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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) , can you please tell me the sources for these 33 signs?
  2. Salaamualaikum, I know this one website, but I am not too sure about authenticity, maybe ill take a look at it later. http://www.duas.org/student.htm
  3. Walaikumasalaam warahmatulahi wabarakatuh, sister, it is not a bad thing that your afraid of death. It is also not a bad thing that your having fun. The only bad thing is when you sin! If you are sinning in having fun, then your in error but other than that its not bad to have fun. Allah created us with the feelings of boredness, repetitiveness, and thats why he made certain things like the day and night cycle, different climates, different seasons. We were made to have these feelings, so it is not haram to have fun, as long as it is in rightfulness. It is not bad to enjoy life, enjoy it when its enjoyable(just dont sin), and be patient when it is bad. As soon as you feel like youve sinned, repent, Allah is quick to forgive and forgives ALL. If you have salaat/fasting that are not done and you die, and you were in a gradual process of finishing them, Allah will forgive them as if they were all complete. Just make sure you are actually making an effort to get them done and that you strive in the path of Allah, and even when your having fun remember the limits set by Allah. Allah is all knowing. Also, what other way do we have to repent to Allah except begging and crying, like in dua kumayl we beg to Allah " And have mercy on him whose capital is hope, and his weapon is tears." Nonetheless, we do not have to always be crying and begging for forgiveness, even though its a good thing, as muslims we must grow, learn, work. We have to increase in our beings, and remember how much the prophet, and the Imams worked and studied yet they were of the greatest people to walk on the earth. There are many hadiths where the prophet and Imams have hailed those who study greatly! Just the fact that you fear Allah's punishment, that is making you a better muslimah!
  4. Salaamualaikum, Guys please can we refrain from insulting each other. It was good that you brought up the equality problem, Ethics but you shouldnt have taken it that far. If Forever I'll Beast is in error then you already told him, no need to get overly hyped about it. As for women, to be honest like Ethics said, we have to fix ourselves before we look for a fixed lady. If we make sure that we have dedicated our lives 100% to the cause of Allah, then Allah will bless us with the best mate possible. Also, I wouldnt be looking in a Kufar country like America for a wife if I were you, id head back to your home country and look for a lady who grew up with Ethics (lol), proper values, and deen. Even though there are probably many good women in America, its just going to be hard to find one whos sincerely good. Allah knows best. Patience and avoidance from any sin and I promise you will be successful.
  5. walakumasalmu warahmatullahi wa barakatuh, brother, it does not matter what they think of you. It is what you believe in your heart, and Allah knows whats in your heart. As long as you have it in your heart that you are a shia and nobody can tell you otherwise, then Allah will help you and Allah will bring justice to anyone who laughed at you. What a shameful thing to do at an islamic centre, laugh at someone who wishes to learn about islam. What an embarassment, what a disgrace! Especially because it was an islamic centre. If there is any questions you have, this chat is a great place to start asking there are lots of intelligent people with different perspectives. I promise you nobody will laugh about your questions here.
  6. Salamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, I remember I heard this somewhere, but im not sure about its authenticity but it was said that Allah loves his servants more than the mother loves her own baby. If you sin then dont fret, just think like this-let the sin be a lesson for you and instead choose to never commit it again. Channel the negative energy into positive motivational energy to strengthen your iman and your deen. Whenever I consistently sin for a while I feel the same way, my life feels like emptyness, and I think 'im no better than these kufar who Allah blinded with no deen or with a religion that disbelieves in the oneness of Allah.'
  7. Salaamalaikum, May Allah bless you Barabika for making this post! The books finally arrived at my door, I stopped thinking about them ages ago yet they still arrived, and straight to my door as you promised! Inshallah I will get these books done soon and learn what they have to offer. I did not expect them to arrive anymore and they came. Three books all a blessing
  8. Salaamualaikum, If I do recall correctly, didnt the prophet used to make the Kufar who had lost wars only pay a fine? And if they were unable to pay a fine then they had to pay for it through other means, and one of them being sharing their knowledge with the muslimeen, perhaps slavery was one of these? Im not sure about this, sorry.
  9. Salaamualaikum, If I do recall correctly, didnt the prophet used to make the Kufar who had lost wars only pay a fine? And if they were unable to pay a fine then they had to pay for it through other means, and one of them being sharing their knowledge with the muslimeen, perhaps slavery was one of these? Im not sure about this, sorry.
  10. (salam) Is there a list of books to ask for? I asked for a general idea a long time ago, and I have not recieved anything as of now.
  11. On Allah we rely, and to Allah we return

  12. Times like this make me really love this site, everyone just spreads peace and kindness and makes everyone feel better about themselves. May Allah bless you sister Amina and may Allah make you the best of muslim's who will be of the Imam's Ummah. Inshallah! Walaikumasalam.
  13. Salaamualaikum, when the imam comes out he is going to need engineers, workers, intellectuals, mechanics, doctors etc.. not only mujahideen, even though everyone wants to die shaheed like syedna imam hussein (AS). The imam's state is going to function like other countries, except that it will be a theocracy with everything revolving around the true islam, led by our glorious leader, Imam mahdi (Ajelllahu Taala farajahu al-Shareef). The best way we can 'arm' ourselves in the west is to learn learn and learn! We are going to be the ummah of the imam inshallah so we must work together to make the ummah an educated powerful force and to benefit the ummah. After we put our niyah as to work to help the ummah of the imam then Allah will guide us, and Allah will bless us and unite us with the imam and inshallah one day give us passage to the imam's state.
