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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. What is meant by didn't listen to Sistani is that he started fasting on 18 June Thursday not Friday, because majority of the world sighted the moon then, so it is unrealistic to have 3 or 4 Eids. :) About Imam Mahdi a.s. you are very wrong, because it will be exactly people like Sistani that will try to explain the religion to the Imam a.s. and those who can't manage to see the fallability of Sistani.
  2. Ok. :) Allah swt says those from before who didnt keep Sabbath so disobeyed him but it doesnt say change in appointment of Caliphs? You said that logic can't explain seekin intercesion of martyr Imams pbut, but Sheikh al-Waeli experience prooves otherwise?
  3. Maybe he didn't listen to Sistani in the first place and started fasting on Thursday and not Friday, so 30 days passed. Do you think that if Imam Mahdi a.s. was here he would allow 3 or 4 or however different Eids? Sistani's extra day fatwa is the same like the Saudi fatwa of day less.
  4. Eid Mubarak brother :) I agree here with you 100%
  5. Yes, but sabath is not in the Qur'an, while the story of Adam a.s. and Iblis l.a. is. You don't have to ask for intermediary, when you acknowledge it as the vicegerent of Allah swt, you acknowledge Allah swt through the intermediary. Sheikh al-Waeli (may Allah be pleased with him) story is a proof for that.
  6. salam sister, i saw somewhere them claiming 1%, i might be mistaken though. anyway 1% is the same as 0%, zero chance for moon to be sighted right? So they say that it is Eid today because moon was 2%+ over the Pacific Ocean?
  7. His Eminence (aj) said: By Allah, if Abu Zar knew what was in the heart of Salman, he would have killed him, although the Messenger of Allah (S) had established brotherhood between them. Then what can you expect from other (common) people? Indeed, the knowledge of the scholars (Aale Muhammad) is difficult, serious, convincing, clear and sharp-witted. 1% according to the Saudis, Turkey, etc, but they didn't sight the moon, so it is Ramadan 30 today. There are no hadiths that state Eid starts because moon is sighted at the most remote place. Also I don't think that the Saudis issued their fatwa from the Pacific Ocean yesterday.
  8. :) Wasalaam, It was when Adam a.s. was placed as a Caliph on this Earth and the command hasn't changed or stopped, because the Sunnah of Allah swt never does that. By the way, the question of the OP was about the time of Imam Ali a.s., and after that the other Imams pbut became so, and you cannot know Allah swt, if you dont know his vicegerents/who are his intermediary on His Earth. Now Imam of the time a.s. is the intermediary. And the order to prostrate and to have Adam a.s. as intermediary is the same thing, because Iblis l.a. wanted to worship Allah swt directly, but Allah swt didn't want his or any's worship the way he/they want because Allah swt doesn't need our worship, it is us who need Him swt and to worship Him swt.
  9. Asalaamu alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh, No, you cannot. And because Iblis may Allah curse him refused to bow down to Adam a.s., and he refused that Adam a.s. to be his intermediary between him and Allah swt. Even though he was worshipping Allah swt in excess, he refused to worship him through the Caliph that Allah swt appointed, and he went against the command of Allah swt, and you cannot go against His swt command. And you have to accept all vicegerents that Allah swt has appointed, from Adam pbuh to the Imams pbut.
  10. That thesis that it is Eid because the moon is sighted over the Pacific Ocean/Polynesia must be thrown into the bin, because Polynesia doesn't play any role with Islam. There are no hadiths to proove that, nor the words of the Prophet sawas or the Imams pbut, that it is Eid when moon is sighted in the first remote place. And the Prophet s.a.w.a.s or the Prophets pbut before were not born there, or Imam Ali a.s. and the Imams pbut, and Mecca is not there, and Karbala and Najaf, etc. Okay brother, as you say. :) You should know that the Apostle of Allah s.a.w.a.s and the Imams a.s had much much more knowledge than the so-called modern knowledge that you are so fascinated about. They had such knowledge, that it was unthinkable for a fallible such as ourselves to comperhend. Imam Jafar A.S. was the father of astronomy. All the so called great astronomers Persian/Arabic got their knowledge from him, and that was just a small part that they could comperhend. Just an advice. Fear Allah, and don't make any more such comments.
  11. :) There is/was zero chance that the moon to be sighted over Riyadh this night, yet the Judicial Council of Saudia issues a fatwa that Friday is Eid... And of course the Prophet s.a.w.a.s knew when the moon was illuminated at 1% because he was infallible, but he didn't break the fast until it was sighted. There is a chance to be seen in South America, but there they should abide by when it is sighted over the Middle East, so they don't have Eid at different time also. And of course that it should be an unified day because Eid happens in only one day.
  12. It is not Eid because it is Ramadan 30th, 1 Shawwal is on Saturday. Yes, it is Sunday, they started fasting on Ramadan 2nd, so they will fast on 1 Shawwal. Khamenei is right here.
  13. In this "modern age" only the misguided Saudis announce Eid when the moon is 1-2% illuminated. Because during the time of the Prophet s.a.w.a.s Eid was never going to be in this case, simply because they were not going to see the moon. So Eid by the Sunnah of the Prophet s.a.w.a.s is on Saturday inshaAllah.
  14. Show us proof that any of the Prophets of Allah pbut mention that they were infallible.
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