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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. InshaAllah i will be in bein ul Haramain for Tahvil sal!!
  2. He was a Sayyed Talabe. Hey I dunno what Arabs call him!!! A Sayyed who is Sheikh!!! And YES. there is difference between Sayyed and not Sayyed
  3. In shrine of Imam Ali (a.s),a woman told me that two Iranian men were killed in Samara! She said that ISIL beheaded a Sayyed! She said that she saw his buried in Najaf,this morning,herself.....
  4. Syrians love Assad. InshaAllah he will be chosen as a president
  5. Now I m in najaf! AlhamduliAllah the way was safe! I saw lots of pics of martyr ppl! May they rest in peace
  6. the person is important,not his nationality
  7. Why should I lie that cannot use pm coz I m banned????!!!! Visit my profile and u wont see a button for sending pm to me
  8. I m banned of PM....btw not ALL Asian men r the same. One religious another not! Even Sayyed sistani is an Asian man!!! So.....
  9. To choose the best religion! AlhamduliAllah at last,I understood that I grew up with beliefes of the best religion and the best sect of it! Now I wanna know that sect more. and I LOVE English and wanna learn it. So SC can help me
  10. I vote for maybe,u never know... Coz maybe he change! How u know???
  11. Salaam. I really duuno what Bahaiiat means. So plz some one explain it. Tnx. Plz forgive me
  12. Lol. I know how u feel!!! Coz I feel the same!! But I try to control my eyes! Lol. Yes. I look away. It s what I always do
  13. It s clear what I am saying!!!! LolAll women do not wear modestly so it s just a test! Just dont watch them!!! So easy!!!
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