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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I' ve seen so many jewish there and none was with body guards. It depends on a police man who is blind of who is not but im talking about the law not people and their actions. You sounds so funny with your general informations, you know nothing about my country. And no, we don't notice violence as something normal and yes, it happens in Poland but the difference is- we can go to the police, we have a places to go if for example a husband is abusive, we are confident that we can leave this kind of man. Do not reply to me anymore, your informations are funny for me.
  2. There is violence right but don't you see a difference? We can divorce, we can call to the police, we can leave this kind of man and we don't need to explain 1000 people why and none would tell us: " stay with him because he is your husband ". I haven't said there is no violence in my country ( read carefuly) but we can do more as a women with that then for example women in arab countries. We are not talking about other nations and religions. We are talking about women's issue. If you want to talk about race/ religion discrimination- yes we have it ( as a every country ) but there is something like punish. You can always go to the police/ lawyer etc and they will help you. There is equal law for everyone here. This is a difference.
  3. Im not angry but just can't understand it. "Woman bears the child"- this is not the reason.I said about the culture not the punish from an islamic view. Thats why i was in shock because islam treats women better than some cultures. And yes, im in shock because where i live, all people have the same rights.
  4. We have our brains, our choice and we should know what is good, what is not. Personally i think some of things like not sleeping with someone before marriage, not meeting boys/girls, not going to clubs, not drinking and smoking are good. I agree with that in 100% but everyone should be punished in the same way. My iraqi friend talks to me alot about that. She says she loves to talk to me because she feels i understand her because im from a different culture. Well, its true but i don't understand the answer: "because he is a man!" "Okay, so why he can back to home late but a woman can't?" "Because he is a man!" " Why none would beat him if someone will see him talking with girls?" "Because he is a man!" To make it clear i don't even like to go out but its just about the fact. :P MAN- the king? The most important person in this world? To be honest, i could obey my man if:-he is more mature and has more experience - i trust him - i know he wants to protect me - he is not a hypocrite and doesn't treat me like a slave just because im a woman - he is smart and he knows that i have my opinion as well. I know i don't need to understand other's cultures because i look at it from my european view but the thing i want to understand is why this culture is more important than islam and why when i try to talk about it there is just one answer: because he is a man.. They don't know the answer, they just follow it so why i should know it. I just feel so sorry for some women because they don't know their rights and im also full of respect because even if their husbands are bad, they don't divorce (some does) them.
  5. Now must say what does freedom mean? Sleeping with people without marriage? Muslim men can do that even if its not allowed. Divorce because he wants to? Sure. Have romance, chit chat with other girls? Why not! Beat his wife because he is the king of everything and a wife is just a slave for cleaning and cooking? Yes! Muslim men doesn't need freedom to do that. Where is a woman in this? Where are her feelings? Her rights? Where are her rights and her status from islam? Nowhere. This is a sad truth about some countries and their cultures. :(
  6. I was thinking about another issue. For example i can't understand why when a woman sleeps with a man without marriage, her family would kill/beat her and when a man does that, there is no problem or some families even are okay with that because he is a man! Or another example: husband beats his wife because for example she didn't take the laundry from the dryer or she lost her keys or whatever.. This is just a stupid reason.. Islam says that women sins the same way like men some societies are ok with for example man who has a gf but not with a woman who has a bf? I have a iraqi friend, she spoke about that with her abusive husband, he got angry more and he just said: this is the culture! So where is islam? Culture is more important? :/
  7. Im not angry or something but this is rude from you. You don't know all Western people and you made an opinion about us. We are different like all people in this world but if you think different, stay in your country where all people are good and problem is solved. :)
  8. A person who needs to calm down its you. So next time say US, not everyone knows that West for you means US.
  9. What about foundation sisters? Is it haram? Ivant wear kohl because it doesnt match to me but wjat about foundation and mascara?
  10. Amna_

    Camel Hump

    Dear sisters, is camel hump haram? Some sisters say yes, some no. Sometimes i see so huge humps and i dont think its nice. Personally i dont wear it but i have one. Is it haram?
  11. Im not alone. :) I wake up with alarm then i go back to sleep or not. Depends. Sometimes i forget to make alarm and i pray fajr when im awake. I feel so bad with that. Nowadays we have fajr at 6:40 so its not that bad. :)
  12. Let me tell you something- im an european revert and you know nothing about the West. Do not say in general. Is it nice if someone says ALL muslims are terrorists? No. So don't say about Western people in general as well.
