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  1. laithAlIRAQI

    Thoughts 2019

    My sisters husband totaled their bmw. idiot...
  2. laithAlIRAQI

    What the heck is up with this Speakers' Corner drama?

    I've seen the video you're talking about regarding the mutah scandal. Is that true? Did he get thrown in jail or is it all lies?
  3. laithAlIRAQI

    How has dogs being najis been arrived at?

    Just no
  4. laithAlIRAQI

    The Travel Diary

    Beautiful ^
  5. laithAlIRAQI

    What’s the logic behind having a beard?

    Grow the beard dudes
  6. laithAlIRAQI

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    Why don't you all just apologize to each other and act more Muslim like, stop the hatred and forgive each other. Peace.
  7. laithAlIRAQI

    Trolls' Hajiacking of Shia-Leaning posts on ShiaChat

    What's with all the drama these days, jesus christ...
  8. Brother, Assalam Alikum.

    ma troud 3leeha, kirmal innak sakan fee denmark.   Nas ma bekhafou Allah.  Kirmalak, Allah yib3d 3nnak kil sou2.

    1. laithAlIRAQI


      Wa 3laikum, sister.

      Lol ana ma kunet nawi aroud 3leeha, bas jawabha az3ajni. Shukran ukhti. Allah yeb3id 3nich wa 3an awladich kil sou2 kaman.

    2. Laayla


      la shukr 3la wajab. Allah yirham amwatak khayaa.  Baraka Allah feeq.

  9. laithAlIRAQI

    Revert and Married to an unbeliever- Now what?

    Thank you sum, love u ❤ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. laithAlIRAQI

    Revert and Married to an unbeliever- Now what?

    A Muslim woman cannot be married to a non Muslim man, therefore your marriage is void.
  11. laithAlIRAQI

    My parents keep delaying me on marriage.

    Culture can be stupid, tough luck.
  12. laithAlIRAQI

    Thoughts 2019

  13. laithAlIRAQI

    Thoughts 2019

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. laithAlIRAQI

    Takbeer a tul ahram

    I have been told that sitting on a chair is not permissible and therefore your salah is not accepted. You must sit on the ground if you cannot stand up. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. laithAlIRAQI

    I feel so bad :(

    Give the change to a homeless