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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam bless you, I know how you feel. Very recently I have felt the same. It is such a weird feeling. I think learning about Allah swt may help.Like reflecting on his mercy for example. I was reading the last verse of surah muzzamil today and it made me cry. It is really very beautiful. It makes you want to get closer to him. There are some very heart touching verses. not the say the rest are not but it is amazing in general. I want to ask if you are married? If not I would highly recommend it. It boosts your imaan and you start feeling more connected to Allah swt. It may sound weird. Ive been married for a week and I can really feel its affects. Allah's blessings are innumerable. hope this helps fresh imaan
  2. Brilliant posts saintly mashaAllah. Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah OP. Brother, I know what you are going through. Trust me. I know of a Shia Muslim woman in love with a Sikh man. But she CAN'T marry him. It's as Islam has stated. Similarly in your situation it CAN'T happen. I doubt there is a single marja who allows Sikh and Muslims to marry. As much as they are lovely people. Allah' s rules always have wisdom in them. There is no other way except help her read the kalima. IF SHE WANTS. There is no compulsion in religion. Then there is really no point in trying to justify what is clearly haraam. I will pray for you Punjabi110. Iltemase duas, Fresh-imaan
  3. Great question mashaAllah. I wonder about the hadith in sahih Bukhari about prophet Muhammed saww reading both prayers i.e zohr asr together without rain etc. as shias accept it. but it makes me think what else is accepted. and the fact that prophet saww prayed both ways (separately) too. why shias don't acknowledge that and still pray all their prayers together... I also wonder alongwith you whether shias check the narrations of every hadith in the siyah sittah...
  4. hahahah Magma, you scared me! nice one
  5. Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah sister! Alhumdulillah! mashaAllah you have been blessed to go! may Allah swt increase his blessings upon you first timer eh? wow. first of all I will say brace yourself. It is so so busy out there! please do be very careful. How many days are you going for sister? Are you going with a group? Checklist as follows: Clothes (extra for your baby) please try not to take too much as you won't always need it) (you will be in and out of the hotel alot) I normally take 3-4 abayas, 3-4 tops and trousers max and socks) (this is if I am going for 10 days. Medicine (paracetamol/co dydramol) in case. Nappies (if s/he wears them) Good shoes towels Suncream (if you need it) toiletries That is all I can think of for now. I will add any later if I remember inshaAllah please pray for me when you go there
  6. I'm not talking about ayatullahs. I'm talking about the shia general public.
  7. because sunnis believe that the prophet saww kept it that long. And shias believe its necessary to keep a beard as long as its not completely shaved. I.e to follow the dress code of the time.
  8. Sorry hun just to clarify I'm not a social worker yet, just a student in this field. InshaAllah will help you the best I can. Ive spoken to the counsellor. She said she has discount charge for self funding students InshaAllah this will be easy for you? Stay blessed
  9. Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah dear sister you are always welcome. It is nothing at all. I am SO SO GLAD! inshaAllah things will get better for you. That is soo good that you are willing to take this step. may Allah bless you too sweetie. Anytime xx
  10. aww bless her. Exactly sister it is very hard. Nooo it isn't picky at all! it's a good choice actually . aww well I hope you find the right person to make you laugh inshaAllah. You are very welcome
  11. Salam sister, May Allah swt help you, protect you and bless you. You are such a sweetheart. I am so so sorry you and your dear mother went through all of that. I am truly shocked. Hun, your experience is something which will shape your action, reactions, way of thinking and trust on men. It is something that will take time to dissolve. Alot of time and patience is needed and I hope this guy has that understanding. Does he know about all this? A few words of advice I would give to your fiancee is to be patient with you. He needs to be very gentle and loving. You mentioned intercourse, again he has to be very gentle in his approach to you. You also said that you don't want to have intercourse, that is something you will really have to think about and discuss the reasons etc with a qualified person.The reason for this sweetie, is that sexual intercouse is a root of marriage. Without it, it can collapse and become pointless. Sexual intercouse is based on trust, love, friendship and understanding. It is important that you communicate with each other on a deeper level when it comes to this.You never know, you may want to have intercourse after you marry inshaAllah. Please don't make any hasty decisions in talking to him about this unless you are fully ready and have gone through everything with a qualified person such as a (counsellor or marriage counsellor) who can go through everything with you step by step and in a mature way. Sister, I know a shia muslim woman counsellor. She is brilliant. She would keep everything you say confidential and would only alert anyone if there is immediate danger to you or another person. Would you be interested in this? I know it is a huge step to take. But it is very important for your well-being as well as for your future marriage. You can have sessions on skype, over the phone and face to face. I wish I could give you a hug and take your bad memories and experiences away from your heart and mind.. If you need any further help/advice feel free to message me anytime inshaAllah. I'd love to help. stay blessed Fresh-imaan
  12. Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah Z1111. I know exactly what you mean. Personality isn't mentioned so much. Yes Islam does lay down rules about meeting/talking to a person for the purpose of marriage. but it is much harder with parents in the room. Are you not able to meet in another room with your sister or someone with you? a person's true colours definately can't be seen in that situation. or Can you not possibly talk to him on the phone alone? surely they don't expect you to make a decision like that right? I like what you are saying about humour. It is good to have that trait, I'm not sure that it would be bad enough to dry out a marriage but yes humour is entertaining. It is nice to have humour in a marriage because you entertain each other, love and friendship between you can grow. I think phone conversation is a effective way aswell after meeting in person. Yes, a good sense of humour should be accompanied with seriousness and maturity. Simply because marriage carries huge responsibilities. So if a person isn't mature or serious when it is needed it can cause problems in a marriage. so true, people are serious when it comes to meetings because they can be nervous, anxious or shy. Marriage without a sense of humour can be successful. It all depends on both parties. if they both are serious people and enjoy being with one another than fine, it can work. Sometimes, one is too humourous while the other is serious. This may or may not work. As the serious person may get offended if the humourous person isn't serious when it is needed, or goes overboard with his/her jokes. if you have any particular situation and need advice, please feel free to PM me you're very welcome.
  13. salam ji kah aal? just thought id say hi :)


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  14. Walaikumsalam wa rahmatullah! Alhumdulillah cbt is good. It really helps.Great inshaAllah thank you
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