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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. can you help me understand how the whole reputation thing works?

  2. You're an enlightened fellow and I trust your opinion , and you are right anybody claiming to be the mahdi in essence is spreading mischief and blasphemy and should not be tolerated on this forum since it can be a form of mockery of the imam (ajf) , Mods do what you must
  3. Gaius bro I doubt anybody would be convinced by this false mahdi I say we should leave this thread unlocked for a little while longer so everyone who hasn't seen the thread can have their chance to roast this false messiah lol , I think it will be pretty entertaining
  4. Are you gonna lock this thread or are you going to let us go deeper down the rabbit hole?
  5. Oh I thought we had to thank Allah for anything we were grateful for (of course it would be impossible to name everything since his mercy is infinite) Well in that case Thank you Allah for blessing us with individuals like sayed Ali khamenei and groups like hezbollah who are the beacons of light in this dark world
  6. Your statements have made me recall a narration of rasoolallah (sawa ) I can't remember the exact narration but I will paraphrase it went something like this , " the time of the Mahdi (akhir e zaman) will be a time of mass deception and many lies " , to be honest brother it is not surprising that those who hate the shias in falluja would go down this route , it is extremely sad and unfair and inshallah I hope your prediction is not true but knowing this world and it's venom this is not surprising , may Allah swt have mercy on all of those muslims and non Muslims who are defending their God given rights against the takfiris and the tyrannical zionist regime and may he grant them victory in all of their endeavours inshallah
  7. Thank you Allah swt for concealing my faults and always showering your mercy upon me and my family
  8. Okay it is extremely hard for me to comprehend the logic regarding your statements on contraception , but coming back to my point stopping contraception won't stop terrorists who are waging war against people at the moment nor will it stop the other tyrannical regimes in this world , and since you claim to be the mahdi how will you destroy the violent regimes? And also how will you convince the world that contraception is wrong and how will you end contraception?
  9. Actually moderators please don't lock this thread yet , it has just begun getting interesting......
  10. How will that save the world please enlighten me? and also what are you going to do about the zionist regime of Israel and America and their terrorist mercenary groups like ISIS and al qaeda will you fight them head on or will defeat them by other means?
  11. So how do you plan on saving the world? When are you going to destroy oppression and end all tyranny?
  12. When did you receive revelation to confirm you are the mahdi?
  13. Alright i will give you the benefit of the doubt and will accept that you are not trolling but I want to ask you a serious question , what is your purpose for starting this thread? forgive me for my ignorance but I don't understand the message you are trying to convey ?
  14. This thread should be locked this person has had their fun and is either a troll or clinically insane , dear moderators please lock this thread
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