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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Two Things define you.your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.....
  2. dear peace seeker ll ,your knowledge is always surprising for me...ma sha Allah
  3. I am still confused. The things, that are reported by Western media could be a reference that this agreement is a bad one. In my opinion maybe it is like the situation 27 years ago, when the late Imam Khomeini agreed with a truce in the end of the war against Islamic Republic of Iran, saying that it was even harder than drinking a cup of poison. But as a believer I always have to be optimistic and looking forward and rely on the help of the Almighty.
  4. @struggling_On I have read what you wrote before in this discussion and I think you first of all should learn to respect other peoples opinions and stop accusing them in such an offensive way. There are still many things that you can learn from the user Peace Seeker II who is arguing absolutely correctly and on spot. With such a behaviour there wont be many people in future who want to continue discussing with you I am afraid. Try to keep that in mind please.
  5. stuggling_on , your behavior is not islamic and aggressive.a pious Person should not behave like this
  6. dear peace seeker ll ,if Patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time.And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm. welcome to discussion...
  7. the only way to fight the extremism is the alliance of all people who support justice and a policy of wisdom and moderation.
  8. A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchabel faith in their mission can alter the course of hostory
  9. its another sign of the absolute criminal character and the unsrupulousness of the Saudi thugs. If we did not know other, we had to suppose they are no human beings. May all the martyrs be united with the Ahl ul bayt!
  10. This world is like a snake:its Skin is soft,but its venom is deadly. Therefore , avoid what you find attractive in it,because you will take Little of it when you depart.And as much as it makes you happy, be vigilant. emam Ali (as)
  11. Throurh gentleness , companionship lasts longer Imam Ali (as)
  12. The most open -handed of People is he who gives freely of himself and his wealth in the way of Allah. Prophet muhammad (swa) No one besides Allah can resuce a Soul from hardship. Quran
  13. i am also for peace,but Iran has to be prepared for any kind of military aggression. There is a wellknown saying, If you want peace prepare for war. Other than the bullying powers a country like Iran never wants to abuse ist military might!
  14. dear reisiger ,i am not your brother, i am your sister... and i am happy you like my comment...
  15. I share the views of reisiger and notme: There is the realistic approach of brother reisiger, i.e. moderately religious is another word for a defensive and weak attitude towards all the aggression against Muslims and Islam, an aggressions that comes from the Imperialists as well as from the extremists. But there is also an optimistic approach, which means that we should not judge others while always being imperfect. The first approach is the one we should have in talking about the general situation, the second may be recommended in various situations when we are in direct contact with our Muslim brothers and sisters.
  16. Never make a Decision in Anger and Never make a Promise in Happiness . Imam Ali a.s
  17. the ongoing suppression of the poor, black people shows that not much has changed in Americas society. a sign of suppression is that a lot of the suppressed remain in a state of confusion and react to the police injustice with riot and unrestrained violence. The combination of several reasons leads to current situation: the social discrimination, racism, the widespread culture of violence and the free use of guns.
  18. many thanks hameedeh for the info and you reisiger....
  19. when will i become advanced member? and many thanks magma
  20. Unfortunately its not possible to click the like button. Every single time I trie to click the like button the following message is written: You have reached your quota of positive votes for today. Please help me. many thanks
  21. america is no ones friend and only wants to rule and humiliate every other country or power - you only have to look on the behaviour towards Germany, a "close ally". Their only interest in the negotiations with the islamic republic of Iran is to prevent Iran of further actions of resistence because during the negotiations Iran has to back down. and on the long run Iran shall cease its revolutionary policy. maybe the us will ease some minor sanctions, but they never will lift all the sanctions. Iran has to be aware of americas true nature!
  22. Iraq is only one of many examples of Western imperialism and hypocrisy. Under the pretext of human rights, democracy and the fight against a dictatorial rule the socalled superpower invaded Iraq, destroyed the institutions, killed innocent people, supported the looting of the national heritage and helped all kinds of extremists. In this way the predecessors of the US, the British were used to act, when they invaded countries around the world. Its the constant behaviour of all these imperialists - like their evil sunnah. We only can thank God, that our Iraqi brothers and sisters are unbelievable brave and patient.
  23. sharing the opinion khalillah, it is better not to talk about such dividing things.
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