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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, please unregister my account. Thanks.

  2. I really wish the sound in my head would just shut up and disappear.
  3. I'd rather not, it'll just be an awkward conversation. besides, my relationship with my parents is tense right now, because of previous issues we've had.
  4. I'd appreciate it if you kept your stupid, unoriginal, good for nothing comments, such as these for yourself "bruh". what's your point for telling me this, you think you're a man now? Fool.
  5. How do you deal with lack of affection? I grew up with not much affection or physical contact, and I guess its just gotten to me. I have the tendency to push people away when I want affection too. Its making me feel tense, stressed most of the time and I'm aggressive with people for no reason. I can't get married at this time, so a relationship just isn't possible for me.
  6. Salam. Basically my father was contacted by a Syrian guy in Turkey, he somehow found 1200 Dutch guilders and we've been told they are made of gold. They are the old currency in the Netherlands, but how do you go about finding out their worth? could they be fake and perhaps only gold plated? They look like this:
  7. Funny how I just received from them
  8. Most likely nothing, but that's his business.
  9. I went out with some acquaintances and I was approached by some Danish dude, he asked me if we got drugs to sell. We kind of got angry with him and it looked like he got a bit intimidated. My acquaintance told him to wait 5 mins after our convo with him and he went to get some kind of potato powder. Basically he sold him potato powder for like 120 bucks lol
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