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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, How do you pray qasr prayer while in a congregation and the imam is a non-traveller too.
  2. There is no point looking at this clips, just a waste of time. Your life is different compared to every else. Everyone should strive towards betterment and knowledge and find the truth. We are all like a explorers in this world and we should strive to discover the truth. YA ALI
  3. ^ Mate, your way of existence is NOT unnatural, but rather it is a fake story that your are repeating to yourself everyday, it is your mind set. Don't look at things with negativity, fuel yourself from the bitterness of life for further improvement. Make yourself effective, make your efficient, make yourself productive and change your way of thinking and comprehending about things coz the idea of "peaceful life or living happily ever after" does not exist in real world. As Imam Ali a.s. said, "the world is like a snake, very soft on the outside but full of venom from the inside". This world is very challenging, you gotta adopt, you gotta improvise coz everything will not be the same as you expected it to be. Strive in the way of Allah and Allah will help you get nigh to Him in an easy and simple manner. Being a so called Muslim or Shia is easy but having Iman is far too hard to obtain. The same way, everyone can call themselves knowledgeable but knowledgable is the one who practises upon his own knowledge. The best way to strengthen your Iman, and the best provision we can prepare for our final journey is to equip ourself with knowledge and act upon it. I hope and Pray to Allah the most Holy and the most High to encompass you with his favours and Mercy. YA ALI
  4. I don't find it motivating. They flood your imagination with false claims and misconceptions. They are the tools of Satan, through their tongue satan speaks
  5. Jihad against Nafs is the greatest Jidhad, to which I have lost. Keep fighting, lay out some strategy that you can follow everyday, where you can ultimately improve the weak spots and advance towards spiritual perfection. The best way we can wake ourselves from negligence is to equip ourself with knowledge, knowledge is our shield and our sword. You don't need to go to Iraq and fight against Daesh because there is a bigger and badder devil inside of you. You need to prepare yourself for war against your Nafs, which is the ultimate battle field and pursue the highway of knowledge, which is better for you but little do we know. YA ALI
  6. By this I guess you don't have a single idea about Abulfazl Abass a.s. He is not just a person who died. He was "thee" man. He was the one, upon whom Hussain ibn Ali cried. He was the one, regarding whom Hussain a.s said "you are my backbone" He is the one, whom Imam Ali a.s. looked upon with pride. He is the one, whom Imam Sajjad, Imam Baqir and Imam Saddiq a.s. praised. He was the one, who was the Hijab of Zanib s.a. He is the moon of Bani Hasim. He is Abbas ibn Ali. Every time I glance upon a full moon, I say "Peace be upon you YA ABBAS" YA ALI
  7. I'm have faced many trouble and hard times in my life while at the same time I had to make many sacrifices to end up where I am now. Allah, the most Holy and the most High does not want to harm us or does not hate us by afflicting us with hardships and sufferings. But now thinking back upon those moments, I think it was Allah's grace that through those hardships I have learned the reality of life and in fact, I have improved significantly and I think, I'm a better and an improved person then last year. Remember that life itself is a test, where people with more iman is inflicted with more and yet more hardships and problems to test them even further, as way of perfection. How can I explain this? let say, as an Engineer, when there is some new invention or idea, it goes through trail and error and intense testing in order to perfect the system and make it error free. Don't let the problems and hardships in your life affect your Iman but rather use the negativity and bitterness of life to fuel you to further improve yourself and strive towards perfection. There is no such thing as living peacefully or living happily ever after because the world constantly tries to knock you down but it's up to you and upon your will power to stand back on your feet, hold your head high and keep walking. You just gotta learn how to walk around the obstacles if you can't walk through. There is something that we call improvise. Don't let the problems and your surrounding affect you in a negative way. Be yourself, believe yourself, respect yourself and prioritise your goals and above all, believe in Allah. As our beloved Imam Rida a.s said, "Life for a believer is like a prison". YA ALI
