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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!! A Question. Is Syed Khomeini's order Hujjat???? Wa Salam...
  2. Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!! No one died but I want to keep it on me for refrencing..... Many thanks for the help. As I mentioned in my post, I would suggest that Mods keep a protion where all these things can be placed and would be of use to all. Wa Salam
  3. (bismillah) (salam) + Ya Ali Madad!!! I need some help... Can anyone direct me to a website where I can find the detailed information about the tadfeen (Information about the process and procedures from the death of a person upto his/her burial with duas and everything) If i could make a suggestion to the mods, how about opening a section where all these produdures and mentioned. Wa Salam
  4. Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!! We say Mohammed (P.B.U.H&F), We Say Mola Ali (A.S), We say Mola Hasan (A.S), We Say Mola Hussain (A.S), We say Bibi Fatima (S.A), SO WE SHOULD ALSO say Bibi Khadijah (S.A).. The Bro/Sis was just asking you to be respectful, which you SHOULD BE, you are not supposed to take just the names, go ask a scholar if you doubt, so I suggest you don't argue about it... Ya Ali!!!
  5. Bismillah!!! Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!! I need the names of Fish, that shias deem halal, in urdu..... I would greatly appreciate the help..... Wa Salam...
  6. Bismillah!!! Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!! What you people have to realize is that Taliban WERE NOT present in afghan jihad time as a group, a few of their members, infact a lot of their members, might have taken part in the war against USSR, but there was no group present by the name of Taliban... All these people were fighting under different groups back then. To give an example, Mullah Umar, the Supreme leader of Taliban, fought the afghan war, lost an eye also, but created the group much later.... The story goes that Mullah Umar, after the Afghan war, opened up a Madressa where he used to teach kids, I am not sure, but I think it was in his native town of kahndhar. The commander of the area, they say, was a cruel man. One day he kidnapped a few girls and wanted to rape them, when Mohallah Umer and 8 of his talibs stormed the Comander's compound, took over it, beheaded the commander and freed the girls. In thoes days of extreme turmoil, this story became a legand and hence Taliban were born. This is how they were born. Yes, Pakistan used them, the theory of stategic depth, Saudis funded them, even UAE provided funds and they just went balestic. Most of the jihadi outfits, and pretty much any outfit in Pakistan joined them for free training trips to Afghanistan. This a very brief into to Taliban. What U have to keep in mind is that Kashmir also plays a huge role in the establistment of these outfits. On a side note, Umar claims he had a dream in which Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H&F) asked him to start the jihad.... Ya Ali Madad!!!
  7. (bismillah) Ya Ali Madad!!!! And my post gets deleted... Can I ask which mod and y was my post deleted???? I guess ANY IDIOT can become a mod up here and delete wutever he/she likes..... A bunch of *******.... And yet U ppl call urselves shias of Ali (A.S).... You people are no better than a sunni who loves to discuss the private issues of Prophet (PBUH&F)...... I wash my hands from you ppl.... And U claim zanjeer zani gives a bad image of Shia islam... Wut a shame...... As a second part to this topic, how about U discuss the same issue of ur own family members, or that of ur merja tooo.... Ali Ali
  8. Bismillah!!! Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!! Can U please upload the scanned onez????
  9. Bismillah Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!! No one has nething to say ne thing about this???? Wa Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!
  10. (bismillah) (salam) + Ya Ali Madad!!!! If this is the wrong forum to post this question, I apologize in advance... This is a question that has been bothering me for a very long time, so I welcome everyone to this discussion. The question is: During hard times, how do you differentiate if the calamity has been brought to you as a test of Allah (SWT) or the consequences of onez own doings. Consequently, how do you decide whether to follow the "Astaghfar" path, or the " Shukar" path.. "Astaghfar" path in terms that the calamity is my doing... "Shukar" path in terms that Allah (SWT) considers me worthy and gave me the opportunity of self betterment.... Wa Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!!
  11. And which village do you belong to???? Ya Ali !!!!
  12. Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!! I don't think Tirah valley has or ever had any Syeds, atleast that is what I think... You can find Syeds in Peshawar, Hangu, Parachinar and D.I.Khan areas of N.W.F.P only..... There are some Sunni Syeds in Mardan area as well, but the Shia onez are mostly living in the above mentioned areas.. Secondly, Bangash live in not only Hangu but Kohat and Parachinar also.. Wa Salam n Ya Ali Madad!!!
  13. Bismillah!!! Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!! Its not there Bro.... Could I get a copy of the pdf document????? Wa Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!
  14. Bismillah!!! Salam + Ya Ali Madad!! Flew to Tehran just last month by Itehad.... Flights go from Islamabad, Peshawar and I guess Lahore also..... Had a transit of about 6 hours at Abu Dhabi, but the flight was good.... If you opt for this option, I HIGHLY recomend you travel to Qum straight away after landing in Tehran..... Tehran ain't that great.... You can find a travel agent in Qum to book a flight to Mashad, but keep in mind that most flights from Tehran to Mashad are usually full as it is a very busy route... The next available flight we got was after four days of landing in Tehran. Get the return ticket to Mashad for the day you are planin to travel back to Pakistan... Hope it helps, ask me if you have any other questions.. Wa Salam + Ya Ali Madad!!!!
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