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  1. You'r sick. We dont attack shrines. But we dont like to worship dead people. We dont pray to the shrine of ali or hassan nor to that of khalid ibn walid or bukhari. It a strange taught that you think sunnis honor khalid ibn walid or bukhari more than ali or hassan. The latter were companions of the prophet pbuh. They are far more important. But not more then important. They are not holy. Let the dead rest in peace. By praying naer their shrines you harm them.
  2. Thank you. So ahl albayt are appointed saints by your sayyids. Your scolars told you that they are infallible. Your whole religion is based on worshipping specific persons not clear why they are chosen but others of the family not.
  3. No they are not holy. Even the prophet muhamed pbuh is not holy.only Allah (saw), the quran and the kaaba in mecca are holy. Humans stay human to us. But why us fatima (ra) more holy to you than ali (ra)? And why is ali (ra) holy? Because he is family of muhamed pbuh? But muawiya (ra) and abu bakr (ra) are also family of the prophet pbuh. The prophet pbuh ali muawiya abu bakr all have the same grandfathers..
  4. well shia and catolics do resemble very much. Catholics have their pope and shia their ayatollah Catholics have sculptures of their holy humans and shia pictures. Catolics practice self chastisement and shia too. and so on..
  5. i'm sunni what are u talking about? how you can reach the word of Allah? the quran of course!! is that not enough for shia? well I haerd that you think there are 2 other qurans written by ahl el bayt... if you think we treat the hadith as holy you are wrong. i don't understand the negative fixation on hadith and on bukhari and muslim as scolars.
  6. He has nothing to do with politics and wahabi's. he is from uzebkistan and not from saudi arabia. Short Biography of Imam al- BukhariÑÖí Çááøå ÚÜäÜå IMAM Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ismaeel bin al-Mughirah al-Bukhari was born on 13th of Shawwal 194 AH in Bukhara. a town in the eastern part of Turkestan. His father died while he was still in his infancy and his upbringing was left entirely to his mother, who looked after his health and education very carefully and spared nothing in order to provide him with the best education. Quite early in life, Imam Bukhari's intellectual qualities became noticeable. He had great piety and an extremely good memory and devotion to learning. It is said that while he was still in his teens he knew by heart seventy thousand Sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. At the age of 16, he went to Macca with his mother and enjoyed his stay in the Holy City so much that he decided to prolong his visit in order to benefit from the company of the great Muslim scholars who were always to be found there. At the age of eighteen, he wrote his first book on the subject of the Prophet's Companions and their immediate successors, and later a book on history called "Al-Tarikh-al-Kabir". Imam Bukhari was very interested in history and the Ahadith (sayings of the Prophet). He sought the company of great scholars in order to learn and discuss the Ahadith of the Holy Prophet. He visited various countries, travelling to Damascus, Cairo, Baghdad, Basra. Mecca, Medina etc. During his stay in Baghdad, he frequently held discussions with the Imam Ahmed Hanbal, the founder of the Hanbali school of law. During all these travels, Imam Bukhari had one aim: to gather as much knowledge as possible and to make the greatest possible collection of the Traditions of the Holy Prophet. He wrote profusely all the time. He once said that, “l have written about 1800 persons, each of whom had a Saying of the Prophet, and I have written only about those who have passed my test of truthfulness." The Imam possessed one of the most amazing memories, and his contribution to the science of the Ahadith remains unequalled. He wrote several books on Ahadith but in his book: "Al-Jami-al-Sahih': the Imam had recorded all the Sayings of the Prophet which he found to be genuine after thorough examination and scrutiny. He spent sixteen years in research and examined more than sixty thousand Sayings from which he selected some 7,275 Sayings whose genuineness and accuracy he established beyond the slightest doubt. Deducting duplicates, the Imam's collection contain about four thousand distinct Sayings. Imam Bukhari was extremely charitable in his remarks and opinions about men and scholars. Seldom did he brand the reporter of a false or inaccurate Hadith as a liar or forger, but simply called him "untrustworthy". His popularity inspired jealousy in the hearts of reactionary Ulema of his time and he was banished from the land of his birth by the Governor of Bukhara as a result of intrigues against him. Writings and Other Compilations Imam Bukhari wrote many kitaabs besides Bukhari Shareef (Al Jamius Sahih). Hereunder are some books written by Imam Bukhari Al Aadaabul Mufrad Juz - Raf-e-Yadain Juz - Qiraat-Kalful-Imam At-Taareekh-Al Kabeer - Al Awsat-As Sageer Kitabul Ashribah Kitabul Hibah Mabsoot Kitabul Ilal Kitabul Wuhdaan Af’aalul Ibaad Al-Aadabul-Mufrad Imam Bukhari died on 1 Shawwal 256 AH. at the age of 62 years in a small town near Samarkand, Tadzhikistan May Allah Have Mercy on his Soul
