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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you are asking about the exact cause of her death how is it possible for anyone to determine that now ? Umar (RA) and Uthman (RA) was martyred while Abu Bakr (RA) fell sick before he passed.it may have been that she (May Allah be pleased with her) fell sick because she mourned the death of Prophet (pbuh) a lot as we find it in some narrations. we can`t say for sure but just because we don`t know the cause of her death it does not mean she was murererd. this is what i called childish reasoning.
  2. in any case if he remained silent for 24 years and choose not to speak badly of the previous caliphs then why do you bring it up again and again ? why did he (RA) do bayyah after six months if the khilafat of Abu bakr (RA) was illegitimate ?
  3. do you curse those who briefly fled at hunayn but returned to fight and Allah gave them victory ? 12,000 people were taken by surprise by 20.000 or more enemies on a narrow road, arrows and stones were bring showered upon them from both sides, do you really want to curse those people for fleeing under such circumstances ??? do you would have done better if you were there ??? secondly this hadith does not say Umar Al Farooq (RA) was among those who fled and as a matter of fact he even had a share in war booty which got him 2 slaves whom he later freed at the command of Prophet (pbuh). so according to you he got booty for fleeing ???
  4. no, the followers of Abdullah ibn Saba al yahoodi revolted against Hazrat Uthman (RA) and martyred an old man like cowards.
  5. another desperate attempt to deny the virtue of the Muhajirun (May Allah be well pleased with of them) do you know what was their intention when they migrated to Medina ??? do you claim to know what was in their hearts ??
  6. yes it a well known account and i provided many references from Shiite books to prove my claim but unfortunately the mods found it to be inappropriate for some reason and deleted my post. i highly recommend searching the words of Hazrat Zain ul Aabideen (rahimaullah) regarding the people of kuffah.
  7. And the first to embrace Islam of the Muhajirun (those who migrated from Makkah to Al-Madinah) and the Ansar (the citizens of Al-Madinah who helped and gave aid to the Muhajirun) and also those who followed them exactly (in Faith). Allah is well-pleased with them as they are well-pleased with Him. He has prepared for them Gardens under which rivers flow (Paradise), to dwell therein forever. That is the supreme success. (Al Quran 9:100)
  8. i said A SHIA SCHOLAR and i did not mean he speaks for all shiites, if you felt that way then it`s your misunderstanding. how am i supposed to give the exact reason for the death of Fatimah al zahra (May Allah be well pleased with her) ??? do you even realize how childish your request it ? how could someone tell you the exact reason for the death of someone who lived 1400 years ago ? just because someone does not agrees that Fatimah (May Allah be pleased with her) was murdered it doesn`t mean he/she hates her. you are really using childish logic here.
  9. there is no evidence that the ones you so desire to curse ran away in the battle of hunayn. the hadith in bukhari which is misused by many people does not says Umar Al Farooq (RA) fled during the battle but he was talking about those who had backed off from the battelfied after the surprise attack from the enemies. the problem with you is that you are trying to interpret the verses of the holy Quran by yourself. you don`t even know when those verse were revealed and what is actually subject of those verse yet you are twisting them in order to justify your actions. and secondly there is no evidence in the sahih sitah that Hazrat Fatimah zahra (may Allah be well pleased with her) was upset with Hazrat Abu bakr (RA). you can`t use one hadith from sunni books then 10 narrations from Shia history books in order to justify your claim, it will only weaken your argument. i do not blindly accept things doesn`t matter who is saying them. there is no evidence that even one sahabi was involved in the murder of Hazrat Usman zinurain (RA), those who said Muhammad ibn Abu bakr (RA) was involved have been proven wrong throughout history by islamic scholars and historians. lastly if cursing is so important to you then go ahead and curse whom you want to curse but remember we will be held accountable for every single word that was uttered by us in this life.
  10. if both incidents are different then why was @Maes trying to use one in order to justify the other ? nobody is saying why didn`t Hazrat Ali went on war with the first caliph but he didn`t even protested against them. Imam Baqir (as) said that he (Ali (as)) preferred that they should err and not forsake Islam rather than that he should call upon them and that they should refuse him and thereby become unbelievers. Al-Sadooq, ‘ilal Al-Sharaa-‘, vol. 1, pg. 150, hadeeth #10 Al-Majlisi, Bihaar Al-Anwaar, vol. 29, pg. 440 Verily, the people who payed allegience to Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, have payed allegience to me based on the same principles as the allegience to them. So anyone who was present has no right to go against his pledge of allegience, and anyone who was absent has no right to oppose it. And verily shura (consultation) is only the right of the Muhajirs and the Ansar. So if they decide upon a man and declare him their imam, then it is with the pleasure of Allah. If anyone goes against this decision, then he must be persuaded to follow the rest of the people. If he persists, then fight with him for leaving that which has been accepted by the believers. And Allah shall let him wander misguided and not guide him. (Nahjul-Balaghah, Letter #6) the question is if Ali (RA) did not protested against the previous caliphs then why are people saying he was robbed of his rights ? this totally wrong to say Hazrat Ali al murtaza (RA) feared for his life and preferred not to rise against injustice because he feared for his life. you are in fact insulting Imam Ali by saying that he didn`t even spoke out against batil while his son fearlessly marched against batil and got martyred ??? and you suppose the khilafat of Abu bakr as siddiq (RA) became legitimate after six months ??? LOL make up your mind first then commect my friend.
