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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hello! I hope all is well. I just wanted to see how the project is going. Please let me know if I can help. I was ALMOST brave enough to try to see if I couldsay this in Afrikaans- I figured you'd understand it, but I might sound like a hick! haha Cheers!

  2. Thank you hasanhh! Any more people willing to share some thoughts/ideas/opinions about ShiaChat?
  3. Thanks! Thoughts of other members are also welcome.......
  4. Salam aleikum, My name is Menal and I'm a Cultural Anthropology student in the Netherlands. Together with three other students I'm conducting a small research on online communities. We're focusing on ShiaChat. We are particularly interested in why Shia people are using this website. So we would appreciate it if you could describe what ShiaChat means to you. For example, do you use ShiaChat to connect with other Shia people, to gain religious knowledge, etc. ? Please share your thoughts with us!
  5. Crazy match I think PSG deserved it with ten men
  6. Now playing: Chelsea vs PSG. What do you think will be the score?
  7. Great point. The Saudi Arabian league might still serve players who want to play with old stars that are earning their last millions in the Saudi Arabian desert. But the Indian national team? There must be a lot of Fifa players in India! I will be loyal to you and never pick the Indian squad until I can score goals with Alireza Jahanbaksh for his national team!
  8. Yes, and a way of life too! I think it sounds feather light. Don't you think it is a nice way of living? Or do you think it is too shallow?
  9. Interesting comments, thank you! Is here any user I can ask for a 30 minutes interview on online community forming? It would be of great help. The results will be dealt with confidentially and will only be revealed in a small presentation in class!
  10. Haha see you in five years if you are really gonna read all this. It is an impressive list though! I only read Kafka, James Joyce and George Orwell so far. Completely different genres but all incredibly good. Favorite: The Trial! But maybe to start with The Metamorphosis is a bit easier to follow.
  11. Indeed, use the lines in the field to choose your position. You will find out shortly where to position yourself as a decent opponent will let you run across the field easily once you're out of position
  12. Thank you for your response to the questions I posted on the forum. Would you maybe be interested to help on our research even more than you already did? My three female study peers and I are looking for members of this website to ask more questions about the way Shiachat users are connected and form a community. It would be of great help if we could maybe organize a 30 minutes conference call with you about Shiachat. The results of our small research will be presented in class only and compl...

    1. ireallywannaknow


      Sorry but no I am not interested :(

    2. dutchinterest
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