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  1. Erfan15298

    Shias putting the Quran on there head

    Yes you are right; Sunnis read the Qur'an; but are they acting upon it?
  2. Erfan15298

    Divorce Laws In Islam

    The most hated action in Allah's sight.
  3. Erfan15298

    Picture Of The Day

    Thank you all.
  4. Erfan15298

    A Sunni's Guide To Shi'ism

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. Erfan15298

    Iran Pro League Final Matchday

    Why should I spend my valuable time for watching that?
  6. Erfan15298

    Writing The Names Of Imams A.s On Turbah

    What do you mean? There is no problem with only writing.
  7. Erfan15298

    Ask For Her Hand

    What do you mean by "ask"?
  8. Erfan15298

    Books That Need Translations

    there are many books that I need in English.
  9. Erfan15298

    Hawza In Birmingham

    I don't know and like to know too.
  10. Erfan15298

    Tell Me Why You Enjoy This Site?

    I find my answers.