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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salams to All, Does Shiachat have any user/ member from Leeds in UK who could tell me more about the Shia population in that area? Someone I know would be travelling and staying in Leeds for about a year. If you could please let us know if it's a place good enough for a Shia Muslim or if there are any Shia family here that would like to rent their place for a bachelor/ family then I'd be very grateful. It's kinda difficult to imagine living in a completely different place and that too by sharing the house and stuff with non Muslims / Christians. Any any info about Leeds will be highly app
  2. MashaAllah, how beautifully said!! I'm in awe of you sis Notme, just can't describe the beauty of your words..made the mother in me feel soooo proud once again!!!!
  3. Salam, Your idea is indeed fantastic but I wholeheartedly agree with the other sisters who have imparted their wisdom about your confusion. I'm myself a media person and appear on a shia Islamic channel with my face covered even though a lot of my own shia people have expressed their dislike about my appearance (coz we all know face veil is just mustahab, not wajib!) but my decision to appear on the channel in such a way was based more on the fact that I don't want millions of men staring at my face and painting their own imagination with detestable thoughts. I appear in the most 'un-glam
  4. And what is the ruling if my country won't be witnessing any eclipse at all? Do I still need to pray this salat??
  5. Salam, I really want to know if the occurence of any eclipse have an impact on the foetus/ unborn baby or not. This is a long held belief in the Indian subcontinent that if a pregnant lady lies in a certain position or holds a knife while the eclipse is on then she is prone to give birth to a child with cleft lips or some other deformity. I personally don't believe in such things but recently one of my very learned friend expressed her belief into such a phenomenon because she has had children in her extended family 'suffering' due to the lack of their mothers' precaution at the time of ecli
  6. Maulana Ali Abbas is a very very well spoken and knowledgeable sheikh known by us, may Allah increase his life span! And JazakAllah for your efforts!
  7. Salaam, I am intrigued by something, something that I'm not even sure about its importance. I have had many strange spiritual experiences , some of which never got into my head when they happened..like I didn't understand what had happened and so I wasn't affected. I have heard from a lot of people that you have such experiences when your goodness is more than your sins and that if you tell people about it, those things will cease to exist but somehow didn't believe those sayings.. Right from when I was a kid, standing for the daily national anthem recitation at school and spotting a big
  8. Wa/salam, I already got his reply on the matter and he said," It is permissible if it is not considered make up in common view," and here you have oldies who put kohl so me applying them doesn't make a difference. Another female speaker I know here said that it's not wrong if its just a couple of strokes on the lower waterline but it becomes haram if you kinda make it smokey, winged etc When I look at myself without the face veil on TV while the set up is being created, I find myself more glowing or "Iranian" to be precise, so yeah I do feel my choice is perfectly apt for the situation!
  9. Salam, First of all thanks for your genuine reviews, I have been waiting for replies but the lack of it just made me feel more nervous..so now I'm happy! Moreso, you both watched my show so patiently without understanding a word of it...it really means a lot to me, thanks once again! I really do agree to what you both have said about my face veil that it limits my expressions but maybe when you know the reason behind, your perception might change a bit. I'm not really a Niqaabi person (i know it sounds hypocritical) but I didn't want to come on TV and be an object of public scrutiny or hav
  10. (bismillah) Assalam-o-alaikum, I don't really know the motive I'm posting my show's videos that are aired on a Shia Islamic Channel, maybe I really and desperately need your reviews as to how you think about my presentation skills so that I could improve myself for good. These videos are in Urdu language and I'm aware that a majority of the SC members belong to different countries. But all, I need to know is your views about my:- 1) Appearance (A lot of people think I look like a hardline extremist because "face veil isn't wajib then what's the need to appear on TV like this"...and I've
  11. If that's easily available through the WIN guys then I may be fortunate this time because coincidentally I happen to be one of their anchors :)
  12. Reminds me of a joke that happened with a relative..This 'Iran-returned-guy once went to meet our relatives and as accustomed, he said 'Ya Allah' at the door...Now here in Mumbai, it's mostly beggars who call out Allah's name at every doorstep..my cousin thought it must be some beggar and she handed out a one rupee coin to this guy who was shocked that his cousin treated him like a beggar...hahaha!! As for the OP, I think you should just call them out like "Appi or baaji' to just alert them about your arrival..and possibly wait for a couple of mins before stepping out...my younger cousin did
  13. Salam Bro, I'm from Mumbai as well and unfortunately, i missed this lecture that you posted about..Although, I received the same message via watsapp but i really wanna hear the full lecture, please tell me if it's possible to watch on youtube or any other place? Sayed Ammar is indeed one gem of a lecturer and I think it's best not to discuss his 'problems' because he's as human as we are and eligible to sinning as well. The only thing that I don't like about his aura is (and he's not to be blamed for that ) the way girls drool over him..i seriously detest this attitude in our people!
