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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Despite this clarification of the meaning of “Ya Ali madad” if we are asked why we do not say “Ya Allah madad (O Allah help!)” and “Ya Rasul madad (O Prophet help!)” instead of “Ya Ali madad” then the answer is as follows: 1. Those who are convinced that the Prophet and the Imam are the living and speaking Supreme Names of God (7:80), believe that it is right to invoke God by a name which is Supreme and most dear to Him. 2. It is extremely important for the wise to note that God did not appoint any of His literal (zahiri) or verbal (harfi) names as His Vicegerent (Khalifah), or as the Prophet or as the Imam, or as the Teacher of the Heavenly Book, nor did He say that it is the fountainhead of the light of guidance, or the Rope of God. Thus it is evident that the real names of God are the Prophet and the Imam of the time and therefore it is correct to have recourse to Him through them.
  2. Numerology is a very important subject, specially when we relate it with different spiritual practices.And there is no knowledge in which there is not having any numerical values,e.g, if one want to fill any “naqsh” “taweez” diagram we cannot fill that without the proper knowledge of “Ilm al adad” Knowledge of the digits. We will shortly show the way which is the proper and right way to figure out digits and how to use it. Here is example: For example someone ask a question on ‘saturday’, that my sister whose name is ‘akbari’, what problem she have?. So we will first use to take her name’s value and day’s name from the chart it will look like this. So when we take the both (name of the patient, and the day of the question) and bring up its numerical chart like given, and when we divide the 590 (which is total of the both names i-e name of the patient and the day) with “4” we get “Two” “2” . Which means that its not any magic, or demonic problem with the patient, but its physical problem and need treatment from a physician not from spirituality. Here is a Calculater to find out what is your name adaad.. ilm-ul-Adad-Calculater
  3. ajkal ki nayi nasal to Darhi ko b Pasand nahi karti... :p is bina par isko mazhab se nikal to nhi skty.. na he munkir ban skty hain iske..
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