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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree, definitely. The problem that i'm facing is that i have this stubbornness of just not wanting to block individuals and it's proven to be a problem. I just feel like Twitter users just want to argue and create drama, i guess that's how entertainment works on that website but it really does get irritating at times.
  2. Salam Alaykom, I've been a Twitter user myself for a very long time and honestly i don't think that i have ever come across a more toxic platform. There is so much division amongst members of society and religious sects on it. There are countless arguments on a daily basis amongst sects and other groups. At first i thought it due to Twitter's young users however this isn't the case, you get many full grown adults arguing on a daily basis too. It's as if they feed off it. What's your take on this? Do you share the same opinion?
  3. Stressed out. I had my last final yesterday and i'm considering Masters courses but the cost is very expensive and i sadly cannot afford it. The world is bound to enter a huge recession after this pandemic is over too, so finding a job is looking practically impossible... not that it was easy before anyway.
  4. I would not recommend reading this thread whilst fasting BIG MISTAKE.
  5. Wa alaykom al salam, As a Sunni myself I'm actually really happy to see the replies. However, with regards to your question i believe the cursing of the Sahaba is wrong. A few Shia scholars which i follow and highly respect would say the same. For example; Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah.
  6. People still play that game? I thought that game died out years ago lol. Best of luck finding someone to play well, i think your best shot is searching discord servers and other social media gaming platforms.
  7. The answer to this question will differ amongst individuals due to their personal experiences. Myself for example, a Syrian who has lost family to Hezbollah, yes, i do see them as a terrorist organisation. Most of my Shia friends on the other hand would say otherwise. I hate to admit it but i do strongly believe that it is a matter of sectarianism. The majority of Sunni's would oppose Hezbollah whereas the majority of Shia's would not. There are many more specifics and variables which play a role but i decided to keep it short.
  8. I've performed martial arts for a while now. I specialised in Krav Maga for about 2 years and Muay Thai for about 3 months. I didn't like Muay Thai much because it hurt my shins haha
  9. Honestly I wish I could relate, my uni is still open and fully operational. I decided to take matters into my own hands and remain at home though& oh, job applications too which aren't looking great pahahah
  10. Who are they not accept you? It's more like you shouldn't be accepting them in the first place. You got this champ! Ignorance is a bliss
  11. Be carefuland get it checked out bro, make sure to avoid any contact with family and friends just in case. But inshallah it's nothing but a cold.
  12. Yeah, my sheikh who's part of the UK Muslim council of Imams and scholars told me that the council is considering on stopping Friday prayers and possibly Tarawih because of COVID-19. https://www.utrujj.org/the-coronavirus-protect-your-self-do-not-attend-jummuah-until-it-is-safe/
  13. So I'm about to graduate university in a few months, Inshallah. Everyone has told me that getting employed will be difficult and that rejection is inevitable. So far I've been rejected by every job I've applied to except 1 which isn't really a great job, but Alhamdullilah regardless. I'm curious to see how everyones employment journeys came about? Was it the usual job application and interview process? If so, what steps did you take to prepare? Honestly it's very demotivating when you spend time on job applications and get rejected right off the bat even when you know that you're a great fit.
  14. Oh, im applying for jobs and I'm getting rejected left right and centre, honestly hating every thought of entering the work life. Inshallah
  15. Honestly tempting, but university is an enemy of a happy life.
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