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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Akf, were you aware of this ruling or did you search and find it? If you searched for it, did you use Google or Sistani.org? What did you type in the search to get this result? Thanks so much! Sulayman
  2. Salaam, I'd like to really know this too. In these Holy months, when you are fasting and somebody finds out, they all come rushing to you with food, coaxing you to open your fast, for some free thawab for themselves. Sulayman
  3. Salaam everybody, The Holy Months of Rajab and Shaban are upon us. Needless to say it's highly recommended to fast on these days. Say Fajr is at 4:00 AM, can one make the niyyah to fast at 8:00 AM, provided that he/she's not eaten or drank anything? Salaams and Duas, Sulayman
  4. Salaam Shia Chatters, I'm looking for a mp3 file of Azaan that's softly and beautifully recited. Want to play this at home to my daughter when it's namaaz time. I went through the Azaan videos on Youtube and found most of them jarring. Would appreciate any links. Jazakallah! Sulayman
  5. Salaam Fellow Shia Chatters, I have a speech to prepare for Eid Al Adha. For the speech I'm looking for the complete story of Hazrat Ibrahim (as) sacrificing Hazrat Ismail (as) with details of the stoning of the devil too. What is it that Shaitan said to tempt Hazrat Ibrahim (as), Hazrat Ismail (as) and Bibi Hajira (as)? I have been googling for almost half an hour can't find the complete story yet. Would be grateful if someone would have a link handy. Jazakallah! Sulayman
  6. The Alchemy of Happiness, is an Outstanding piece of work. I did a brief blog-post on a part of it here: 3 captivating stories/analogies, that help you find the Meaning of Life. Claud Field's translation is available here. Sulayman
  7. Salaam Fellow Shia Chatters, There is this Beauitful Dua of Hadhrat Ali (as) that goes like, "God you are just the way I like You to be, please make me the way You would like me to be." Would be grateful if I could have the exact words and reference of this dua. Need this for a presentation I'm delivering. Salaams and duas, Sulayman
  8. Salaam dear fellow Shia Chatters, As the subject states, does Seer/Surmai fish have scales and is it Halal? The fishmonger has given me conflicting information. First he says it has small scales, then he says it has no scales. Furthermore I believe I heard in a majlis that Seer/Surmai fish is born with scales, but then it s[Edited Out]es itself on rocks to remove it's scales. Does anybody have any authentic reports on this? Also what is the law on having fish. Is it that we are allowed to eat only scaly fish? Jazakallah brothers and sisters. Keep smiling :-) Sulayman
  9. 15 tips that help achieve better concentration in prayers.
  10. Jazakallah brother. The app seems to be in Arabic though, do you plan on designing an English Version?
  11. Jazakallah Shiachatters! You're the best! :-) LOL! Thanks for the image Basim, that clarified it for me completely. Salaams and duas, Sulayman
  12. Salaam Fellow Shia-chatters, 'Zahra' or 'Zehra', which is the original authentic arabic name of Bibi Fatima? Is it "Zahra" that's predominant in Arabic literature or "Zehra"? Or are they both correct, but usage depends on the grammar of the sentence? Thanks bro's and sisters! Sulayman
  13. You Bro's are amazing! Thanks so much for the reply. Super appreciate the effort. I've picked up lots of good stuff from this reply. Just one follow-on question for now, I normally do my cardio before my weights to warm up. If you are recommending that I do by HIIT after weights, then what should I do to warm up? Also what's the average time one should spend working out? Currently I spend say 20 to 30 minutes cardio followed by 30 to 45 minutes of weight training. Thanks once again guys. Sulayman
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