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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yes, sunni need witnesses but her husband said this is a good way. We are confused now because she is sunni, he is shia.. She asked on sunni forum and they said this is invalid and i said to her i will ask here. She doesn't know what to do now. Her family is against Arabs but she says she can decide about her life because she is European and they will accept one day. :)
  2. Yes he is shia but if a girl is sunni? Does it make a difference? Thank you for your answer.
  3. As salamu alaikum sisters! I have a question. My friend became a muslim and she " got " married to a shia man. She was not virgin before and she heard that if she is not, she doesn't need any wali etc. So her husband took a paper, wrote something in arabic and she signed it. She got her mahr but they had no any witnesses and no sheikh. Just her husband and her. She asked me if this marriage is valid, i said i will ask here because im not a sheikh. She is new in islam (even not shia). Is this marriage valid or they need to repeat it with sheikh? Her family doesn't know about this marriage becau
  4. Jazak Allah khair for all links. I've found a website in my own language as well so lets see. :)
  5. If you like iraqi food, you can check it out: https://www.youtube.com/user/AssyrianFood this woman is very funny but she cooks good. :)
  6. My the best iraqi friend taught me how to make biriani, maqlooba, dolma, borek, kebbeh and some other dishes. My favourite one is biriani and i discovered that sharia ( sorry i don't know how to type it correctly ) its just a normal pasta! :D :D From sweets i love kleja and i don't remember the name but it was something orange what i ate on Muharram ceremony. Does someone know the name of it? It tastes like caramel a bit.
  7. Not all people are the same. Im an European and European people are abusive to their wives/ kids as well. There is nothing to do with islam.. Do not judge all people. Everybody is different. For me personally violence against child is not a solution and I would not use it if i will have my own child in sha Allah.
  8. If you live in Europe i think you can easily go out. There is 10000 more girls in malls, coffee restaurants etc. and none makes problem with that. This is normal in Europe so I think its ok. Why not? As you said you live in Europe, it is a safe place so don't worry. :) I think it is not haram because you don't meet boys there. :)
  9. Your right. We are humans, we should act like humans. Doesn't matter if someone is Arab, Pakistani, Indian or American.. Everyone is equal. I think a husband who beats his wife doesn't have any confidence so he wants to make his wife low.
  10. I have met alot of muslims sisters especially from arab countries and almost all of them were talking about their abusive husbands. For them it was normal, for me not. I know this is not islam, it is a culture or personality but.. how a man must be low to do that? I can't imagine it as an european. Im wondering why women doesn't do anything with that, they just keep quiet. I know some of them are affraid because of family, because of their reputation but from the other side- what is more important: their own comfort or an opinion of a crazy cousin/neighbour etc? I don't understand women who do
  11. I love biryani, kebabs, pizza, burgers, salads, fruits- my new discover: kaki. So delicious :)
  12. I love asian food as well! Especially rice dishes (biryani, curry, pilaw etc.), kebabs, tikka etc etc. :) I love baking cakes as well. :) I haven't heard about any 313 club in Poland, i know only one shia woman here.
  13. Im new here, im Amna (in islam :) ) im polish girl, a revert. Im seeking knowledge about this beautiful religion thats why i came here. :) I love to travel, meet new people, cook and so and so.. :)
  14. Im from Poland. We have a mosque in Wrocław and Warsaw as well. You should visit Łazienki Królewskie in Warsaw and go to the Pałac Kultury. If you need more info, ask here in sha Allah. :) This is just an opinion- alot of people don't drink in Poland. Generally speaking all East Europe like vodka but polish are not like Russian- they drink more. In Poland you will not find any halal meat as well as kosher. It is not allowed.
  15. Polish- my language. Russian and other slavic languages like ukrainian, slovak etc because its similar to polish. English. Some arabic words. Deutsch- little bit from school. :)
  16. As salamu alaikum. As we all know, pictures are not allowed in islam. I remember what happened in Denmark (i guess so) when someone wanted to make face of the Prophet Muhammad. My question is about Ali and His face. I saw many times in the series or pictures on the walls. Is it ok? Thank you for your answers.
  17. Thank you so much! Can you give me a website where can i find shia hadiths? Im confused which one are real. I've been at Muharram ceremony in this year, i have a shia friend she is from Najaf, it was a new experience for me. Jazak Allah khair again. :)
  18. As salamu alaikum! Im a revert and Im so confused about shia- sunni. Can someone explain ( in the easy way ) basic differences between shia and sunni? Im seeking my knowledge everywhere but I would like to know more from the shia view as well. :)
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