ajtf reappearance
  6. Wa alikum Assalam I am glad to know that.........If Sufyani LA is coming soon, Obviously this thing will hasten the reappearance of our beloved Imam ajtf.......I know we are going to suffer a lot of difficulties before Imam ajtf Reappearance, but all these problems are acceptable....because at the end of the day, we are going to see our Imam ajtf..........Lets start reciting Dua A'had and other prayers too
  7. So making a sculpture or 3D painting..that is very popular now a days is Haram...Thank God I am not good at 3d art... but other paintings or portrait-making is okay or Makrooh ? Please clarify......
  8. Hope everyone here is fine. I am a literature student and so much interested in art work specially in making portraits and sketches. But I got to know that painting or sketch-making is considered Haram in Islam. Is that true ? Should I quit my art work or are there any limitations ??( It may sound strange but I've never tried to find this query's answer.) My friends say that its a God'gifted quality that my portraits look so perfect ( i don't think so.. by the way) and that I must not think that its haram..etc but I am worried, its true that art work gives a satisfaction that's why I don't want to quit. But if there is any Islamic rule which says its haram, please share that.. Thanks in advance..... Best Regards
  9. Hope everyone here is fine My sister is an Arabic teacher for almost 8 years, now she wants to find a job somewhere else, I mean in some other country, may be Iran..... Anyone here can help me? I googled for a teaching jobs in Iran but those websites don't give any information.
  10. Salam, I have same plans, and I am a student, But I've started from prayers and by daily recitation of Sura e Ya'sin. You can say I am just offering my prayers (not as you said "spiritual connection"). But I think we cannot master at once at something. By the way I'll also appreciate any suggestion for me and Sorry that I cannot suggest anything for you as I have also same plans and need guidance for this
  11. As far as I know, the word "hamasa" means bravery or enthusiasm, So "Bravery of Hussein a.s"
  12. assalam o alikum, I know its too late reply, but I found a link for this book السير الى الله and have downloaded too, http://alfeker.net/library.php?id=2003
  13. oh Muslims, what are your lifes? you invent your sisters, then make them your wifes Oh Goodness
  14. Assalam o alikum Hamasa e hussaini is available here but in image form, you'll have to read it online https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.519668418056930.121743.327271017296672&type=3
  15. Well, may be, But i think i must THINK on this matter
  16. I agree, No one have any right to order me except Allah and his messenger pbuhahf along with his blessed family. No one have any idea about his behavior, even he behaves like a stranger in front of other class mates, during the live session or group chat
  17. I am relieved after reading your advises, Thank you so much. That's what I needed at this time, God bless you
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