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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It depens. If the moon is sighted in Pakistan you have to follow local sightings according to Ayatollah Sistani.
  2. Salam! We used to have a Ramadan area. Where did it go? Also, any news on which maraji celebrates Eid tomorrow and which one announced it for Friday?
  3. Thank you! Can you please send me any source because I wanted to show this someone but they do not believe it.
  4. Salam Alaykum! I read that Sunnis say that the Islamic month can either be 29 or 30 days and not less. If it is less then it was a mistake. Someone said Shias say the month can be 28 days. Is this true? The moon cycle is around 29,5 days. I would be thankful for any fatwa or source supporting this view. Thank you! Wassalam.
  5. If you want to present your own personal (and wrong) statement as a global fact and put an Eid which is not even mentioned in Quran, ok. If you are happy with that, I am fine.
  6. No, the Shia families I know in Germany do not think like that so please do not talk for everyone.
  7. Wait, I do not know if you know that, but that is the Shia view. It is not general opinion that that day completed the religion. Sunnis say that verse refers to Arafah (or another day, I am not sure). So that is no argument for a Sunni and thus Laylat ul Qadr is the only night/day mentioned in the Quran like that.
  8. I think this is fortunately one of the few things where Sunni and Shia have no differences. I just noticed that the Sunnis see it as more important. To give you an example, my iranian neighbors never miss the Eid al Fitr prayers and always visit us on thag day but never did so on Eid ul Adha. They did not even congratulate us on last Eid ul Adha. And they are not the only ones where I saw that. But nice to hear that your family is not like that.
  9. Yes, the Quran is for each one of us, it is Allahs command to us directly. Btw, I never talked about Laylat ul Qadr. But if other Eids were that special, why arent they mentioned in the Quran? No, I use my brains, too, but most of the time I search for fatwas if I have questions. But I do not know what that has to do with my question why Shia does not see Eid al Adha as highly as other Eid.
  10. No I listen to what Allah swt. says in the Holy Quran. If he says A and not B then A is more important than B. And that is not my intepretation he clearly taught us about the sacrifice.
  11. It is also sad that that big site does not have a topic about Eid ul Adha.. At least I did not find it. That is really sad..
  12. Great day for that! But now a serious answer please. Are things mentioned in the Holy Quran, the word of Allah swt., less important than other days for you?
  13. So for you that is more important that Eid ul Fitr after the Holy Month of Ramadan?
  14. True. But its one of the Eids mentioned in the Quran so one of the most important days we have. It is sad the Shia community does not see that.
  15. Salam. When is Eid? Which Marja says what? Also, why did nobody post about Eid? I noticed that while for Sunnis it is a very important day, Shias do not pay that much attention to this day as can be seen here. That is sad in my opinion.
  16. Sunnis also say there is no problem in that. And you have no points in Quran that show otherwise. I also think it is ok.
  17. Thank you both! The problem is that even the Imam at my local mosque saud that even though it is allowed neither the Prophet sas. nor Imam Ali as. did perform Mutah. Also most people and pages say that. I am very confused now. Is the hadith weak?
  18. Salam. He said: And al-Fadl al-Shaibani narrated it to al-Baqir (peace be upon him) that Abdullah ibn 'Ata al-Makki asked him about the verse: "When the Prophet was captured?" He said: The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and his family) married freely fun and some of his women surprised him Vtmtha Balafasha, he said: It is halal that he was married in order to Vtmih, and some of his women. That is Google Translators Job. I did not understand much.. I really would be thankful if someone could translate this for me.
  19. Salam! Thank you! Do you also have an english translation? I think it is about the Prophet doing Mutah. Is the Hadith saheeh? Did the Prophet do Mutah?
  20. Hello! I hope it is the coreect topic. Does someone have a link to this book/hadith or can someone please look it up if he or she has it? Would be really thankful! وسائل‏ الشیعة 21, Page 10, Hadith 26377
  21. Can I pray Salat ul Layl after Isha prayer?
  22. New ways? Tarawih is just an additional prayer you can pray at home. I think you maybe never thought about praying more than you have to but some people do it and it is a good thing.
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