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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Doesn't have to be exact blood type doesn't matter . I want from a true shia not liers shia by tongue I want some to be honest
  2. Salam Any real shia wants to donate a kidney its urgent any blood type let me know Thanx
  3. According to imam Jaffer sadiq peace be upon him both Adam and Noah is in najaf close to imam Ali shrine and others are in Egypt and palestine or other Arab nations.
  4. He has to be as good as prophet to be the successor he was divinely chosen by God too. He was infallible just like prophet. You saying death in house of God doesn't mean much u have no source for any of your claims just ur own opinion which I thought . As I said he was there in the form of angel He was there it was him however u want to twist it. I think He's all by himself in a different level none come close.
  5. Yes that could be out of respect because he was his son in law.
  6. I am mumin of Amir ul Mumenin and his God not Muslim.
  7. With all due respect to our holy prophet peace be upon him . Why is Ali second after all he was born in Kaba and was given revelation before Our prophet was made prophet he fought all the battles and compiled the whole Quran. Ali peace be upon him seen in ashr in the form of an angel which means he actually was present there before our prophet . He has seen more hardship there's more I can't remember now and finally his death took place in the house of God now tell me who is the best?
  8. Salam they don't for electronics like projectors turntables Tablet etc
  9. Hi anyone from US I would like a few things from amazon and to be sent to me in nz as a gift I will send the money to u can u do the purchase and post it to me anyone?
  10. I want to know how strong he is as he's coming to bring justice to the world and fight the enemy.
  11. Lol prophet ate very small meal or non sometiimes and prayed hundreds of rakat a day can you do that?
  12. I think so why wouldn't he drink cows milk does it matter? Irrelevant
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