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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Well I will be speaking with her father soon and I think it will probably be about everything he wants for his daughter as in materialistic things but we'll see ..
  2. She won't go .. she'd make up and excuse that there is no time we haven't even been sleeping in the same house anymore.. plus she has started to take things from the house + I highly doubt she would sit with a shia sheik telling us things as she's not shia
  3. She is very hard hearted and wouldn't want to work things out very hard headed if I could of made it work I would've I honestly been trying this whole marriage
  4. As a man Is it wrong to tell your partner not to stay out late ? Is it wrong to tell your parter try to minimize spending because the income if we keep spending recklessly we will fall into a hole? Is it wrong to feel sad when you feel like your being put last behind everyone in her family brothers, sister, parents Is it wrong that I would like her family members to warn us before they come to our house ... at least that way we can prepare the house or God forbids that it ever came to them just coming while something private ? Is it wrong that I want to have a say with my wife if she hangs out with the wrong people ex. Wife has bad passed but I forgave and got threw it but there have been times she drank or did something haram ..since her friends have that type of thing around her .. Is it wrong I would like my wife to prepare meals and sometimes clean the house..I never have a problem with helping those chores I love doing it together Is it wrong I want her to have a relationship with my family and sit occasionally to talk with my family member and be a part of my family. Family tried to have a relationship with her but she always made excuses Is it wrong that I stopped hanging out with her family because I've witnessed them doing things and speaking about things that are haram? Am I wrong because I stopped being around them ? Am I wrong for getting a divorce as I'm feeling guilty for no reason .. my friends tell me it's time to leave and start living with my brain and not my heart since I am hurting now and feeling lonely but I'm confused why I feel lonely because I even felt lonely during my marriage .
  5. I always admit to my mistake and apologize bring roses get her a gift say sorry and be as nice as I can i never received a sincere apology similar to that.
  6. Inshallah I will keep this in mind make dua for me
  7. It means a lot coming from my shia and fellow muslim.. all I want is ease inshallah
  8. I knew her 4 years before I married her and almost a year of marriage with her so almost 5 years of knowing her but only about 10 months of knowing how she is living with her
  9. We were married for almost a year I knew her 4 before but it seems like as soon as marriage was involved and we were in the same household things got rocky..
  10. I am pretty sure she is not willing she just wants to give it 3 months and ect.. I'm always willing for the best solution if it's to fix the problem or for both of us to move on I agree with you shiaman that's why sometimes I feel like there's no point to even bother trying Thank you for you prayers inshallah and I hope that will come true.
  11. I really appreciate your post, as to her mother inshallah she does but most likely she is doing the opposite.
  12. Salam to everyone, after many tries and many efforts from both me and my wife, we have both decided to move on. Yes there is hurt and everytime I see her for questions or when she needs something my heart does crush. We haven't been sleeping at our place we both have been sleeping in seperate places (family). I have been feeling very sad everytime I see her and then leave because she will tell me things that are sad but she does not put any effort to fix she just will always say something negative to make sure we are going to just move on.. I always try to say something to cheer her up or something small to try to not give up on marriage but she will just give mixed signals and then I will think of how Un compatible we are and just try to give her what she wants and go on with my day. I feel like maybe the best option for us is to move but I sort of feel like everytime I see her she is trying to make me feel guilty in a way and she will cry .. and I can't just ignore that so my heart does crush and I try to act sensitive towards her but everytime I let my guard down she takes advantage of it. She has also told me she feels like she's lost and I just tell her don't worry Allah is guiding us. I need some help understanding her, I honestly wish this marriage could of worked but it just hasn't been working for a while now. One minute she will be sad then happy and a million other feelings and I don't know how to react and I need to know what to do now that it seems she's giving up even though she will say things that make it seem like she's not fully done but I don't know. She spends most of her time now with her mom and I know that her mom doesn't want nothing to do with me as her mom is very westernized. I'm sorry if I did not fully make sense if there is anyone who can help me with this issue can they messege me. And if there is nothing you can offer to help just make dua for me inshallah Salam
  13. Did you not read that I tried ... I have been the one doing the dishes I have been the one getting the food. She does not want to spend no time together nor wanted to communicate with me.. she wanted to walk all over me for me to let her do whatever she wants whenever she wants how can you expect me to be at ease if my wife is out until the early morning instead of being at home with her husband?. I sound controlling because we need the money and we're struggling to get by but spending on excitement and things that she should never spend things on? You honestly don't know how the persons life is until you've actually been in their shoes. I'm not saying everything her fault I'm saying she didn't wanna fix our problems with me. She wanted it to be her way or nothing and I tried 1 million times to talk but there was nothing it was only me trying.. I can't keep trying alone I needed her to at least try but there's nothing you can do when the person doesn't care and makes u feel like crap.
  14. Yes she has done things worse to me worse then aisha did to the prophet which I don't wanna speak on. I tried my hardest to make the marriage work. But its only one way and that's all.
  15. I will forsure, inshallah soon Allah will bless me with a woman on the same page as me and all the best.
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