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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, I am happy to see you back on shiachat :) Welcome back and a late ramadan karim to you!

  2. I find that cooking is a wonderful hobby. It's easier to learn how to cook from an early age. I had to learn once I was married-- lots of learning about Indian and Arabic dishes!
  3. islamreligion.com Please view this site and discuss. I have gotten blocked repeatedly on the online chat forum, lol.
  4. Sunnis condemn Yazid as well. They have written tributes to imam Husayn (as). The lies accusing today to cover up Yazid is nothing but something to discredit Shias. Sunnis erroneously think they must defend Yazid; Yazid wasn't a Sunni, he was a tyrant utilizing and manipulating Islam for mere power and wealth
  5. lol I find these lies entertaining. Nothing more than half crocked lies to tear the Ummah apart. I have also heard disgusting lies about Sunnis
  6. Again, you are not reading what I am saying. I am saying unequally in a way that is belittling/does not give justice to the wives. I.e. having one wife for the purpose of fulfilling sexual gratifications and the other as a mere maid. And you cannot say there are no marriages where the man does not give justice to his wifes. Even though polygamy is halal, if he does not meet the requirements of his duties, then he should not be having more than one wife. Simple as that. Some men think they all have the capacity to treat women with justice like Muhammad (pbuh) and the Imams (as), and quite simpl
  7. Did you read what I said after? Or even how I phrased my sentence? (d) Shi'ite man uses Christian woman in a haram way, perverting the hala nature of Mutah. Essentially, he uses mutah to fulfil his sexual desires, and sees the woman as less worthy than others for permanent marriage. - If you are going to argue Shi'ite men can conduct innumerable Mutahs with women he perceives as worthless, and that this is what Muhammad (pbuh) would have been done, then you are mistaken. Did I not say "perverting the halal nature of mutah?" There is a way to ruin halal things and use t
  8. Realistically, it is difficult for both parties to share the same idea of mutah if they are from differing religious backgrounds, i.e. Christian and Shi'ite. The problems that can occur are, and I have seen this first hand: (a) Christian woman does not perceive the legitimacy of an Islamic Mutah, and does not see the man as her "huband," and thinks of this as more fixed term dating. (b) Christian woman, specifically those who are more conservative, find Islamic Mutah "sinful" and "wrong," and therefore, if they do happen to be in this situation, the whole time they may see themselve
  9. Not sure if this enquiry and answer from Makarem Shirazi is relevant, but it does speall on a woman enacting another temporary marriage with a man she was previously in a mutah with, though this is regaring iddah and childbirth: Iddah of a Woman who has Become Pregnant in Temporary Marriage [Iddah (the necessary waiting period for women after divorce) in Temporary Marriage] Question:- A woman has performed Mut’a (temporary marriage) and the time of her marriage and Iddah has been passed, but she has become pregnant f r o m the same man and has a baby inside. Is it permissi
  10. I was a convert, so I met my spouse because he is the one who gave me information. Most converts who are not from Muslim families usually have to look online to find someone
  11. It is permitted to say it in English right? Since it is a dua?
  12. So if sites like ShiaMeet are not halal because they allow texting and exchanging between the sexes, how are people expected to select spouses. If you cannot talk online, talk in person about marriage? How do you pick a spouse? Do you just pick a number out of a hat and go "okay, I guess Ali is my husband"???
  13. I would refrain from haphazardly psychoanalyzing the OP. Another member did this to me once, telling me that I "enjoyed" being abused. It is absolute rubbish and shifts the blame entirely to the victim. I would also refrain from calling women "stupid" within the sisters forum, it is disrespectful especially given the situation of the OP. Lastly, most people will maintain feelings for any partner and overlook faults because they believe that this individual has the capacity to change, or they wish the individual would change. Some people feel it is their "fault." This is a natura
  14. Yes, it is called renewing the marriage contract. Since mutah requires the specification of time, in cases where a couple is planning permanent, this may need to be renewed several times. I know people who were in a mutah marriage for 2-3 years before they married, they kept renewing the contract. Also, I believe some sort of dowry needs to be given every time it is renewed.
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