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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. The simple answer is if your Marja forbids watching this movie, then don't watch it. But my Marja does not forbid it, so please don't force your beliefs on me because I don't follow your Marja. Let's maintain the limits not force people into views they are not obligated to follow. you have your marja, that's good follow them. I also have my Marja and I don't need people forcing their beliefs on me. No thank you. I will follow my Marja.
  2. The film tries to be historically accurate. Abu Bakr and Umar were black as reported in the history books. why is this bad? bilal is black, why is this bad? Fidda, the maidwoman of Fatima Zahra (sa) was also black, again being black alone has nothing to do with it. you have both good and bad guys portrayed by black actors in a historical drama. Imagine a movie about slavery where all the slaves were white, because some people will consider portraying slaves with black actors is racist.. is that what you want to see despite the facts?
  3. To be honest, I find the comments by some members of our community deeply disappointing. For what it's worth, Sheikh al-habib is forcing his adversaries to discuss the issues despite themselves, and for this I am grateful. This movie is just a milestone to a greater goal. The liberation of Mecca, and Medina. The rebuilding of our demolished shrines, and the right to hear "Aliun Wali ullah" in the azaan at the two great mosques.
  4. Assalaamu Alaikum, By now I’m sure many of you already know there’s been a project underway to create a Hollywood movie about Lady Fatima ع to bring her story to life. Her noble character, her marriage to Ali ع, her struggle, oppression, and overall message. The project has completed filming Alhamdulilah and is now in the post-production phase. The film is expected to debut this year InshaAllah in English to a global audience and translated into Arabic. Some of the confirmed scenes included: - Imam Ali’s ع decisive battle scenes - hadith al-Kissa - poisoning and killing of the Prophet ص by Aisha and Hafsa - the events of Saqifa - The attack on Fatima’s ع house - her death and burial. Budget for the film to date is $10M dollars. The money was used to build two cities, Mecca and Medina, making of the clothing, armour, and weapons of that era, hiring the film crew, camera and equipment rentals. The faces of the Infallibles will be digitally created in a realistic manner so as not to tell the difference between real human acting and a 100% digital character. The effort needed for the visual effects and cgi is expected to cost an additional $2M and expected to complete by end of February provided there are no delays. We ask for your Duas, for Allah to allow this film to see the day of light and for the first time ever the story of Fatima Al-Zahra ع to be told to a global audience. InshaAllah this film will be a gateway for non-Muslims to learn about the true Islam and enter into Tashayu’ en-mass, and for existing Shias to learn about what really happened after the Prophet’s ص death. here is a video of the behind the scenes
  5. This looks interesting, I’ll have to pick up a copy.
  6. Salam, Exactly, the Quran has many meanings both apparent and hidden. Many of those hidden meanings behind the verses are related to Ahl Albayt (as) and this ayah is one example. I now have a whole new appreciation for this Quranic Ayah 3:91 and it's connection to to the Ahl Albayt (as) and their enemies.
  7. The similarities between Umar's dying words and what Allah told us what the unbelievers will say as they die in Quran 3:91 are like a mirror copies of one another. If you accept Quran 3:91 as true, then Umar's testimony is the materialization of this Ayah. Given this is a Quranic Ayah, one would have to come with another Quranic ayah to support an alternative explanation for what Umar said before he perished.
  8. Salaam bro, this is important for those occasions a Sunni gives you a hard time about Umar being promised paradise or Umar being the next prophet if there was one and so on. The point is to give them a simple and reasonable question to answer and hopefully will be guided through it if they are seeking the truth. With regards to your 2nd point please dont let me stop you from posting educational content about Shiaism. Also, if there is a particular topic you had in mind please let me know. I'm always looking for thought provoking content to create infographics with.
