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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I guess this is my downfall, I don't have any pious friends. I used to have a friend but he was obsessed with dunya and getting into haram relationships. His actions eventually had an impact on me and led me to do something I regret. I have cut ties with him but this has now left me with no friends. I've been frequently going to the masjid lately but I feel like an outcast......
  2. Salam, Is there a possible way to stop fantasising about being in a relationship with a female. Like many young people, the thought of having a loved one and being loved is captivating my mind both day and night. It's killing me to such an extent that my mental health is declining.It's almost as if my mind and soul has been convinced that the only way i can experience happiness in life is if I have someone to share it with. But the thing is, the thought of marriage won't be happening anytime soon.... perhaps years..... perhaps I may never find true love.My life has been so incredibly unfulfilling this past year, particularly these last few weeks. I have no friends, a dead social life, no "meaningful" hobbies. My interests are exercising, solitude walks in the park and playing video games which are pretty bland.Each time I go out, I feel lonely and unworthy. Maybe that is why I have been overly obsessed with finding a partner, but I have severe low self confidence that it would make it impossible to find one if I even tried. Perhaps this is just my brain trying to seek a way out of the constant daily challenge of remaining chaste and avoiding haram. Is there anyway to remove these excessive fantasies? Thanks
  3. Salam, I work at a bank and my job is to call customers and confirm banking details of large payments that they had processed on their accounts. Naturally alot of the customers I speak with are females. Sometimes they may be nice and decide to have a quick chat with me and alot of times we end up having a quick laugh. Is this allowed or am I engaging in haram? An example of a scenario that took place earlier today: I called a female customer up to confirm details. At the end of the call she says "I really appreciate and like it when you guys call me" as to which I responded back with "And we equally like calling and talking with you" to which she and I laughed. Is this permissible? What are the boundaries? Am I jeopardising my fast? Thanks, wa Salam
  4. Salam, I recently have been offered a job as a credit analyst at a big 4 bank. This role entails me to be processing new and existing loan applications, as well as verifying the documentation, and assessing whether it can move onto the credit approval team. Upon receiving the job request, I've been filled with a gut-wrenching feeling that I may be dealing with haram acts, particularly riba. Should I accept this role or not? I've been unemployed for nearly a year now and this is the closest I've gotten to securing a job. Wa Salam
  5. Thank you brother. Will be passing on your response to him. Jzk
  6. Salam Everyone, I recently was called up for a job interview. I will be working as an entry level accountant at a financial service institution which specialises in providing a range of loans. I would like to know if whether working for such a firm is permitted since it's main source of revenue will be derived from interest? A few people have told me i should not take up this role. What are your thoughts? Jzk
  7. Thank you so much brother. It means alot. May Allah reward u abundantly. I will be passing on the links to him
  8. Salam, and ramadan mubarak to you too He is someone i met on a forum. He first approached me 2 weeks ago asking a question about islam. Since than we have been having great discussions. He seems sincere and well-mannered and has a genuine interest and understanding of islam. Nothing like what u mentioned. W'salam
  9. Salam, Ramadan Mubarak I have a good non-muslim that i have met recently. We have been discussing many topics and he seems well informed mashallah. However this morning he sent me this reply and quite frankly i don't know how to respond. My knowledge is pretty dull on this issue. It is a very sophisticated question. Perhaps one of u guys can provide some suggestive answers. Jzk Here it is: "Hello, friend! Yes, it feels good for my day counter to be going up! I've been feeling good the past two days I hope you've been doing good as well.Now, I know it's not necessarily my place, seeing how I'm not Muslim myself - but I've been wondering lately - is the Sunni-Shia divide reeeeeeallly specifically a Sunni-Shia divide? What do I mean by that... Like, if you look at a map on wikipedia of where people are more Sunni or more Shia, most Shias are in or around Iran. The places where there's a lot of conflict are border countries that have at one point been under Persian influence, but are contested between other groups as well - in Iraq it's torn between Arabs and Kurds, Pakistan and Afghanistan are fractured between even more competing factions, and then there's the situation in Bahrain...The more I listen to Sunnis and Shias discuss differences - it reminds me of the schism in the Western and Eastern Orthodox church. Now, there are doctrinal differences between those churches, but the doctrinal differences are minor compared to other schisms. Instead, I think the church split mainly for geopolitical differences, and the doctrine was more of an excuse pointed to after the fact.The split mostly appeared during the crusades, at a time during which Christians were supposedly uniting against "Non-Christian enemies". The Vatican would keep sending crusaders to the holy land, stopping by Constantinople along the way. But Constantinople was never prepared to accommodate to so many soldiers, so the crusaders would be left dissatisfied with their provisions and end up rioting and ransacking their fellow Christians. This became such a habit that Western crusaders just started ransacking all sorts of Eastern Christian towns because it was more profitable than going all the way to Jerusalem. Now - if I'm not supposed to fight my brother in