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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Shan aapse bt ho skti hy 

  2. Brother if the grand maraje are in conflict over this matter then we shouldnt debate it, dont you think? After all we cant claim to have more knowledge than them. So either pick a side or go with what the majority of the grand maraje say (which would be the safer option). In our case, this seems the only logical corse to follow Wassalaam Ecxept ofcoarse you are a mujtahid yourself and consider yourself to be more knowledgable than ayatullah wahid or ayatullah sistani or ayatullah khoi, then you can have your own opinion which goes against the majority
  3. 4 prophets will come along with hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S). Hazrat khizr, Hazrat Ilyas, Hazrat Idris and Hazrat Isa. Although there are different opinions about Hazrat Khizr, wether he is a prophet or a saint (just saying), he will come surely
  4. You're good bro. Go pray salat :D
  5. The state can't just forgive on behalf of the individuals affected. In some cases they might even have to mete out the punishment, even if they have been forgiven by the victims, to make an example.
  6. In cases like these it might be necessary for the state to act rather than forgive, so that the next person who thinks of throwing acid might wait and think about the punishment. As for the forgiveness I think it applies to the people directly affected. Its their choice wether to forgive or not
  7. Yes, the Imam Ali of our time does help a believer in times of difficulty, though it is said that a person doesn't realise it at the time, only later that it was indeed sahib-ul-Asr who came to his help
  8. Well said bro. There's so much to learn and such little time
  9. Salam sister, this is true. Infact there is no doubt in the authentication of these ahadith. There is one more thing which you might find interesting that every person will see Imam Ali at the time of death, believers will be happy ofcoarse. As for the unbelievers they will be even more sad about their fate when they see imam displeased with them. This is very authentic. It is narrated by Ayatullah Dastghaib Shirazi in his book The hereafter (Ma'ad)
  10. Brother Ibrahimi I'm sorry I didn't realize that was your post about the reviving the cow. Wassalam
  11. salaam brother. It seems theres a lot of stories like these. Regarding Imam Ali's role, we do not find anything in authentic ahadeeth that would suggest that he was present on mi'raaj. One thing is for sure that Voice in which Allah communicated with his Habib was that of Hazrat Ali
  12. Salaam brother, just read Imam Hussain's khutba on the day of ashura which he delivered in front of banu ummayid army and then get back to me. wassalam No one can deny the fact that Allah created the universe, infact every other thing out there out of love for panjtan, i.e. Bibi Fatima, Muhammad S.W., Imam Ali, Hasnain sharifain. It is established even among the Ulema of other religious sects. If you believe that Hazrat Isa had been given the power to bring back life by Allah's command, how can you then say that our Aimma-e-Athaar could not do it? And, obviously they were subject to the harshness of this world. They were role models for us, if they hadn't been affected by the adversities of life how could we relate to them? Brother I belong to a family of Ulema, I know what I'm saying. I dont have much knowledge but what I do say here, I say with complete resposibility.
  13. Salaam sister, interesting thread. As I myself am from Pakistan, we have heard alot of these stories growing up from people around us. I should say that although some might be purely the work of fiction and love, but the rank of AhleBayt is more than even those stories. to put this in perspective I suggest you read Imam Hussain's sermon, on the day of ashura, regarding his high and honourable status, I guarantee that you will be left amazed. The Imams had power over all things, life and death included (Wether they brought someone to life or not is another story, if it is mentioned in ahadith then they most probably did). Also these things are very trivial for our Aimma-e-Athaar. This whole world was created out of love for the AhleBayt. As for the stories, some people spare no effort in coming up with the most far fetched ideas. So, when I was small I heard from zakireen that when prophet pbuh went to mi'raaj, hazrat Ali was already there and when the prophet pbuh sat down to break bread, and said how could a guest eat alone, at that point Hazrat Ali's hand appeared from the veil and he broke bread with him. In reality although Allah spoke in Hazrat Ali's voice (which He used whenever He spoke to anyone, Hazrat Musa, Hazrat Ibrahim, Bibi Maryam probably), this story is the work of zakireen. :D wassalam
  14. Salaam all brothers. It was a pleasure reading your answers and i found them very educating especially the following answer of the brother I would like to add that prophets came to this world to admonish people and guide them to the straight path, through their knowledge and excellence of character (putting that knowledge to practice themselves) and setting an example for the people. When we say that Ulema are the inheritors of the prophets it is in this regard. They should aquire their knowledge and most importantly before admonishing anyone else they should put that knowledge to practice and set an example for the people. Is every Alim an inheritor of the prophets? Certainly not. Only those who are themselves acting on their teachings and adhering to the rules set by Allah almighty. If they do this they are not only the inheritors of the prophets but they are the best of creation and according to ahadith attributed to the holy prophet ulema of his nation are like the prophets of bani israel (it must be noted here that we are not referring to the ool-ul-azm prophets (The holy prophet s.w., Hazrat Ibrahim, Hazrat Nuh, Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Isa in order of rank) and other great prophets of high rank. Also there may be varying degrees of knowledge possessed by different ulema, it doesnot mean that those of the lower level of knowledge are excluded from this category, they still possess alot more knowledge than a normal person. When you see an Alim with an imamah and an aba and qaba you can rest assured that he couldnt have worn this attire if he didnot have sufficient knowledge of all aspects of religious life, so respect them and regard them as the inheritors of the prophet. Wassalam Also about mentioning Imam-e-Zamana in this regard, yes he is an alim and yes he is the inheritor of the knowledge of prophets but our Aimma-e-Athaar are greater in rank to the prophets except for the Holy prophet pbuh. They are the best of creation, nearest to god. For our comparison it is enough to take Ayatullah Sistani or Ayatullah Wahid Khorasani as complete and proper examples for this Hadith. Although in my opinion we are nothing in comparison to even their knowledge. They are indeed men of knowledge, having spent all of their lives aquiring knowledge and imparting it. Let us take pride in our Ulema. wassalam peace :)
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