  8. One who tends to share your happiness and sad moments in life, one who will pull you up to stand on your feet while the world tries to knock you down. Marriage completes half of our Iman, a good wife would be the one who would help you protect and perfect the second half too. A good wife is one who connects you to your Lord when you are lost in the bewilderment. YA ALI
  9. Mate, I'm in Australia while your in London. almost 12 hour difference. It depends on Moon sighting too
  10. HOLD YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE, what I mean is self-examination. The prophet (S) SAID, "O Abu Dhar! Hold yourself accountable before they hold you accountable, and in order for your accounting to be easy tomorrow". Why do you need to hold yourself accountable? Because mentioning and remaindering man about errors and sins gives rise to shame and shyness. HOW? set some pre-conditions for yourself, like at the start of each day, set a goal for yourself and ask Allah to help you. Be ALERT. one ought to be careful to act accordingly to what he has pre-conditioned on himself. One has to continually mediate about his deeds and perceive the consequences of his deeds. ACCOUNTING End of the day report regarding yourself. Have you done what you were supposed to do? Or have you done something that your are repentant about? Thrust me, this can be helpful. I do this everyday I got a piece of paper on my wall, where I have two sections such as Evil deeds and Good Deeds for each day of the week. If I do something good, I score myself +1 but if I do something evil, I score my self -1 and write what I did that particular day in each sections. At the end of the week, I add the total score and if I'm in the negative segment. I punish myself with something hard but if I ended in the positive segment I reward myself. This way it can be fun and productive. YA ALI
  11. Eid Mubarak in advance to All Believers and lovers of Mohammad n Ale Mohammad (s). What I learned this month? Acquire knowledge, Acquire knowledge, Acquire knowledge. Since I have started reading books, I feel that I'm a verrrryyy ignorant and neglectful servant of Allah and I wish to remove and de-root this weakness from myself but with the help of my beloved Lord. May Allah, the Most High and the Most Holy guide us all to awareness and knowledge because we all will be questioned that why didn't we put the effort to acquire knowledge. Our beloved Allah is the true Alim, and we the humble servants are the ignorant ones, so I wish to meet my Lord on the day of Resurrection confidently. Because the lover should always follow the ways of the beloved, in order to please Him. YA ALI
  12. Not really my issue as in wether you agree or not. But what I said is the truth. Don't know how Authentic this Hadith is. Mate, Imam Sadiq (as) is the inheritor of Mohammad (S), why would he rule by the law of David? Imam Ali and Imam Hasan did rule as Caliph, did they rule as per law of David? not they didn't, they ruled by the principle and laws of Mohammad (s). Also, there is no situation that they can't handle, They are deeply rooted in knowledge, they possess the same knowledge as Prophet Mohammad (S) and yes, there is no doubt that Allah is their helper and He helps whom He wishes. May Allah send his Lann, an increasing Lann and an eternal lann on those who fabricate Hadiths to debase Mohammad and Ale Mohammad (S). The Prophet (S) didn't just place some laws with the permission from Allah. Haven't you read the Quran, The prophet Mohammad (s) does not do anything or say anything but with the command of Allah, the most High. Again, He did not leave anything incomplete. Haven't your read the Quran, where Allah revealed the ayat, that Today we have completed the your religion and chosen Islam as your religion. Our Imams don't bring about any new (not even a single one) legislative laws or does not make any changes to the sharia of Mohammad (s) but rather they are the ones to preserve it and look after it. For Allah's sake, Please stop making false accusations that becomes a cause of confusion.
  13. Yes, we do believe in Finality of prophethood, ending with our beloved Prophet Mohammad (S), the seal of the prophets. Our Imams are divine Guides but they don't receive any revelations or they can't make changes to the law provided the Prophet (S). They are the one who puts the law into practise and implements that law. ^ You have not understood the concept of Imamate correctly, Imams don't bring about any new laws or revelations. They are the inheritors of the Prophet Mohammad (S), they implement the sharia that our Beloved Prophet left us with. They are the Interpreters and commentators of the Holy Quran, they are divine guides to guides us from any misconception in our religion and saves us from going astray from the path of Allah and his Messenger.
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