  14. What is mutah? Can someone elaborate please?
  15. Does anyone have any solid fatwa's from marji's about this? I think they are who we should look to before anything.
  16. Bismillah il rahman il raheem Salaam Brother, I believe Allah (SWT) is the most just and the best of judges. We are in no place to be deciding if any generation had it easier or harder, back then when they saw the miracles and the prophets, they did not have the connectivity and ease to learn about anything that you want like we do. Also, they would not believe unless they saw something blatant and obvious right in front of them like their statues that they used for kufr, but out of Allah SWT's mercy he would show to them miracles and prophets and verses. On Allah we rely and to Allah we pray so perhaps he will forgive us of our sins and accept our salat and zakat and siyam and hajj inshallah.
  17. Those who stand with Imam Ali (A.S.) I stand with them and those who stand against Imam Ali (A.S.) I stand against them. Regardless of how much they wronged him or any other members of ahlul bayt, they committed and evil towards some of the most blessed people to ever walk this earth, and for what honestly, the Imam(s) treated them with kindness and mercy, while despite this the shahtan caused them to transgress and wrong the imam(s). Lebayka Ya Ali!!
  18. (salam) The isis guy could barely put words into a sentence at the end!! Pathetic da'ash thalimoon!! He started crying like a baby because he knows how bad his situation but still refuses to believe that he is at fault! I seek refuge with Allah from such hardheadedness (I could think of another word to use, can someone think of one?) and ignorance! No more hope for these guys in the duniya nor akhira! Inshallah soon the iraqis will kick these guys out of the country and bring back safety and serenity to Iraq! The judgement of Allah is coming for you ISIS!!!!!
  19. Ramadan and Ashura are actually my two most favorite times of the year! What I love most about them is learning, they are the two months where I learn the most about islam and shiism! Alhumdulilah this year I have become much more religious, last year I committed some indecent acts during Ramadan and this year I will make up for it. Inshallah in ramadan I will memorize surah Yunus (inshallah) and pray salat ul layl every night. Every salat will be on time inshallah and my connection with Allah will be at its strongest. Aswell as much istigfar! The only sad thing is that in my city our mosque is very poor and weak, if I ever get a good job and some money I will put most of it towards our mosque. But for now I need to get my life together, clear my mind and clear my soul.
  20. You know when us Muslims (being shia or sunni) capture someone like this we must think about what the prophet would have done. We really shouldn't be laughing nor mocking them, I guess it was certain circumstances which lead them to be that way. There is no way for people like the Taliban to get a decent education, most schools are destroyed and parents force children into stuff like terrorism taking away their chances to pursue education. I remember a story my dad told me, there were a few men that were kufar inside the city of Medina when it was under sharia. These men had committed crimes throughout Medina and the Muslims captured them and brought them to the prophet, and the prophet told the Muslims not to beat nor hurt them in any way. The punishment given to them by the prophet was for those of them whom are literate to teach 10 Muslims each (to read and write) and then they are to leave Medina with supplies provided from the prophet. I think the greatest torture to someone like this would be to teach him about the scale of his actions and just how irrational and crazy they are. As well as how they have put shame to Islam and how their actions have led them to be the most globally despised people.
  21. We have a pretty educated community, the biggest contributor was peoples education! Shia's prevail! :yaali:
  22. My favourite game back in the day was runescape and minecraft, those were the good days :)
  23. Thank you all for your kind words. May Allah shower you with blessing! Honestly, I just posted this in hopes that Allah will help people learn from my mistakes(and perhaps I will gain Hassanat from doing so :3). I would like you guys' comments but its not working for me, probably because m a newbie. I remember a hadith from prophet Muhammad (SAWA) it went something like "An hour of learning is better than 70 years of prayer".
  24. Bismillah il rahman il raheem Salaam brothers and sisters, honestly I feel like today wasn't a bad day however it was my own attitude towards it which made it seem bad, well that and how I prayed a little bit late. So, recently a lot of my life has been encircled around negativity and grumbling about having too much stress and too much work. This has piled up on me emotionally and spiritually, depending on how you define spiritually of course. The weird thing here is that last semester I had much more work and more to worry about, but it didn't feel like it and I enjoyed life and constantly prayed on time. This negativity from me has been spreading to those around me, I guess I'm emanating a pessimistic vibe which people obviously have a distaste towards. However, through much thought and consideration (LOL not really) I've come to a conclusion about this. As Muslims, its also an obligation for us to spread positive character and attitude, prophet Jacob said “I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah" (12:86). Our prophets set the examples that which we must follow, and prophet Jacob even when his son was lost and not known about for years he still remained vigilant and strong internally. Even the atmosphere at my school it is depressing for a Muslim and everywhere you look there is sin and kufr. I guess this is partly what drags me down, noticing everyone having fun while I must control myself and not sin. I often find myself having to take a minute to detach from the atmosphere to collect my thoughts and remember the cause of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. We mustn't forget though, we have the greatest of gifts which is being rightly guided to ISLAM and especially the SHIA. Life is what you make it out to be, the reason why optimists have the most enjoyable lives is because they view life in the best possible way. For us to be happy, we must really be happy with our lives internally, and one the best ways to do so if just pray on time, read Quran, and do dua. Sorry I made this so long and agonizing for you guys to read, but I really felt the need to help someone else's life feel better (which I'm not too sure my writing did) considering that I've just been making everyone feel bad around me. Honestly today I wasted all my time that I could have been studying with because of this negativity, but I'm glad I went through this as I learned a good lesson (and got to post something on shiachat about it :3). Hopefully I put an end to this and raise my mood and in doing so raise the mood of others around me. Thanks for listening jazakumullahu be khair.
  25. Just joined, community already is looking really friendly, inshallah this will help me become a better muslim! :D

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