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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Lenovo or HP. Don't waste money on MacBook. It's all glamour nothing special
  2. Massages are always "like that." There's no way a massage can't be "like that" because it involves rubbing ones body
  3. I don't want a male touching my body like that
  4. Thanks everybody for the answers. Maybe I should ask the massage therapist to enter into a 45 minute Mutah relationship with me so we can proceed with a massage
  5. Is a man allowed to go to a massage parlor which employs women as massage therapists to receive a massage for health benefits ?
  6. Turkish intelligence also coordinates Isis. This is very old news
  7. Warriors because they are a better team
  8. You need to mature. You are claiming to be an adult with children yet you've also behaved like a child. There is one solution; MAN UP. Read some books. Change your outlook. Start having a fondness for knowledge, truth, justice and being a virtuous person. This is the only solution.
  9. Great men seek great women. Great women seek great men. Great is the true mo'min and is a lover of truth, justice, knowledge and has a virtuous character
  10. "In 2003, Agha Shaukat Jafri, senior member of UMAA’s management and Dr. Parvez Shah, former President of UMAA, officially endorsed Daniel Pipes to the US Institute for Peace, an infamous character known for his creation of Campus Watch, ardent support for Israel, and his lobbying efforts for a pre-emptive strike on Iran[2]. This endorsement can be found on Daniel Pipes’ website, titling Agha Jafri as the Spokesman for UMAA. " "In addition to the questionable endorsement of Daniel Pipes from at least one member of UMAA’s management, UMAA provided a platform in 2003, for the very master-mind behind the war on Iraq, namely the then U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz was one of the first officials to push for an invasion of Iraq, immediately in the aftermath of 9/11, and less known to the public is that he was also investigated for passing classified documents to Israel through an intermediary in AIPAC." In the introduction to UMAA in UMAA's own Magazine of 2009, Agha Shaukat Jafri states that the first UMAA convention was planned and organized “to honor the liberation of Iraq”. America’s role in bringing Saddam and the Taliban to power is omitted; instead, the so-called war on terror is described as victorious: “U.S. Armed forces, in a matter of weeks identified and then dismantled Al Qaeda and Taliban hooligans from Afghanistan”[6]. It should also be noted that this remains to be factually incorrect, as it was only a few weeks ago that Obama declared Bin Laden’s capture and death. Further- the war against the Taliban continues to rage on in Afghanistan and with drone strikes on Pakistan. Agha Jafri continues to describe the invasion on Iraq as a feat to be admired: “The people of Iraq were liberated from the cruel claws of Saddam and his blood thirsty clan. Millions of Iraqi citizens celebrated their new found freedom in the streets of Baghdad, Basra, Najaf and Karbala”[7]. Omitted, is the grief of the families of millions of Iraqis who lost their lives in the process—both through the U.S.-backed sanctions that killed half a million children[8], and through Operation Iraqi Freedom, whose death toll increases every day. "Ironically, while UMAA continuously and easily (and rightfully) condemns the Saudi and Bahraini governments for their vast human rights abuses against their Shiite populations, it also continuously praises the same government that strengthens these two regimes. Saudi Arabia remains a key ally of America in the Middle East, and Bahrain is still home to America’s Fifth Fleet." http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234990368-umaa-an-expose/
  11. I see a UMAA ad on shiachat. A previous thread has detailed how UMAA is a pro zionist organization when it brought in several zionist figures who support Israel, attacking Iran etc Why is this ad up, and who is responsible? Justice over money. This ad must be removed
  12. True. Plato's Republic is also heavily responsible for current day Iran government with simple and practical refining.
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