  13. Dobry den, Guldur. Nice to see someone from East Europe as well. Im from Poland. Welcome to the forum. :)
  14. Check her. She is really funny. :)
  15. There is written that none from mortals will see Allah, not people from Jannah. If im wrong, correct me but i understood it in that way. :)
  16. As salamu alaikum! My story is not so much inspiring but I would like to share it with you. When i was 14 years old, I've got a book about saudi girl. That book was full of nice stories, i felt like there is something for me in this oriental world. I started to search what is islam and muslims because of that book. I started to read more books about arabic world as well. I registered myself on one social media in my country and I found out that there is so many converts! I started to talk with them, go deeper. When i was 16, I went to the masjid for the first time. It was a new experience. When i finished my school, i went to work to other country (Scandinavian). Im from East Europe and we don't have too many muslims here. In Scandinavia they wear hijabs, work and they have real masjids! I was in shock. Anyway, when I came back to my country, I decided to do a next step and learn how to pray. It tooks for about one week to learn all words from salah and then i started to pray with a notebook because i knew the words but i didn't know when do i need to make sujood etc. In that time i had a dream- i saw shahada. A beautiful sky, with warm sun was shining on my face. On that beautiful sky i saw shahada- my way of life. After that shahada was gone and my way by bicycle became very hard. I woke up and i didn't know what to do. I started to dress more modest (but i never liked to show my body anyway), i started to change myself. It was not a huge change because i didn't like parties, going out etc. In my society im very boring. :P I fear Allah, im trying to be better muslim, im still learning. I know my english isn't perfect but its not my first language. Peace&Love to all.
  17. Dear sister, i know it was a question for brothers but let me tell you something. There is so many similar stories like yours where husband adds girls and says it is just a friend, don't focus on Fb etc. but what they do? They focus on Fb. If you live in the West it is hard to not meet women because of work, mixed society etc. So if your husband see women in the work, in the class or whatever, its normal. If they ask him something its normal. You can be in the same situation that a man can ask you something for example in the class or work or even on the street- especially non muslims because they don't know that they shouldn't ask a girl. If your husband knows his friends in the real life (even if they are not muslims) i don't think there is a reason to delete them (its a bit rude) but if he adds girls and he doesn't know them, i think this is not normal. Sta blessed. <3
  18. IFK, your wudu will be not valid if you will make gel nails. You can make it when you have "women's days" but i think it is better to not make it and have your natural. :) I use natural oil or cream for my face, CC cream and mascara. By the way it is allowed to put a little bit of mascara? Im a blonde with white skin i don't feel good without mascara- like i don't have eyes. I can't use kohl because on my eyes it would look so much funny but i love kohl so much. IFK, your wudu will be not valid if you will make gel nails. You can make it when you have "women's days" but i think it is better to not make it and have your natural. :) I use natural oil or cream for my face, CC cream and mascara. By the way it is allowed to put a little bit of mascara? Im a blonde with white skin i don't feel good without mascara- like i don't have eyes. I can't use kohl because on my eyes it would look so much funny but i love kohl so much.
  19. I don't like any of this and I've heard that this kind of veil is not good for our eyes. I don't know if its true or not but even if not, its so much different, not nice and i don't think its comfortable.
  20. Dear sister, leave him. He acts like a child, he just wanted to sleep with you.. We girls trust people easily, we love deeply and sometimes we are blind. You can't change the time but you can learn from this mistake. Look, what a hypocrite he is. He made zina with you, but he want a virgin wife. Today i had a book in my hand about women's right in islam. There was written that both men and women sins in the same, they will go to Jannah in the same way, they will be rewarded the same. He is just a hypocrite- i would never ever want to talk to this kind of men again. Make tauba, go deeply into islam, make yourself busy with the things you like and learn from this mistake. Don't worry about next marriage, there is so many muslim men who doesn't care about virginity, just find the right one. :) Don't be sad, make this mistake a big lesson for you, don't give up and keep your head up. Don't let this guy ruin your life, he is not worth it.
  21. I have the same eye colour like on the first picture and believe me- i would love to have black eyes. They are so magical. Sometimes when i see arab girl with black eyes i feel she is so lucky and beatiful. <3
  22. I wish i could be her witness but i think it must be a man? Ni, im not angry sis. :) As she told me he just said to her what is written there but she didn't recite anything. He is Arab, she is not so they thought she doesn't need to recite anything? Is that wrong?
  23. She doesn't want to be shia and why she should be if she doesn't like. Her husband accepts her and she has free choice. They didn't recite nikah. He just said to her what is there and thats all.
  24. She doesn't want to make her husband angry. :P So if she is sunni, this marriage is invalid because it was not in the sunni way?
  25. How sunni? She believes in all sunni things but she accept that he is shia. Her sunni friends told her that this marriage is invalid but shia says to her it is valid. She is confused but the problem is- we don't know any shia imam in Poland.
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