  14. I have little knowledge on such issues and currently face the same dilemma as the OP..however, i would like to ask you all if it's okay to listen to religious songs (like the one posted by the OP) if one doesn't understand the language; as in, I like such war songs but arabic/farsi etc isn't my language so is it still fine to listen to them?
  15. My first show on the Shia Channel was called Culture v/s Islam and it pointed out the various misunderstandings that people had because of giving more importance to culture than their religion. I don't know how the masses found it but one of my friend's aunt was furious on me because she didn't accept that some of the cultural things that she had soo religously followed were actually unislamic...looool!
  16. Sister Hameedeh, thanks a tonne:) Alhamdolillah, I have quit music since a long time but there are some religious songs in Arabic/ Farsi / English that I feel like listening to because the meanings are just profound but sometimes have a doubt whether it's allowed or not..for example this one I just love this song but dunno if the music falls in the permissible category or not..please do enlighten me in this case?
  17. wa/salaam and thanks to all of you for your inspiring replies. I have alhamdolillah started praying again but I am really scared how long it's gonna last. It always happens that whenever I begin to sincerely pray something or the other happens and I go astray without even realizing it :( Another thing is that I really badly want to pray Tahajjud but despite all the longing to be awake at that part of night and have myself the luxury of a one on one conversation with my Lord, I just can't seem to get rid of the laziness to wake up..Allah knows what's gonna happen to me..I'm perhaps one of t
  18. I didn't get you brother Hasanh..that promise wasn't made because I had gotten over emotional but because I had been going through the same ordeal before as well and whilst I was in a majlis, I just realized my lamentation over the tragedy of karbala meant nothing if I couldn't pray in the comforts of my home unlike Imam Hussain (a.s) and his companions who prayed in the most unimaginable circumstances on that day..So I just spoke to Lady Fatima (s.a) in my own head and made the promise thinking that every time I'd feel lazy towards my prayers, these words of mine (that which i spoke to her) w
  19. (bismillah) Salaam, I don't know where to begin from..:( but I really need your help desperately. I'm struggling badly with salah, I just can't pray regularly like a proper Muslim must. Despite the fact that since childhood, I have been this person who thought herself to be God fearing like i never fought / argued/ hurt anyone; when other kids would be playing out, I'd be sitting in my house, reflecting over a wall frame that had the ayah,"Innallaha ma'aSabireen" on it and tried speaking to Allah about my stupid worries. And even now, I am my best with others except with the One who cre
  20. I used to use the Maybelline's Colossal Kajal until the 'boycott-Israeli-product' came into existence..dunno if that's what classifies as an actual kohl or not! About mascara, I'm sure it's not allowed but foundation, maybe it is because i heard a female speaker here who said there's nothing wrong in concealing minor flaws; she added that using make up in a way that gives you an instant makeover then it's haraam otherwise it's just fine to use a foundation, concealer, kohl n lipbalm..maybe someone can correct me here?
  21. Thanks both of you. I know it is permissible but the way in which some people question me for the kohl, I begin to feel extremely uncomfortable and wonder whether I'm actually treading the wrong path by choosing to be a center of attraction for the men..I would love to give up the kohl, if it meant protecting the hereafter, but guys, I really don't have the strength to see people mock at the drowsiness of my eyes..If any of the mods like hameedeh and Notme could impart their logic on this matter, it'd perhaps make me more strong in choosing the right option.
  22. Of course, I know Islam means submission..i guess, you misread somewhere?
  23. (bismillah) (salam) I just watched this astonishingly confident brother arguing with his western counterparts about whether Islam is a religion of peace or not. It just moved me so much that I couldn't resist sharing it with you all.. http://scroll.in/article/701227/-A-British-journalist-persuasively-explains-why-Muslims-don%E2%80%99t-need-to-apologise I also want to know whether you, my muslim brethren in the West, do go through such similar circumstances when an unprecedented attack takes place and people around you begin to question the reality of your faith..I really want to how d
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