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  1. Salaam Read or listen to Dua e Mashlool, it will help u alot.. the best dua.. u will find it on www.duas.org and read or listen to Dua e tawassul u will find it on baabeilm.com or duas.org or youtube.com and Hadis-e-Kisa on duas.org
  2. (salam) brothers and sisters Is Ammar nakhshawani single or married?
  3. thankx 4 the reply awwww thank you soo much sis ^_^ :)
  4. (salam) Is it allowed to work in mcdonalds according to ayatollah sistani?
  5. (bismillah) (salam) sister thank u very much.. actually someone told me that u shud tell about ur dream after three days.. beocz every dream has a positive meaning.. and that positive effect will be gone when u tell about ur dream to anyone.. so i'll describe my dream InshAllah after three days :) but looked up this dream in this hadees of Imam Jafar Sadiq (as) and i dreamt this on the day of 16 or 17 (There is delay in it) Imam Sadiq (as) explaines dreams according to the days of the lunar month. (book of jaafar al atheem) nights of: 1 - 10 - 21 ----------------------------- Liar (or false) 6 - 7 - 15 - 18 - 19 ------------------- Truthful (or true) 8 - 9 - 11 - 12 - 22 - 23 - 28 -------- Good (or acceptable) 4 - 5 - 16 - 17 ------------------------- There is delay in it 2 - 3 - 24 ------------------------------- Reflected 13 -14 ----------------------------------- There is no good in it or harm 29 ---------------------------------------- (There should be) no (alternative) interpretation in it 30 ---------------------------------------- Truthful in every condition so InshAllah i'll describe my dream after three days :) but thanks alot sister.. thank u very much
  6. (bismillah) what does it mean when u dream that someone is ignoring u? and is disturbed that u r in front of him and trying to avoid u?? plz help me... i really want to know this and what does lunar month mean? islamic month or international month?? can someone explain??? :( plz i need help.. Plz :cry:
  7. i had a dream about hazrat Ali (as) hazrat imam hassan (as) and imam hussain (as).. he was giving a lesson to my uncle that he shud stop deinking alcohol. while my uncles friends were insisting him to not listen to Imam Ali (as).. and my uncle was unsure... but the whole thing ended up that Imam left and he was disappointed right after that i dreamt that i was in Khana - e - Kaba with my father.. but our wuzu were broking all the time.. then we decided to do Umrah later becoz we would stay there 2-3 days ------------------------------------------ and i had a dream that a guy, i know told his friend that he can give his life to me what does these dreams mean??
  8. whats does lunar month mean? islamic month or? :unsure:
  9. hmm okk thankx for ur reply guys.. but yani humein ziada gunnah milega.. if we listen to this song..?? :$ kya yeh bilkul nahi sunna chahiye? :$ confused.. :S
  10. They mention hazrat ali (as) 's name.. is it haram for us to listen this song? i know that music is haram... but by adding the name of hazrat ali does it make any diffrence?
  11. (bismillah) i want to read namaz-e-washat for br Ali Naqi can anyone tell me how to read namaz-e-washat.. and when shud i read it? day??/time??/
  12. ^^^ :!!!: Oh my God.. hahahha man u made my day :lol:
  13. Oh God :cry: this is soo scaryy im sooo worried 4 my cousin who lives there.. i hope he is alright Ya Imam-e-zamana madad karey... :cry:
  14. UMER AND YEAH, IM A GIRL :blush: :unsure:
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