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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think its ironic that they're quoting Qadi Noman, someone who used to be Sunni but became Ismaili: ˜Çä ãÇá˜یÇ ÝÇÑÊÏ Çáی ãÐåÈ ÇáÈÇØäیÉ- ÐåÈی¡ ÓیÑ ÇÚáÇã ÇáäÈáÇÁ¡ 12: 284 ˜Çä ãÇá˜یøÇð Ëãø ÊÍæøá ÇãÇãیøÇð - ÇÈä ÍÌÑ¡ áÓÇä ÇáãیÒÇä¡ 6: 201
  2. (salam) I don't understand how u say that this hadith is mutawatir, when they all go back to al-Zuhri. Here is the sanads one sister kindly provided: Zuhri is one of the key figures in islamic history, if you guys want to be good in uloom-hadith/ history u need to know who this bad boy is. Originally he was a companion of Imam Sajjad (as). He would sit with him frequently. In Medina he was the authority on the life of the Prophet (pbuh) (during does days the hot topic was the battles of the Prophet (pbuh).) Later on Zuhri was brought to work officially by Ummayyed Caliphs, so he could teach their children. Ummayyed Caliphs saw that Zuhri is a master in the battles of the Prophet (pbuh), but unfortunately Ummayyeds were either fighting the Prophet (pbuh), or running away from the battlefield. So they made him change history. This is when he becomes sour with Imam Sajjad (as). And the Imam (as) writes him a letter to repent. Then Ummayyed’s saw that they need to boost the popularity of Zuhri, so they pay the authors of “jarh wa tadeel” books (books on the topic of reliability of a narrator) to write good things about Zuhri. So if you look at the authors of “jarh wa tadeel” that support Zuhri, they are either lined to the Ummayyeds or paid by them. In short, Zuhri is a paid liar. It's not a good idea to believe the words of a paid liar. :Hijabi: Sorry this post is so brief, I don’t have my notes handy, but I wanted to post before this topic dies down.
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