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  1. Muslimah525

    Question To Sunnies And Shias - From A Muslim

    (salam) I'm glad I came across this thread. In order to be Muslim, or a believer in this time, a person needs to declare the Shahada and believe in what they are saying. Shahada is what makes us Muslim, so going by this rule, Sunnis and Shi'as both are one, both are Muslims. Who comes after the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the way in which we pray (I know this is very over-simplified and there are many many more differences :lol:) really shouldn't be the reason for hatred etc. especially at a time when Muslims are being shown in a very negative light around the world. Just think how strong the Ummah could be if we all came together as one, under Islam. We are taught not to pass judgement on others and that there is no compulsion in religion, yet we fail to notice the most important thing that unites us both, Allah, and squabble over petty things. There's my little rant done :P (wasalam)
  2. Muslimah525

    Confused On Shi'a Views?

    (salam) Dear Brother, I intended for this topic to be replied to with well informed and unprejudiced answers, giving real answers to my questions. However, your post is quite offensive. I would advise you not to posts things like this, you may disagree with other people's opinions, yet we are no one to judge, so please refrain from publicising things which spread misconceptions and insight hatred. Thank you ^_^ (wasalam)
  3. Muslimah525

    Face Veil And Kohl?

    (salam) Congratulations on your success of living up to your dreams! May Allah keep your future bright. As for the kohl, there are many Hadith which narrate that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) applied kohl on his eyes. Obviously not the branded ones like we have today, but rather a pure kohl known as Ithmid. Now, personally I see no harm in applying this to your eyes, the Prophet (pbuh) did it, so it can't really be haram. Some might question the fact that thousands of people are going to be watching you on TV, well aren't people going to see you in public anyway? Does the number have an affect? At the end of the day, it is your intentions that count. You're not doing it to please or get the attention of other men, but rather for yourself. Allah knows best ^_^ (wasalam)
  4. Muslimah525

    Good Brand Winter Coat

    I can honestly say Moncler have some very warm and absolutely stunning coats, with a variety of styles, albeit a hefty price tag. However for an investment piece, it really isn't that bad, seeing as it will last.
  5. Muslimah525

    Belief In Qur'an Only?

    (salam) I would just like to point out here that it does in fact teach us how to pray, including steps for wudu etc :)
  6. Muslimah525

    Why Do We Need Intercession In This World?

    (salam) Brother, once again :) I do understand what you are saying here, it makes perfect sense. However if you do read the post I made in reply to Brother kbsquare, you will understand where I am coming from, if my words make any sense :lol: (wasalam)
  7. Muslimah525

    Belief In Qur'an Only?

    (salam) You both raise very valid points :) But how do we know which Hadith are in fact authentic? Since we know that the first Hadith were recorded 194 years after the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) died? I know this could be a case of having trust in the people to not change things, but couldn't alterations have been made unknowingly? (wasalam)
  8. Muslimah525

    Belief In Qur'an Only?

    (salam) Thank you for your reply. I understand your point of view, and I am not saying I am against it, however one could argue that following the Qur'an itself automatically means also following the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) since the Prophet could not have made up his own rules and regulations regarding Islam: he was merely a converter of the message of Allah, and this is confirmed in the Qur'an: "The only duty of the messenger is to deliver the message." (5:99) (wasalam)
  9. Muslimah525

    Belief In Qur'an Only?

    (salam) Hope you are all in the best of health ^_^ I was just curious as to how many, if any, of you Brothers and Sisters, both Sunni and Shi'a, follow only the Qur'an's teachings e.g. how to offer Salah etc. Also, for those that don't, any reasons? I just thought it would be an interesting discussion. (wasalam)
  10. Muslimah525

    Why Do We Need Intercession In This World?

    (salam) Thank you for your response Brother, and if it was implied in my previous reply that this intercession is a "Shi'a thing" then I apologise, since this was not my intention. I agree with you that Tawassul is lawful i.e. drawing closer to Allah through acts of worship and the like, there is certainly nothing wrong with this. However, the form of intercession which the Brother was speaking of in the original post referred specifically to seeking help from an entity that is separate from Allah. Regarding your last sentence, I don't think it is fit to generalise on the thoughts and actions of Sunnis, based on your judgement that the 'masses reject such an acceptable act just because it is a Shi'a thing'. You will find that most Sunnis and Shi'as living in the developed world are tolerant of each other and those who know their religion will not act differently based on actions of a different sect :) (wasalam)
  11. Muslimah525

    Introduce yourself here.