  7. let me, as a sunni answer.. 1 - They think the 12 imams are an extension of the revelation of Allah swt. the 12th imam is hidden in a cave and is the mahdi. they are infallible because they have the blood of the prophet pbuh. altough it seems irrelevant, the imams are the most important thing in shia religion.for some shia's these imams are more important than their Creator swt. 2 - It is not allowed but shia's are very easy in neglecting the will of Allah swt. it is a very human reaction to harm you self if you feel guilty. the catolics do practice self-flagellation too if they have sinned. 3 - it is a human made rule to pray on a stone. it fits in the shia reasoning of superfluous additions on the islam as clearly revealed by our beloved prophet pbuh 4 - the acceptation of islam and Allah swt as the creator is difficult. the shia need a fairy tail to make it easier to them, they say that aisha (ra) was an evil witch that wanted to destroy the prince Ali (ra). there were some problems that time but they were humans and humans make mistakes. they curse aisha (ra) because she did not get along with ali (ra). the great error is to choose party between a companion (ali ra) and the wife of the beloved prophet pbuh. 5 - praying 3 times is easier. and shia's always choose the easy way 6 - some shia can not accept the words of Allah that are given to the prophet. they need additions and seek others to understand the Great revealings of the creator. 7 - see point 1, 3 and 6. a simply shada is changed and they add irrelevant words with the result that the testimony get weak. Allah is the most important and only threw his messenger we have the ability to be muslim, the addition of ali (ra) distracts from the point you want to make as a Muslim.
  8. Hassan (ra) or Ali (ra) Please answer with only one name.
  9. we, muslims, don't follow imams or other people who could fabricate lies. we do follow the quran and the sunni. the quran is a clear book. only Catholics follow their pope and shia follow their sayyids.
  10. sunni don't have pictures of their parents.
  11. ok. so you suggest that the noble prophet muhamed pbuh had a wrong feeling of choosing his friends? so the man who first embraced islam abubakr (ra) cheated the prophet pbuh? muhamed pbuh said that the religious heart of abubakr weighted more that the whole ummah together. islam is not a kingdom where the prophet is succeeded by his relatives. after the prophet there are no other people who deliver messages from Allah (swt). so anything that happened after the death of muhamed pbuh is only of local and temporary importance.
  12. he was a noble man, the prophet pbuh loved him, so we as sunni do love him too. what i have learned is that alhassan (ra) was very mercy full and didn't like any misunderstanding between Muslims. that's the reason he rejected the leadership and gave it to muawiya (ra). again, alhassan (ra) was very important and may Allah subhanawata3ala grant him djannah. but he is a mortal just like others and he did't have any prophecy or contact with Allah subhanawata3ala.
  13. first of all salaam to all brothers and sister in islam. our ummah is one. with all respect i do think that the shia religion is based on hate towards a simple mortal man like muawiya (ra). What is the importance of him? my opinion as a sunni: muawiya (ra) and Ali (ra) came in conflict about the vengeance of the death of the caliph othman may Allah sunhanawata3alah grant him djannah. maybe muawyia made a mistake in discussing the judgement of ali (ra) not to revenge the death of othman (ra). but the bottomline is that all these people where not more that human likes you and me. they were no messengers of Allah because our beloved prophet muhamed pbuh is the last of the messengers. the role of muawiya is only important if you think that ali (ra) was a prophet. so do you shia think that?
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