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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I agree with you on the fact that Shiites who are well versed in Shiism don't leave it. However, many who aren't do. Likewise, most true Sunnis don't just "leave" Sunnism if they're taught about the caliphs from a young age. Still, if your scholars are admitting it, then it must be true, right? Remember that 500 years ago Sunnis were forced to become Shiites in Iran, and this is an undisputed fact.
  2. He embarrasses Shiites. I don't know what's wrong with him. I respect him as a scholar, but when he says things like "12,000 Shiites converted to Sunnism in Balochistan.", and "We have to stop trying to convert the Sunnis, Christians, and Zoroastrians to Shiism, because our main priority is to stop our youth from converting to Zoroastrianism.", then all I can do is laugh.Another amazing testimony from an ex-Shiite! http://whysunni.tumblr.com/post/61367577792/sunnis-in-iran-under-persian-arrogance-part
  3. Read all of the articles in this site for the poems: http://sonsofsunnah.com/category/persian-sunnah-poets/P.s. I don't support their anti-Shiite rhetoric, but I get my information from there. Navvab Safavi was supported by the clergy. Saudi sheikhs are Wahhabi idiots. What do you expect from these Arabs? Arabs say that there was nothing in Iran before Islam, is that true? No! Of course it isn't! Arabs had nothing before Islam. Unlike the Persians. Read about the Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sassanids. These empires are the pride of the Persians. I'm happy that I know Iranians who aren't like the idiots in the Western world. Iran has a good leader! Seyyed Khamenei makes good choices, unlike our leaders who are Western puppets. Hafez was Sunni. One of your fellow Shiites clarified it in this thread. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235020333-were-rumi-hafez-ferdowsi-shia/ Did you ever hear of Mulla Sadra? He was Shiite, so claim him as your own, and not ours. (Shiite-Sunni wise, not culturally).
  4. Yes, I do, and I feel bad for them. Shiites in Pakistan are killed by the extremists. However, they are still allowed to take part in parliament, get a good education, get access to high paying jobs, and the government allows them to build Masjids in the capital and anywhere else. This is UNLIKE IRAN! Where Sunnis are tortured. For your information, IRAN IS THE COUNTRY OF MY ANCESTORS! I do care about my fellow Ahle Sunnah in Iran who make up 15-20% of the population. Unlike you, I even care about the Shiites in Pakistan, who are getting massacred by extremists, but atleast they are well respected by the government. We've had many Shiite prime ministers and presidents, Iran has had 0.
  5. Who said I support ISIS or any of these other idiots! Also, Iran does not treat their Sunnis well... Sunnis are oppressed, please read more here: http://sonsofsunnah.com/ P.s. I do not support that website, those guys are anti-Shiite, Sunni Persians from Iran. I am just asking you if that is credible stuff. It is good that you do not jump over fire, Mashallah! Do you support the government? Well said, here is a link to an article which claims to prove those statements by Imam Khomeini: http://sonsofsunnah.com/2011/09/06/khomeini-the-heretic-enemy-of-islam/ Okay! Thanks for that! Thanks! I do not! True! Do you support the government? Okay, that is good for you. Celebrating a pagan holiday is anti-Islamic. Also, why don't Iranians respect Sunni Islam? It was their religion for 900 years. Also, it was not forced upon them, unlike Shiism. What? No! That is stupid... LOL! Yes, I can read Hafez and I do read him. True! I only heard from others, so I was not sure. https://www.youtube.com/user/RafidiTerminator ^Is what they say in this channel true? It is pretty funny to be honest, but I think that it is racist, and also a false portrayal of Shiites.
  6. Our leaders condemn terrorism as well... Also, prior to coming to power, the Shiite clergy used to fund terrorism in Iran. well not terrorism, but assassinations. Ever hear of Navvab Safavi? He killed Ahmad Kasravi, only because he converted to Sunnism (Unofficially). Brother, read about how Iranians were converted to Shiism. Then come back and talk to me... Most Iranians in the west hate Islam, and are anti-Islam. You are probably a rare one who is religious. That being said, we have a good Shiite Persian community in Toronto. Mashallah! I have actually spoken to a few Persian Shiites who are religious. We even have a man in Toronto who claims to be an Ayatollah and he runs his own Masjid. Funny! That being said, there are many Iranians in the west who hate Islam more than anything else. I also know some Persian Sunnis (Non-convert, not Balochi, Turkmen, Kurd, but PERSIAN!), and I have read the blogs of those who have converted. Read these: http://sunnipersians.tumblr.com/ https://whysunni.wordpress.com/ Also, watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7PbPoCwp4E I actually know a lot about Iranian history and culture, but not much about the people. I am planning to do a masters in Iranian Islamic history. Currently in university. Sunni Persians think that it is wrong! I do not know how jumping over fire makes you happy... Most Sunni sects are the same, they just have minor differences. This isn't Shiism where you have 150+ sects! That is Shirk brother, only Allah SWT has the power to get rid of the evil behind you. Not fire! Cool!
