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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wa Alaikum Salam, Then I don't know how to explain how a person who calls himself a Muslim can defend a non-Muslim OPPRESSOR against Muslim OPPRESSED. Not to mention that Azerbaijan is the third Shia majority country of the world. Even someone who doesn't really know what's happening would think twice before coming up with such statements. Anyways, may Allah forgive us all and may He reestablish justice all over the world İnshaAllah. WasSalam
  2. By the grace of God, Almighty! He is the Merciful and Forgiving. His love, mercy, forgiveness and protection is sufficient to us. We need no one and nothing else. " And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart." " Al-Isra / 81
  3. 1. Unlike Armenians, Azerbaijanis do not require anyone's approval, including Iran's. We are muslims, this is our land as well as land of the Ummah and we will liberate it even if the whole world goes against us InshaAllah. 2. I will not be surprised if you are an armenian yourself. Nothing wrong to be an armenian, but it is wrong to be unjust and a tool of imperialistic powers. Armenia and Israel have done and continues to do EXACTLY the same. It is amazing how these two are so alike in the way they do things. 3. Iran is not an authority for us, wasn't it for the Rahbar Khamenei an
  4. Oh, and one more thing. We will NEVER forget the Khodjali Massacre. ISIS is a mercy itself compared to what armenians did with civilians in Khodjali... P.S. [For those who are interested, I am ready to provide you with thousands of pictures and videos. ]
  5. AsSalam Alaikum, My father is from Karabakh. Armenian land? I don't know whether you are a muslim or not but you lie big time. Because I have never met a person who is nazi and liar yet call himself/herself a Muslim. Even the name Karabakh (Black Garden) is Azerbaijani. Karabakh is recognized by the whole world as part of Azerbaijan, all UN resolutions demand Armenia to withdraw from occupied lands. But you won't until Russia orders you. Even the capital of Armenia today, Yerevan, is actually Irevan Khaqanate (historic Azeri land) it was given to you by Russian empire only couple hun
  6. AsSalam Alaikum, Dear brothers and sisters, You have just made the biggest mistake, commit the biggest sin; helped your enemies destroy Islam. In this conversation both sides disobeyed Koran's clear order, "not to be divided". Some jahil comes in and says something, the other jahil replies in the same manner and the next thing we see shias and sunnis start stereotyping and blaming each other for no reason. If you think about it, there is no reason of what you are saying. Eveyrbody knows that both Shias and Sunnis read Koran. What kind of thinking is this? And are you sure the person
  7. AsSalam Alaikum, I think Magma has already given the best answer to the question. One sentence and to the point; "God is all knowing, not all learning." Because this question by itself is paradoxical. The atheist is trying to compare the creation to a Creator, but that is the whole difference between believer and non-believer.
  8. That would be amazing if you could do so. That is, in fact, the main reason I posted this thread here. I find people in this forum are more educated and more involved. If it is not much trouble for you, please do so and I will remember you in my prayer InshaAllah! P.S. [ I can send you all the information about me , picture etc if necessary]
  9. Salam Alaikum, Thank you for your reply sister. You are very true, and I thought and even tried these options. But my situation is a little bit different. I moved to Canada when I just turned 20, alone, no friends or relatives. I have moved a lot for the past 9 years in general. On the other side I became religious only 5 years ago, and I did that at expense of leaving everyone in my huge circle of friends. I had no other way because their life styles contradicted mine big time. I have two best friends now, one of them lives in a different province and the other one in Europe. One of them
  10. Salam Alaikum dear brothers and sister, My question is both simple and complicated. I am 29 year old male and looking for a religious (truly religious) and educated wife in Toronto (or Canada), I don't have problems traveling as I work for Air Canada. The problem is that there are no resources to find such person. The only matrimonial website I know is Shiamatch.com and there are almost no religious girls there. Can anyone direct me in the right direction in this matter please? I am religious, educated and a good-looking guy. Please advise and may Allah reward you for your efforts InshaAl
  11. Salam Aleykum brother, You are welcome 1) No, salafism in Azerbaijan cannot possibly spread because 85 % of people are shia, we are neighbours of Iran (where 25 % of population are Azerbaijanis including high ranking Marjas) and we have places in the city like Qom, no government allowed to be there, it is a shia religious strongholds (you can google Nardaran for example). Salafi cancer was recently (about 20-25 years ago) and artifically inserted by different powers to hold shias i.e. whole nation back, as a balance, so that the dictator can rule as much as he wants, and external powers
  12. Salam Aleykum. I am an Azerbaijani. 1. You won't find more religious shias than Azerbaijanis, we even secretly kept all our key islamic events under massacres of Soviet Union, they have killed and exiled more than 30 000 of Azerbaijani marjas, scientists etc. in the 40s. In 1990 we had a revolution against the biggest country in the world and became independent again, after 70 years. In fact the shia leaders in Iran, Turkey and other countries are Azeris. 2. Looks like we have a lot of racist Iranians here. Islam is against racism, Azeris and Farsis ruled in those land for centuries, so if w
  13. AsSalam Aleyum brother, When I started reading your comment I thought you are Iranian, but when I read the first sentence of your second paragraph I concluded that you are not, because typically an Iranian (those belonging to Farsi ethnic group) would say quite the opposite, they would not like all Azerbaijan to be apart but rather joint to Iran. With all do respect, I will have to reply to your comment simply because it is obvious that you do not know anything about Azerbaijan, Iran, their history and the region in general. Just before I do reply , I want to mention that I am a muslim who
  14. AsSalam Aleykum. Well actually there was never a problem and now there is no problem between sunnis and shias, there are only couple matters that differ such as " who should rule the muslims" and " Mutah(shia) versus Misyar (sunni) type of marriage" and some other small things. One Allah, one Prophet(s), one Koran, one salat, one Hajj, one Ramadan. We love Ahlul Bayt(a.s) and sunni brothers love them. It is just a fitna called wahabism that tries to separate the ummah calling everyone kuffar, cutting throats of children. As soon as we are done with them InshaAllah, we will no longer have to
  15. AsSalam Aleykum If this "Holocoust" thing is taken from Zionists who use this term to terror the whole world, they will fall InshaAllah
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