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  1. Asalamualeikum Brothers! Brothers,I want to ask that my friend apply henna on his thigh,legs & foots... is it haram .....? I tell him that not to do so but he said that this thing is not haram... A men can apply henna(mehndi)...all over his body and can also pray namaz...his prayer don't get invalid...
  2. Sister, what is eid e nowruz? What should we do on this day?
  3. Asalamualeikum Brother! I have a question that what to do if u have wet dream at night before fair prayer .....& water is too cold that can't do ghusl..... So what should I do in this case... 1) I have to perform qaza... namaz 2) or should I do tayammum with water.... Ways to do tayammum, anyone tell me plzzz?
  4. Asalamualeikum Sisters! I have a question that nowadays there are too many creams in which alcohol is present. Is it permissible for us to use these creams.. Some Chemicals Are As Follows:- Cetostearyl Alcohol Cetyl Alcohol Cetearyl Alcohol & I want to ask that is it permissible for us to use Methylparaben,propylparaben.
  5. Dhaku is not a right person.....only 1 percent of Pakistani like him... in 1 percent of pakistani mostly are wahabi....wahabi love his speeches....
  6. Asalamualeikum Brothers & Sister...... I have question that nowadays there are large number of facial creams hair shampoo present... But how to know that chemicals presented in that shampoo or facial creams...is halal or haram. For Example:-Benzyl Alcohol Can anyone help me regarding this issue..... Thankzz in advance
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