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  1. I love seeing others defining my faith and belief, makes me wonder if theyre defining themselves.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear. But he'll realise one day that all that materlistic [Edited Out] will mean nothing when he's old. It'll eventually run out.
  3. So believing in the name of Allah (swt) , and his apostle and messenger Muhammed (pbuh), the holy quran, Imam Ali(as) as Amir al momineen, al salat, al sawm, al zakat and if managed to afford the trip to the hajj pilgrimage makes me NOT MUSLIM.??? Regardless of what anyone says about my faith, Allah (swt) knows whats in my heart. He's the only one, whose pleasures I seek. God-Almighty said: وَمَن يُؤْمِن بِاللَّهِ يَهْدِ قَلْبَهُ ۚ وَاللَّهُ بِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ عَلِيمٌ “And whosoever believeth in God, He guideth his heart. And God is knower of all things.” (64:11)
  4. Really? Men actually do that? So why get married if you're not going to support your family...
  5. Divorce shouldn't even be considered just because of money. Are you starving? You have no clothes on your back? No roof on top of your head? Sometimes life can be a struggle especially keeping up with payments and bills. Talk to him and explain to him you too have needs.
  6. And what I mean about that temptation is, wanting to be like my friends, have that special Boyfriend and go for those evening outings. And honestly what would lead after that? Marriage? I don't think I would of got married if I had that type of freedom.
  7. AS, I wasn't allowed to go out, have fun and be social. I live in australia, the free and beautiful country, And wasn't allowed to friends parties or after school/work hours to have a social life. I was always with my mother or at home. I hated not being allowed at the time, but now that I am older I can understand why. My brothers were very strict on me and my sister.. Not because they didn't trust us, they just didn't trust what was out there. Growing up I was very shy and would get very excited if any guy or girl spoke to me.... But I kept hearing my brothers in the back of my mind, "you cannot repair your reputation" "think of mum" (btw my father passed when I was 1) Allah yerhamo. Seeing my mother struggle to feed and clothe us, I always said to myself "I'd never shame or humiliate my family for my selfish self". Because there is that temptation there is those wants. "The greatest battles ever fought is between the heart and mind" knowing it's wrong but having that desire to still do it. I'm now 27, married and have two beautiful daughters.
  8. I'm sick of hearing about it too.
  9. beauty fades, wisdom remains.

  10. That is very untrue. Unless you know that for a fact.?
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