  11. placid and christianlady thank you very much both of you for your efforts and contributions to get this discussion forward. yes this is what i was trying to say in my previous post as God clearly expressed regret not for the fall of mankind but creating mankind itself. what i mean is he was not saying i am sorry that i created them in a sympathetic sense because if he was then why did he almost went on to destroy all of manking ? if he regretted giving freewill to mankind then it`s like saying he didn`t knew the outcome of his creation. The Quran teaches us not to give God`s attributes to anyone else nor to give human attributes to God Almighty who is far above from such things and this is a very important aspect of Islamic Monotheism as without it the attribute of being THE ONE AND ONLY will come down under questions. Islamic monotheism is very much different than the concept of monotheism in other faiths as it raise the creator above characteristics of creation such as forgetting, making mistakes. being unaware of something, being unjust with anyone etc etc and it also denies the creation any characteristics of the creator. the point i`m trying to make here is to regret is a human attribute, like for example we regret when we make a mistake but since God is above making mistakes how could be sorry for his own actions ? i`m not raising this question unnecessarily for fun or anything because there are many people who believe in the Bible but are bothered by this passage. @Christianlady of course i believe God is absolutely perfect in everything he does, those who doubt his perfect are turning a blind eye on the everything around them as there are many signs in the universe which displays the perfection of God in their creation and operation, and i ask God to increase us in beneficial knowledge and guide us on the straight path towards salvation and his love, Aameen.
  12. we do not believe there was any sahabi involved in the martyrdom of Hazrat Usman (ra), do you have english version of that narration ? secondly Al Muminoon is the title by which the Muslims (including the sahabis of course) are often referred to in the Quran by Allah subhana watala, so just because he referred to them by this title here it doesn`t means they (companions) were NOT the only ones who gave bayyah to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and there were hypocrites too who gave bayyah under the tree.this is just a speculation of some people. but let`s just for the sake of argument accept that not everyone who did bayyah was included in this Ayah, so can a person can still curse them and there no blame on him ??? since you already said you don`t know who were included in this verse and who were excluded, how will you know if you were abusing someone who is included in this verse ??? no matter what you try to use here, you won`t be able to justify cursing the companions (May Allah be well pleased them all). :)
  13. what is your point by this ? how is it relevant to our discussion ?
  14. And when Musa (Moses) returned to his people, angry and grieved, he said: "What an evil thing is that which you have done (i.e. worshipping the calf) during my absence. Did you hasten and go ahead as regards the matter of your Lord (you left His worship)?" And he threw down the Tablets and seized his brother by (the hair of) his head and dragged him towards him. Harun (Aaron) said: "O son of my mother! Indeed the people judged me weak and were about to kill me, so make not the enemies rejoice over me, nor put me amongst the people who are Zalimun (wrong-doers)." (Al Quran 7:150) @laithAlIRAQI JazakAllahu Khairan for proving my point :lol: when Prophet Harun (AS) opposed the actions of Bani Israel and tried to stop them from worshiping that calf, they found him weak as they were too many and they even threatened to KILL HIM. the point here is that Prophet Harun (AS) raised his voice against Fitnah, he tried to save his people shirk and misguidence. while you on the other hand say Hazrat Ali (RA) never raised his voice for Khilafah, he remained silent for 24 YEARS and never ever challenged the khalifahs before him for it. this is believed by all Shiites and i can give you references from authentic Shiite books to prove it. so @maes no matter how many incidents of the past you try to use in order to justify his (RA) silence, you only get more strangled in weakening your own claims. As`salamu Alaykum.
  15. so just because tabari was a Sunni he cannot make any mistake in his history book ??? and just because someone degrees with you on something does it mean he/she is calling you a liar ??? what kind of reasoning is this brother ? scholars have disagreed with each other since the start, it`s not something uncommon as i can show you many of the Shiite Scholars disagreeing with each other on various religious issues. i hope i won`t be asked to show examples as there are plenty of those on every corner. your arguments is weak from the start because history books are not Hadith books, they don`t have a strong chain of narratiors for most of the things mentioned in them. so just because Tabari or anyone in the world writes something that happened hundreds of years before they lived, doesn`t makes it true by default just because they wrote it in their books. i again ask you to do some research and try to find this incident in the early shia books, i`m telling you brother you won`t find it anywhere else before it was fabricated in the Book of Sulaym bin Qays al Hilali by the liar Abban ibn abi Ayyash. and just to get you started here`s a Shia scholar explaining the real reason why Umar Al Farooq (RA) is hated so much in Iran.
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