  7. Why should I be banned? Did I say anything against you or your religion? No I did not. I respect Shiism, and I don't really care much about Iranian Shiites. Anyway, the only reason I started this post was because I wanted to know more about these rituals. Asking fire for blessings is not Islamic. Every Muslim should know that. Also, you mention how I was talking about your family? I was not talking about your family, all I said was "Your ancestors were Shafi'is, then why aren't you Shafi'i?" How the hell is that talking about your family? You told me that Saadi was Shafi'i. Then you asked me "Why are you Hanafi?" I used the same logic there. Why do you care about my relationship with Saadi? Furthermore, many Iranians in the west hate Islam, and many of the ones I know do too. I always try explaining to them that Islam is not bad, but they don't listen. When I ask them about their background, they say that they were Shiite or that their ancestors were Shiite. Anyway, the only religious Persians I know are Sunnis. Regardless, I am not a Salafi, as I made that clear. What makes you think that I am a Salafi/Wahhabi? Why do all Shiites think that all Sunnis are Salafis? Do you know how much I respect Shiism? If I don't respect Shiism, then why didn't I say anything against it? I know that there are many Sunnis in Iran, so don't hide that fact. They live in the border regions, and I've done research on the subject. Yes, most Persian are Shiite, and I respect them for that. You're overreacting. Clearly man, this is a free chat room, and everyone can say what they want to, but they have to respect others. In this post, you've been attacking me by calling me a "Salafi" and a troll. I did not say a word against Hazrat Ali RA and his progeny (may Allah be pleased with them). You on the other hand, are false accusing me of being Salafi.
  8. Yeah bro, I said Mashallah for you saying that Shiites in Iran attend Majlis. I thought that most Iranian hate Islam.
  9. Why are you jealous of my relation to Saadi Shirazi? Did you read about Saadi to know what his life was like? He travelled from Iran, to Syria and Egypt, to India, and to Turkey. His travels occurred during the Mongol invasion, and that's why he kept on moving. He even was imprisioned for 7 years by the Crusaders. Shirazi did have children, even during his travels to India (Including modern-day Pakistan). My family was originally from Iran, several hundred years ago. When Shah Ismail Safavid forced everyone to convert to Shiism, and slaughtered those who didn't (20,000 in Tabriz alone), my ancestors fled from Shiraz and settled in Multan, which was under the rule of Afghan Sunnis at the time. One of my ancestors was Fakhr Ad Din Shirazi, and he was a descendent of Saadi. I have Punjabi (80%), other Indo-Aryan (10%), Central Asian (5%), and Persian (5%) ancestry. I took a genetic test on ancestry.com, and this is how I know. Also, some of my relatives are very light skinned, indicating an ethnic mixture. I am proud of my Persian ancestry, and I can't help the fact that my ancestors were forced out of Iran by the Safavids. Anyway, regarding Saadi being Shafi'i and me being Hanafi, you have to understand that there isn't a difference between the sects. Sunnism isn't like Shiism. Some of my relative follow Shafi'i Madhab, and there's nothing wrong with that. This isn't Shiism where you have Twelvers, Alevi, Alawi, Zaydi, Bektashi, etc. Think of the Sunni Madhabs along the same lines as the Usuli and Akbari Twelver Shiites. That said, there are some minor Madhabs with do differ from each other (Barelvi, and Deobandi), but their differences are not as evident as those of the various Shiite sects. In Pakistan there is a lot of Saint Shrine venerating, but my family is opposed to such traditions, just like the Shafi'is, and the majority of Hanafis, Malikis, and Hanbalis. Finally, your ancestors were Shafi'i Sunnis since you are from Shiraz, why aren't you Shafi'i. Based on your logic, you should be Shafi'i as well. I'm Hanafi because I live in a country where Hanafism is the major Madhab; likewise, your a Twelver Shiite because you live in a country where Twelver Shiism has been the predominant Islamic sect for 500 years.
  10. Mashallah, that's good! Mainly Sunnis in Iran live in Kurdistan, southern Fars (Larestan), Balochistan, and Khorasan (Minority). There are also minorities of Sunnis in the major cities.
  11. Hmm... Not what I know. My Sunni Muslim (Shafi'i) friends from Iran would say otherwise.
  12. Where's Baradar_Jackson when you need him? Many Iranians are becoming Sunni now, so I'm proud. Sunni population will be 30% of Iranian population in 20 years. They have a high birth rate, and many Shiite Persians are adopting the Sunni creed. Heck, I even know some Persian Sunnis who go to my local mosque, and I live in CANADA (non-convert Shafi'is from southern Iran).
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