  9. Thank you both, this will be my next info graphic. Stay tuned.
  10. Umar bin Khattab, the 2nd Khalif died as an unbeliever according to Quran 3:91 and his own testimony recorded in Sahih Bukhari. The Quran is a miraculous book indeed. Look how the unbeliever uttered the same words that Allah (swt) reserved for the unbelievers. Furthermore, if Umar was promised paradise as Sunnis claim, then why was Umar terrified of Allah's punishment and why didn't Ibn Abbas remind him that he was promised paradise? either Umar didn't believe or trust in the Messenger (saws) or the hadith of the 10 promised paradise is a fabrication. In any case, here is the evidence that proves Umar died an unbeliever. Quran: https://quran.com/3:91 Hadith: http://bit.ly/2h4b8s1
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  12. Abu Saeed al-Khudri related: We were sitting with the Prophet (s) when a man came and asked him: "O Allah's Messenger, Allah says: 'Eblis, what prevented you from prostrating before what I have created with My own hands? Was it because of your pride or are you one of those who are exalted?' (38:75) Who are those exalted ones whose ranks are higher than the angels'?" The Prophet (s) answered: Those are Ali, Fatima, al-Hasan, al-Hussein, and I. We were in the pavilion of the Divine Throne praising Allah. The angels were imitating us. That was two thousand years before the creation of Adam. When He created Adam, Allah, Powerful and Exalted is He, ordered the angels to prostrate themselves before him. Allah did not include us in this order. All of the angels therefore prostrated except Eblis who rejected to prostrate. Referring to the five individuals whose names are recorded on the pavilion of the Divine Throne, Allah said to Eblis, 'Was it because of your pride or are you one of those who are exalted?’ [Source: Fadha’il Al-Shia, Sheikh Saduq, Hadith.7] ‪http://www.najaf.org/english/book/23/01.html#7
  13. Yes: see this video starting @ 8:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VyFQowswQw
  14. Jabir bin Yazid Joafi asked Imam Jafar Sadiq the interpretation of the verse Verily among his Shia is Ibrahim Imam Sadiq replied saying: Allah created Ibrahim and removed the veil from his eyes. Ibrahim looked and saw a light next to the throne and said, My Lord what is this light? He was told that this is the light of Muhammad the purest of my creations. Then Ibrahim saw a light next to that light (of Muhammad) and said, My Lord what is this light? He was told this is the light of Ali bin Abi Talib helper of my religion. Then Ibrahim saw three more lights next to these two lights (of Muhammad and Ali) and said, My Lord and what are these lights? He was told these are the light of Fatima whose lovers are weaned from fire (of hell) and the light of her sons Hasan and Husain . Ibrahim then said My Lord I see nine (more) lights. He was told that these are the Imams from the sons of Ali and Fatima. Then Ibrahim said, My Lord by the right of these five, inform me about these nine lights. He was told that the first is Ali bin Husain and then his son Muhammad and then his son Jafar and then his son Musa and then his son Ali and then his son Muhammad and then his son Ali and then his son Hasan and then his son Al-Qa’im. Then Ibrahim said, My Lord and my Master I see lights which are countless and none knows the count but You. He was told that these are the Shias of the commander of the faithful Ali bin Abi Talib . Then Ibrahim said, how are the Shias known? Allah said, by 51 rakat Prayers, saying 'BisMillah' Aloud, performing the Qunoot before Ruku and wearing rings on the right hand. Then Ibrahim said, O Allah, make me from among the Shia of the commander of the faithful (Ali). Allah gave the news of this in his book and said Verily among his Shia is Ibrahim. Source: Tawil Al Ayat Vol.2 Pg.495 Mustadrak Vol.4 Pg.187 Bihar Al Anwar Vol.36 Pg.151 Al Fazail Pg. 158 http://www.ruqayah.net/books/index.php?id=1404
  15. Narrated Muhammad ibn Ziyad: Ibn Mahran asked Abdullah ibn Abbas about the meaning of the the verses "And most surely we are they who draw themselves out in ranks, And we are most surely they who praise the glory (of Allah). Qur'an 37:165-166 Ibn Abbas says, we were in the company of the messenger of Allah (s) and Ali ibn Abi Talib approached, when the messenger saw him, a smile appeared on his face and he said "greetings to the one whome God created before his father Adam by 40,000 years" Ibn Abbas asks, "Oh messenger of Allah, is it possible the son to be before the father? " The messenger answered "Yes, Allah created me and Ali before creating Adam by this length of time (40,000 years). He created divine light and split it into two. Created me from one half and Ali from the other half before creating anything else. Thus the light of all the creations is from my and Ali's light. Then He placed us to the left of the throne. Then He created the angels, so we praised His glory, the angels also praised his glory. We praised His greatness, the angels also praised His greatness. This (action of praising God) was from myself and Ali's teaching. It was in God's knowledge that the angels would learn from us how to praise and glorify Him, and everything else that praises God is from our teaching. It is also in God's knowledge that He would not punish with the fire those who love me and Ali, and he would not allow into heaven those who hate me and Ali." Biharul Anwar Vol.36 Chapter 8 Hadith #18
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