faith, then teeeeechnically by considering him a heretic then.... all of a sudden my geopolitical objectives are permissible and I can ransack his capital all I want. And from the Eastern perspective... would you want to maintain ties with the person who's repeatedly pillaging you?So my question is, since there are many people called "Sunnis" who have a radically different tradition from the Arabs, yet are still considered Sunnis, while Shias are uniquely singled out as "heretics" - isn't that more of an Arabia vs Iran thing? In that sense, Arab Sunnis might have animosity with Shias because the fitna feels too close to home for them. Maybe one of their relatives was killed in tribal conflict, and it's hard to get over stuff like that. But there are also plenty of "Sunnis" that don't have any beef with Shias.For example, Kazakhstan is labeled as Sunni, but if you look closer at how they practice, they've been doing their own thing for a while. Idk if you've ever met a Kazakh or read up on their history, but they're definitely worth knowing about. They recently escaped soviet rule and are trying to assert their independence from external influences like Russia and China. They're descended from Turks who converted to Islam long ago, independently figuring out what it means to be Muslim in their own cultural context for decades. They're a modern multiethnic country, with sizable minorities of Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russians, Koreans (that's an interesting story, how they got there), etc... so they're used to navigating cultural differences, and would probably be pretty welcoming to someone like yourself!I think they're also trying to get more English-speakers in the country to educate the youth in international business, so who knows, maybe you could get a work visa. The cost of living's low, but the HDI is high - the cities have all the frills of modern life, but there's also plenty of wilderness if you ever want a break from civilization. Sorry, I sound like a tour guide right now...Speaking of Muslims in Asia, something I find amazing about places like China - the population is so huge, you'll look at a pie chart of their demographics and there's this tiny sliver that says like "oh only 2% of the population is muslim" and you think "that's not that many".... but that ends up being at least 10 million people! Many of their muslims are descended from Turks as well (Kazakhs, Uyghurs, Salar), but the majority seem to be ethnic Chinese who were converted a long time ago. Official statistics by the CCP often lump them together in these broad inaccurate categories, so it's hard to tell what's going on sometimes - and then, of course, there's the persecution... I live in an area where there's a lot of Muslim refugees from China. They have really good food, my girlfriend and I used to go to this one Uyghur restaurant all the time before quarantine... We're thinking of ordering some delivery sometime this week... Laghman.... Fried noodles... ooooooh that sweet and sour tofu goes really good with the fried noodles..... OOoof... I didn't realize how hungry I am as I write this........... trying...... to wait.... for Iftar....In Australia, you're right next to Indonesia, right? Idk much about Indonesia, but I wonder how Indonesian-Australian muslims would feel towards Shias. I bet there's plenty of "Sunni" communities across the globe that would welcome you with open arms. I hope you get to travel around a bit, check some of them out "
  10. Salam After I prayed fajr and read Quran this morning, I went back to sleep however whilst I was asleep I experienced a wet dream. I know that if one has a wet dream after fajr whilst fasting, his fast is still valid, however when I woke up i still had about 3 or 4 seconds before I ejaculated. Looking back at it, there may have been a slight chance I could have held it in, but than again I was at a stage of extreme sexual excitement and ejaculation was at peakpoint, and I was still have dosed. My question is does my scenario classify as a wet dream, or intentional ejaculation? Wa Salam
  11. Salam, thank you for your reply. Do u think if the dreeams were true than it may have come from shaitaan himself? Because I remember reading a hadith that states that if one sees the prophet or aimmah, than it is true because Satan cannot take our form. Do u think Satan had the ability to disguise himself as Jesus (as)? Wa salam
  12. I understand that, but my question is do u think in videos like the ones I have presented are distorted and produced by western media for their own interests? Wa salam
  13. Salam Brother, how do u know exactly if they're lying? Is this something really implemented by media in order to gain revenue? Not saying ur wrong but is there evidence to your claim. Wa salam
  14. Salam, Recently I have been seeing alot of clips on youtube of ex-muslims and atheists becoming Christian after seeing Jesus. Whilst most of them are dreams, certain people admit that Jesus did appear before them in real life. These are some examples: and this is an ex muslim who apparently claimed jesus visited him in his prison cell: What are your thoughts on such events? I would strongly suggest that one can atleast watch the second clip so i can get your thoughts. These are just some of the dozens of stories on youtube of people converting to christianity after seeing jesus. Has similar events happened with people that made them convert to Islam? Thank you Wa salam
  15. Salam, May Allah bless and reward the tears that we will all be shedding amongst these sacred 10 nights. During these last few nights I have been attending the majalis of imam Hussain (as) and the program always plays Farsi latmyiyas before the program starts, and there happens to be this one latmyiya which I have fallen in love with so badly however cannot find it no matter how hard I search on the internet. The lyrics go somewhere amongst the lines of "Labayka Ya Tharallah" and I am pretty sure the reciters of this particular latmyiya are the same individuals that created a well known latmyiya called "moon on spears". Any recommended suggestions would be great. Thank you all. Tabarakallah Feekon.