    Yep I was haha :lol: Thanks
  12. Muslimah525

    Introduce yourself here.

    (salam) I'd like to start off by welcoming you to Islam! Insha'Allah your journey henceforth will an exciting one filled with happiness and joy :lol: Wellll, as for introducing myself.... My name is A***** and I'm 15 (anyone else 15?) My grandparents are from Kashmir, I was born and raised in England *cue boring music* Although I did live in the Middle East for 5-6 years once upon a time @) <---- dude in a dish dash That's about it really :I
  13. Muslimah525

    Why Do We Need Intercession In This World?

    (salam) Some of the answers on this post are very confusing :donno: [Link removed.] I have included a link which may help you understand why believing that anyone can intercede on your behalf to have your sins forgiven or your wishes fulfilled is considered an act of shirk; this is setting up partners with God, going against the most basic and fundamental belief in Islam- Tawhid, the oneness of Allah. "As for the one who was sentenced for punishment, can you (Muhammad) save those who are in the fire?" 39:19 This is just one example of a rhetorical question in which Allah is telling us that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) cannot save us. How can anyone else besides Allah? With regards to your thoughts that the imams would stop God from doing something on your behalf, "Is God not sufficient for His servant?" 39:36 How could the imams stop Allah Almighty from carrying out His plans and His wishes? There is no need to worry my friend, whatever you ask of Allah, if it is written in your destiny to happen, it will, and vice versa. Remember, only the act of shirk will never be forgiven (4:48) The prophet Abraham was reprimanded by God when he tried to intercede for his father who was also practicing 'shirk'. All the sins of the genuine believers will be forgiven by God (39:53), God is their only Intercessor (6:51), therefore they do not need the intercession of any human. On the other hand, we have all the disbelievers and 'mushrekeen' (those who set up partners with God). They will never be forgiven, nor is any human allowed to intercede for them (including Muhammad 9:80). ‚ÄčI hope this helps :)
  14. Muslimah525

    Confused On Shi'a Views?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply :) When 2 of the wives conspired against the Prophet saww in his life then Quran warned and condemned them severely in Suratul Tehreem (chapter 66). After Prophet's departure from this world, Ummul Momineen Ayesha led first ever civil war against Ameerul Momineen Imam Ali and was responsible for killing of innocent civilians including Sahaba. The battle is known as 'battle of Jamal' which resulted in more than 18,000 dead. You are absolutely right that we are nobody to deliver final judgement. However it is enough for us to condemn this magnanimous first ever civil war led by Ayesha and we refuse to take her as an authority on religion after this act of transgression by her (remember that Quran has clearly commanded Ummahatul Momineen to 'stay inside the houses' too but she violated that too). This is the first I have heard of the acts of the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) wives, however I will definitely do more extensive research on this topic, it seems very interesting. Basic starting point for one to be a Muslim is to believe and say "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammad is His Messenger". That is the fundamental starting point. We as Shia teach our kids and encourage converts to remember to add "And Ali is the WALI Allah" as asserted by verse number 55 of Suratul Maeda. To be a Shia, one doesn't have to utter specific thing or do something specific. Just have to believe in heart and practice to holding on to TWO weighty things Rasool Allah saww said to hold onto for Guidance when he is gone, i.e. Kitaan Allah wa Itrah/Ahlul Bayt. We reject all other modes of man made guidance such as 150,000 sahabas that included munafiqeen and mujrimeen amongst them. So does this line mean something along the lines of Hazrat Ali is the friend of Allah? This is what I have heard, I am probably wrong :lol: The topic of the Sahaba has also sparked some interest in my mind, as I have seen a lot of discussion on this website between people regarding the matter. What is the matter? Who do you regard as 'Sahabah'? Thank you
  15. Muslimah525

    Confused On Shi'a Views?

    (wasalam) No, most thanks goes to you for giving me such a detailed and understanding answer. It has really broadened my knowledge and I now am clear on certain topics I was unsure of earlier. However, the quote I have pasted from your answer is still one I do not fully comprehend. As I say, i am no expert so I do not fully understand the events surrounding the death of Hazrat Ali and his family members, but why is the death of a certain member mourned in this way? Are all the deaths of Prophets etc. mourned? No offence is intended, I am just trying to gain knowledge :) Thank you