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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is merely your opinion and holds no water. A person who can throw away half of his Bible in the gutter should not really speak about the belief system of other religions. I'm half Pakistani and half Arab, many people move from Pakistan and other countries from ME to western and Europe countries is really not because of Shari'ah (which people like you have been brainwashed with fox news and Sweden Democrats). Many countries in ME don't even have the shari'ah, they've a type of democracy mixed with some laws from the Shar'ah. After the khaleefah was dismantled in 1924, the Muslim wo
  2. Andres, before I respond to you, I want to know your background. Are you a liberal Christian?
  3. They try to reform a religion that was completed, a seal was put on. Nothing can be added and subtracted. However, today we have kuffaar trying to reform our religion, it's therefore really important for us to teach our children about our religion so our future generation can establish it. Teach our children the fundamentals i.e., tawheed, kufr bit taghoot and the most important tool, of course the Arabic language! Children grasp languages really quick, so we should teach our children about the religion and its fundamentals! Watch the entire video!
  4. I found this video and it's pure entertainment, you might want to see this with some popcorn. How can a "developed nation" with all its sophisticated weaponry and technology be so wrong? They changed their purpose for "war" several times. Allaah azzawajal exposed them!
  5. Development of society (Perhaps you can elaborate)? You mean open homosexuality? Drinking, music, pornography, strip-clubs, zina, insulting others (so-called freedom of speech or maybe we should rename it to freedom to insult), riba which creates imbalance in the society (how much is the debt of America? debt per person?), warmongering in other nations (foreign policy), public nudity, racism, homelessness and so forth. In what way do your developed society protect the wealth of people? their honor? A woman whose raped, goes to work and pay her taxes. An amount from her taxes goes to pris
  6. Brothers and Sisters in Islam.. Why do we as Muslims need to care about what Christians say about our beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)? Do protestant Christians and Catholics provide us with rizq (livelihood)? So why should we care? We are not accountable to them but to Allaah azzawajal. Furthermore, we shouldn't mock or revile their god (3 in 1), since they may in ignorace insult Allaah azzawajal nor should we insult their Apostle Paul. We love our religion and find tranquility in it. Therefore we should leave that which doesn't concern us, follow the great example
  7. This is a common argument brought forth by the fundamentalist Christians living in Sweden and other parts of the world. Some of these people have strong hatred towards Muslims and Islam because it challenges and denies many parts of their theology and christology. In fact, if the Qur'an had one verse (refuting and criticizing them taking Jesus as ilah), they'd still call it a revelation from satan and would slander the Prophet (s.a.w.) as an anti-christ. It's about the content! Allaah subhaanahu wa ta'ala says in the Qur'aan: O you who have believed, enter into submission to Allaah c
  8. Yes akhi, I'm from Sweden, born in Sweden and living in Stockholm right now. I'm half Arab and half Pakistani.
  9. The American government is for the most part approaching the Islamic world and the ME with the same imperial hubris with which the Brit. approached their many colonists and we all know where that led. The American government has put itself and her allies in harms way. Bush after the horrible incident of 9/11 which I condemn strongly, said, "They hate us for our freedoms", though it's a good line propaganda, but it's far from the truth. A letter was sent by Khalid Shaikh Mohammad (9/11 planner) to Obama, he wrote the following:
  10. I disagree, it's become worse. Under the Obama Administration thousands of civilians were killed by drone strikes. 10 times more than under Bush II. How much more blood must be spilled for stupid people to realize the US government doesn't give a flying **** about civilians in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iran(?) and the list goes on. Terrorism in US and her allies has increased, in fact it's increased tenfold since they invaded Muslim countries unlawfully. Andres, who told US to solve our problems? They are not the caretakers of this world. The west blames Islam
  11. The Prophet (s.a.w.) is better than Ali, he was chosen to deliver the Message of God while Ali wasn't chosen to do that!! Muhammad (s.a.w.) is mentioned as a mercy sent to the 'alameen. I can write more points if you want. Ask Allaah for guidance you need it, especially when you have made such vile remarks!!!!
  12. @Jaffery15 Are you serious? Ask Allaah for guidance! You really need it! Especially the Ali and revelation part... he didn't get any revelation nor was he a Prophet. Astaghfirullah!
  13. Where is the 12th Imam mentioned in the Qur'aan? Perhaps, it'd be great if you could start out by citing a verse to establish that there is a 12th Imam who will return and dig out Abu bakr and Umar from their graves and kill them, lol. Does the Qur'aan say that someone will return? Mahdi? Jesus? Since this is a matter of eschatology, God mentions the steps of making wudu in the Qur'aan, he mentions even small details, furu' al-din (salat, zakah, fast, khums etc.), but doesn't mention something that is so important, the return of your 12th Imam!!!! Well dear brother, the most enlig
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