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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yet you replied, how [edited] If Sura of Wilaya and Nurayn is contradicting and false, how do you explain what is said in 56:77-80: "Indeed, it is a noble Qur'an. In a Register well-protected; none touch it except the purified. [it is] a revelation from the Lord of the worlds." (Sahih International translation)? Whatever argument you are going to use, I am going to use the same. We have no "official Quran," we only have a canonical Quran known as the Uthmanic Quran canonized by the same man whom had made the Uthmanic Quran, whom may that be? That's right! Uthman... if you hadn't already
  2. That's a red herring and poisoning the well fallacy, also a certain form of ad hominem, you do not refute the article, but instead make a cop-out to avoid arguing by making irrelevant remarks against me. What if a non-Muslim just interested to convert asks you this question? Are you just going to say "that's because you're a non-Muslim and Satan whispers at your heart trying to prevent you from converting, just say the shahada, follow the typical Muslim life and you will be indoctrinated enough to these questions magically dissappear," guess what, I have been indoctrinated, I have also been ra
  3. Hello, I want to share this comment on the infallibility of the Quran, keep in mind I am not the claimant, I am only the apostle sharing you the message here. WIthout further ado, I will start by saying that "Bismillah" before every Surah works as a citation. In the name of Allah means the message has come from him. This way angel and the Prophet do not take credit for what they are reciting. Just think about writing papers. Every time we use someone else's idea we put their source in either bibliography or reference section of the paper. And the sentence that has been paraphrased is usually
  4. I would say a new interpretation of religion must take action, however one do not new to change the religion. There are many myths and legends in Islamic dogma, such as the popular albeit scientific contradicting belief that there once existed giants, and such myths and legends must perish and the religion should become more Gnostic and compatible to science, in spite many Muslims doesn't want to admit this, if one is a rational human being and not follower of a dogmatic blind faith, he must base the Quran on science and not science based on the Quran.
  5. How do you know it's from them, then? You need to critically examine your backward superstition and stop following dogmatic blind faith.
  6. In Islam, we have many prophets, some of these brought teachings that formed religions. I have for many ages, tried to research all the divine religions according to Islam - I found 7 divine religions (including Islam), this does not mean there are other sets of beliefs, but these are what one can consider for a "religion" rather than an inherited "hearsay faith." In the Quran, it mentions Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and the Sabian faith. The Sabian faith includes two sects, one worship Prophet Yahya ibn Zakariyya and another Prophet Hermes Trismegistus (Prophet Idris in Islam).
  7. You people make up some of the most craziest nonsense ever.
  8. Well, likewise - I feel the same for you. But, you're right, I'm not a Muslim, I'm a Mumin. The differences is that a Muslim means Submitter, to whom? It is clear that most Muslims nowadays are full of stupidity, ignorance and prejudice. There is something that changed in Islam, if we refer to history when Islam was once linked to to learning and advancement - I believe that some tenets of the religion was changed, faith was changed into servility to dogma, e.g submission. I am not a backward servile Submitter, nay, I am a man of faith in God and the rest is rational thinking, hence a Mumin
  9. We, Muslims, don't believe in the Adam from Genesis. Adam from Genesis is a Judeo-Chrisitan mythic figure that is never mentioned in the Quran, he is supposed to be the first man, but in Islam there is no first man for the mankind. It is a scientific fact that we evolved and thus, there were no "first man," but numerous of common ancestors that humans originated from. Your idea is Jewish and Kuffar, it is not Islamic. Current science shows it is highly improbable for humans to have developed from a single family due to our current understanding of geneticism. Therefore, the creation myth is a
  10. Also read this: http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235019257-krishna-and-ali/
  11. Hinduism is not full of shirk, it is a monotheistic divine religion alongside Islam, Christianity, Judaism and many of the other religions. Hinduism is the oldest religion, it is natural that it has been corrupted over the years, but the religion still is part of the People of the Book. Read verses from Hindu scriptures: "Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures." [bhagavad Gita 7:20] The Gita states that people who are materialistic w
  12. Prophet Mani and Khalid ibn Sinan were prophets after Jesus and before Muhammad. Hud and Salih came after Jesus too!
  13. I have noticed many Sufi Muslims, and even non-Sufi Muslims like Sunnis and Shia, are starting to make Dhikr to our beloved Prophets of God. It is a form of meditation and is growing steadily popular. The idea behind the practice is simple and goes like this: You need to have a mat, you can use your prayer mat, if you need a pillow for your head, you are allowed to do that. You need to lie down, your back to the ground, and then close your eyes - you must use scent. And if you have a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer, it is recommended to turn it on and listen to the noise - it will help your co
  14. The most interesting, in my opinion, is Shuaib - who was he? Do we have pre-Islamic sources about him? Where did he supposedly live? Any archeological findings? There is virtually nothing about him, there have been association with Jethro, but that identification is wrong. Maybe he was an allegory representing ancient prophets or religious teachers in general rather than being any definable historic figure. Who is Uzair? We don't know any man in Jewish faith venerated as a Son of God. And then there is Idris... if we can identify him as both Enoch, Hermes Trismegistus, Osiris, Elijah, Budd
  15. Me too, it makes sense. Buddha taught peace and monotheism, but his teachings have been corrupted. I read this article for some time ago: And we also have Imam Mirza Tahir Ahmad of the sect of our brothers, he argues in his book: I think in the Buddhist scriptures, Buddha also prophesies another Prophet that will be the last buddha of the linage of Dhul-Kifl, he will restore all the ancient teachings of Buddha that has been lost over time. Many Muslims have equated this figure, known as Maitreya, with Muhammad: this is due to the fact that Muhammad's mission was to restore the ancient lo
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