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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you, inshallah these will give me some insight sounds very complicated indeed.. I just wanted some basics really to start with.. thank you though Thank you, I have the nahjul-balagha that I just got the other day.. excited to read it ! thank you again! thanks this will be good. yes please, I do not want anything too complicated at first as I have only read few things about it all
  2. Thank you so much everyone! Inshallah these resources will help answer some questions and make things abit more clear for me I know there are many differences between the Sunni and Shia school of thought so I really want to know more about them
  3. illiterate? if the prophet was seen to be writing the quran people would have used this against him till today and would have said he made the quran up himself. not too sure about Imam Mahdi.. never have i heard that before.. Reading the quran and its benefits? not only does it relate to things we go through in our lives today but even listening to the recitation softens even the most hardest hearts. the quran was sent down to man kind as a means to live life easier. why would you even consider it to be a joke? no you are incorrect with alot of this respecting stuff. Yes ofcourse we must respect individuals who are from other religions. the prophet even did so himself. invite to the way of your lord is only what you can do but besides that you must be respectful of others beliefs. not only is this what we are supposed to do as muslims but just being a human with morals and ethics it should be automatic.. respecting your parents is a must! except if they are going against the reglion then this is different..going back to the importance of reading the quran it will give you many scenarios of past prophets dads not accepting islam and trying to stop them from practicing.. you can see how they have handled these things. always with respect. you should always research about your religion. do not be ignorant.
  4. Hello, can anyone recommend any good books for someone who is looking into Shi'ism? Shi'ism in general, possibly comparisons of the school of thought of ahlul-sunnah and shi'ism would also be helpful thanks you :)
  5. Arguments? do you mean the differences i am aware of? Yes i know this is true, but you see it is very hard coming from a sunni background and having everyone, and also online research and info be so negative towards it..saying things like shia belief has a lot of fabrication and what not, i just want to be on the right path and inshallah Allah swt will guide me to it. Thank you for that. About the 12 imams, is it not true that our prophets before Muhammad pbuh had 12 'followers'.. 12 disciples, 12 apostles etc... why is it so hard for Sunni people to believe that the last prophet, the best of all creation could have 12 imams to succeed him?
  6. Hello, I am a sunni Muslim and I have started to research more and more about Shiism due to my partner being a shia Muslim. I have found that I believe many things but lately have been having my friends warn me about continuing my relationship with a shia Muslim. Why is it that so many sunni people despise shias ? They keep saying things like they are like a cult and to stay away from Shiism. It saddens me to have Muslims saying this about other Muslims. I am so confused on what to do and which path to take. There are so many differences between sunni and Shia that it is more challenging for me to know what to do
  7. Thank you and inshallah. Yes I find it very sad that so much of the muslim world sit there and say negative things about shia people. We are all muslim at the end of the day. It is very hard to even express how I feel to even my own friends as they think I am going into the wrong path lol :( it will be a difficult journey.
  8. The book is very interesting and has shown me a different side of history which I had no idea about. I definitely agree that Imam Ali should have been the first successor, not just because of what happened at Ghadeer but even his traits as a pure Muslim. It is upsetting that Sunni scholars never discuss these things with us. I just don't know what is right I am very confused at the moment I just pray that Allah swt guides me into the straight path and the truth. Hamdulillah he is of good character and deen he has taught me a lot and only wants me to know the truth about Islam.
  9. Yes it will be difficult as he is also from a different culture. The older generation find it very hard to accept, then putting the different sects in the mix as well, well you haven't really got a good outcome. Well at the moment it is difficult to say as I am learning more and more about the Shia school of thought and my heart is leaning that way. it is just very hard as I have been brought up being a sunni therefore it is very difficult! Thank you for that. I am currently reading a book on the history by Sayyid Ali Ashgar Razwy. Yes I do work, and no he is not sustaining me financially, I take care of my own needs and necessities myself. It is just that my partner is worried that if he does not have the blessings of my family our marriage will not be a good one. Yet I have tried to explain to him that their reasons for not allowing it is unjust as it will be purely based on his culture and the different school of thought.
  10. Thank you for all of your information. Yes I do understand many of the reasons why and have been spoken to about the asking Allah swt to remove his mercy from these enemies.. but I just find it abit difficult coming from a different school of thought to accept it very lightly! I just think I will choose not to do so in case :)
  11. Hello :) I've recently been looking into Shiism and agree with a lot of things, I have read up on some history too and have noticed where certain companies have gone wrong but is it right to hate and curse so much? is it not valid enough to know where they went wrong but not say anything so harsh against these companions and also Aisha? I know the following verses about whoever angers Fatima angers me... etc and how this links to Abu Bakr and Umar barging into her home and so on, and yes this is terrible! But to curse and hate? Is this not against our own religion. I am feeling almost guilty to be having thoughts about the companions that are not so good. Will i be punished or get in sin for doing so :( Thanks :)
  12. Salam all :) I need some help. I am a sunni girl who is with a shia boy. I have learnt so much about Shiism, and believe that many of the teachings are the correct way. We both want to get married, his family has no problems but I am afraid mine will due to culture clash and now the differences of our sects. What am I to do? He has good deen and character and I believe is leading me to the straight path of the deen, if my parents say no does this not fall under un-islamic grounds? I do not want to disobey my parents but I am very happy with this person. I've heard many people say your marriage is invalid without your fathers consent etc? Thank you!
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