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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Seriously dude, youre not comparing someone's silly tricks with someone who parts the sea and turns his wooden staff into a giant slithering snake, are you? And belief is not a choice. What if one of these magicians claims to be a prophet, would you convince yourself he is? I know I can't.
  2. I don't know what is meant by "the gospel of the kingdom". I have much to learn about Christianity but it may indeed be the Injeel that the Quran refers to. So in your opinion the Quran enjoins Christians to judge by the 4 gospels we know today? Isn't that an implicit approval of their authenticity? I'm not here to criticise Islam. My objective here is to understand Muhammad's view of Christianity and their scripture as per Quran. It's a topic I will explore further as I plan to learn more about Christianity.
  3. When you read the Quran you get the impression that the Injeel was a book revealed to Jesus that renders the Words of God, much like the Torah and the Quran itself. But, as I learnt years later, it's nothing of the sort to my surprise. It's more like hadiths collections of the sayings and actions of Jesus. It almost seems as though Muhammad was himself confused. What puzzles me most is when the Quran enjoins Christians to judge by the Injeel that was revealed to them (5:47) since it was God's Will to have more than a single religious community (5:48); but if the Injeel is corrupt then why wo
  4. Not yet tbh. Hopefully I'll start when I'm feeling more spiritual. Now though I'm too far removed from every religion. I'm just not in the right state of mind to be reading any holy book.
  5. I prefer to listen to speakers who are more intellectually gifted like Seyyed Hossein Nasr but to each his own.
  6. I didn't know the Heavens and the Earth are sentient beings. I'm sure the Quran is richer in language than these literal interpretations would appear to give.
  7. I completely misread you here. I thought you said you believed in the crucifixion based on the Twelver traditions. I apologize. Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with the Sunni line of argument. In fact, I think it serves the Shia Twelver better which likes to draw parallels between the Prophets from the lineage of Isaac and the Prophet and Imams from the lineage of Ismael (Moses=Muhammad; Yahya=Husein;Jesus=Mahdi, etc). It's probably even wrong to attribute these arguments to Sunnis since (if I'm not mistaken) they can be traced all the way back to the Twelver Hisham ibn Hakam who was a co
  8. Saintly, you're entitled to your opinions, but I think the ideas you're espousing here are more in-line with the Ismaili thought than with the Twelver whose thoughts on this topic are better represented by the Sunni thought. The Sunnis do indeed place a greater emphasis on the apparent meaning of scripture but this does not necessarily imply a rejection of the esoteric approach so long as it is consistent with the apparent text. This, as well as hadiths, is the basis for their belief in the ascension of Jesus and the denial of his crucifixion. The rational justification for this doctri
  9. I don't understand you theological position. In your debates on tawasul you seem to advocate for the twelver orthodoxy, and now you seem to be borrowing ideas from other Muslim sects like a maverick. Not that it bothers me but where do you stand exactly?
  10. Salam Christianlady I don't know if I can agree with you here. You agree that God is the source of our life. In other words, life is a gift and if God ceases to give us life then it cannot be deemed a punishment. But this aside, how does your theory of annihilation account for Divine-Justice if all sinners, regardless of their crime, are perished equally? I don't think eternal torture is anymore just, but I'm interested to know your take given your view.
  11. Is that you in the video? You look like a young Salafi scholar named Abu Fihr Al-Salafi (أبوفهر السلفي). He is super smart and knowledgeable but obviously isn't fond of Shi'ism.
  12. Yes, he's saying tight clothing contradict modesty because modesty is a moral concept. He states this clearly: “something in your heart tells you what is modesty and what is not” because “it has a nature”. Many people believe that being modest is a moral virtue, and he seems to posit that the fitra calls us to be virtuous.
  13. I will placid. I will stick with the more readable ESV version. Thanks mate.
  14. The preacher is appealing to our Fitra to determine what constitutes modesty (and morality in general) but somehow we can't use the same argument to show that Mut'ah is immoral since people, even the most pious, are averse to it. If modesty is only expressed in the headscarf and loose clothing then how does he explain the different standards of modesty across cultures. In aboriginal societies, men and women are almost nude, and some even consider paintings a form of covering. Is he okay with that? Honestly, I think women should be able to display their beauty in order to attract the best pos
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