  16. Salam, is working as an accountant permissible or is it haram according to sharia rulings and narrations from our aimmah as it involves recording transactions that involve interest such as charging interest to debtors that have overdue liabilities or having to pay interest to creditors such as banks? If it is permissible are there any industries that is haram for me to work for? Wa salam
  17. Salam, Based on the various narrations from our imams, laylatul qadr would either be on the 19th, 21st, or 23rd of ramadan with most hadiths suggesting it may well be on the 23rd (from what I've read) however I am still confused as to when exactly it would be. For example if one desires to perform laylatul qadr on the 23rd, does that mean that he/she should perform it on the 22nd night of ramadan and by the time fajr emerges it will be the beginning of the 23rd day, or does one perform it on the 23rd night and by the time dawn strikes, it would be the start of the 24th day? I am really confused. Thank you, wa salam
  18. I've heard that before imam mahdi (ajfs) returns, two thirds of the earths population Will die, with 1/3 from bloodshed, And the other 1/3 from disease, and the final 1/3 will survive.
  19. Salam, This is a question that has been on my mind for some time and that is, how did Allah differentiate the appearances of the descendants of Adam and Eve too such an extent that some people are white, some are black, some are Asian, some a red etc? Jazakullah khair, wa salam
  20. Yes I woke up 5.30 and literally was running at the speed of light and performed my ghusl in under 2 minutes
  21. So that means my fast is still valid, right?
  22. Salam, Last night i had a wet dream and when i woke up and discovered this it was 12am. because it was in the middle of winter and it was really cold i decided to postpone ghusl till later. I originally put my alarm at 4am and 5am but i slept through both of them and i didnt wake up till 5.30. Based on my local mosques prayer calender and other shia prayer time tables, fajr salah commenced at 5.40am,however the time to stop eating was earlier. anyway when i woke up and realised it was almost fajr time i sky rocketed to the shower and performed ghusl, however i still feel in doubt, is my fast valid or not? although most shia prayer times begun at 5.40am, sunnis stated that fajr prayers started at 5.20am, could they be right? i really fear that i may have to fast for 2 months as kaffarah which i do not have the strength to do so. Thank you
  23. Salam, I hope u all are having a blessed Ramadan A few years ago when I was in high school I was in my commerce class and our topic was on the legal system. Anyhow my teacher was discussing that as generations adapt and evolve, law is also changing in order to keep up to date with the current generation and than he used shariah law as an example and stated that what shariah law might have been effective 1400 years ago, it is 'unethical' in today's modern age simply because this society and generation is different to the past. Of course back than I with the rest of my few other Shia friends in the class had no reply but what could be a genuine reply to a statement such as this? Is shariah law really outdated? Wa salam, Ramadan Mubarak
  24. salam, may Allah reward and accept u for your conviction towards islam. Since u have read the quran, you may have come across the following verses: And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient. Who, when disaster strikes them, say, "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."Those are the ones upon whom are blessings from their Lord and mercy. And it is those who are the [rightly] guided. [He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed - and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving [Al-Qur'an 67:2] This is your first test and you should in some way take it as a blessing.The best way to deal with this is to openly admit that ur on the verge of converting. They may be shocked and possibly dissapointed in you but it is here where Allah will test u. you should educate your parents about the true islam from the teachings and practices of the Prophet Õáì Çááå Úáíå æÂáå and his holy immaculate progeny. The prophet has boldly said: "i am leaving behind you 2 weighty things: the quran and my AHLUL BAYT. You should teach your parents the lives of the imams and how humble and kind they would treat others even those that have oppressed them. Your parents may think this way about Islam because of media, so do tell them that the way media portrays the religion is completely distorted and untrue. Adopt the practices of the prophet and imams in terms of kindness, being humble, never raising your voice, etc and implementing them into your own life. For example start helping in the house more, always reveal a smiling face to your parents so that they may see a change in conduct from you and when they question u as to what has prompted u in changing your lifestyle, do say that the Prophet has ordered that one should always love and support their own parents. Try and make friends who are practicing muslims who conduct themselves in a good manner. Your circle of friends can influence your parents and give a good impression about islam. finally even if u do all the things i have said and your parents still feel the way u have described, than practice patience, as god loves those who are patient. Good luck and may Allah reward u and bless u. Wa salam
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