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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day !!!

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a blast....Enjoy !

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. salam, happy birthday to you

  4. Salam to whom follow the truth This Sunni hadith shows that: 1. The Devil was able to overcome Rasulullah (saww), and made him to sin by listening and watching a woman singing. 2. Abu Bakr and Imam Ali wer also caught in the trap of Shaytan (la) 3. Umar entered and saved all three of them from Shaytan (la). PLEASE, IN ALL HONESTY, WHAT DOES THE ABOVE HADITH TEACH? Can you please enlighten me of this part , Iam an Arab man doesnt understand English?
  5. What the hell is that , prophet commit sin and listen to song ,while UMER is not . I really can`t come back to shiachat again ever.I was away and now such posts aching the buttom of my heart , no need for such pain. bye
  6. salam Alaikom , mashallah this site is growing , I havent been or posted on this forum for ages now , but this topic made me to post something from my past experiences . It doesnt depend on destiny or what is called(kisma wa naseeb) , actually it highly depeneds on how heavy is your wallet!
  7. Salam alaikum ... u okay? ... what happened to u?

  8. Salam Ahmed, Happy Birthday Bro!

  9. Happy Birthday :D

    InshAllah il meet sana

  10. salam alaikom I was in wales and as I havent been on this forum for ages now, I didnt edit my profile to my new place , Iam not in wales anymore, actually there are many husseinya in wales not just alkoe centre in Swansea , I was living next to hussaineya in Cardiff and I was very happy as I had the key of the mosque and always there and Iam really missing all brothers there. now Iam in Huddersfield . thank u again for ur support brother
  11. Salam Alaikom ALL of you :) Mashallah ,very cool to have so many replies , Inshallah I will attend the one in Bradford ,I didnt know that there is another one in Leeds , sheffield seems tempting as well ,Iam not far from it. wise ...I will shut your mouth with kisses brother :wub: ...lol(brotherhood kisses) how r u doing? why u wanna leave this wonderful shia community?
  12. nobody knows any shia mosque in bradford? :unsure: Iam sure if was enquaries about MUTAH I would have recieved million replies!!! ;)
  13. (salam) I haven`t been on shiachat for ages, so I think many new members are joined mashAllah hopefully they are not all teenagers :angel: . anyway, I was wondering if anybody from leeds or west yorkshire knows any shia mosque apart from the one in leeds which called"leeds ahlul albayt cultural..." in Hanover square. I really want to attend Eid prayer a bit closer to me than leeds moque as Iam in Huddersfield , I`ve heard there is shia community in bradford , Mashallah bradford full of Pakistanis :Hijabi: , Anyone has got any information? JazakomAllah
  14. Salam alaikum .... how've u been bro?!! .... long time no see

  15. somebody picks me up from wales please :lol: I wish I could make it ..but I dont think they gonna grant me visa to canada :(
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