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  1. Salam, Do we have any narrations or historical notes that the Prophet (sawa) would collect khums from the believers annual savings?? I cannot find any narration that the Prophet, or even the earlier imams did so. The earliest I can find of khums collection dates back to the 7th imam (عليه السلام). Please do help me as I am very confused about this.....
  2. For this past decade I've been addicted to watching porn and masturbating. It is nothing short of a filthy and disgusting act that has ruined me. No matter how often I have tried to abstain, I'd always fine myself going back to it. However, since the start of this year I've managed to not perform this audacious act. Alhamdulillah these last few months have been crucial in uplifting my spirituality. I was able to reach new heights in Taqwa and being self-conscious of my duties to Allah. The month of Ramadan has further boosted my self-confidence that I had built during these last few months. Apart from my wajibat, I've been reciting a juz from the quran plus reflection on the verses each day, praying salat layl, performing extra nafilah prayers, going to the masjid every night etc. I felt at peace, especially during the nights of Qadr. I cried and cried and humbled myself before my lord these last few nights, begging to be admitted into the gates of his forgiveness. I also pleaded that he protects me from ever indulging in the act of masturbation and porn every again I truly believed I had finally rid and cleaned myself from that virus for good....... until last night. After praying the 8 rukah of nafilah layl, I decided I wanted to watch 1 or 2 episodes of the simpsons before going to bed. I was browsing when I noticed a provocative title. One thing led to the other and........ well I guess you know the outcome of it. Since than I've felt nothing but shame and remorse. The best way to describe how I feel is the feeling one would get when they propose to a woman they are in love with, only to be rejected (I've never proposed or been in love but this is the best example I can come with) I now perceive that my lord has rejected me. Has shunned me. A part of me even believes that all of the amal I've done in month have never been accepted in the first place. It is tearing me apart. I really am trying. I really wish to please Allah and prove that I truly am repentant. That I do love him and will go the extra mile to prove it........ Everyday was a battle on its own. I wake up each morning with the goal being not to succumb to my desires, and I go to sleep with the plan to do it all again the next day. This has been my life these last few months. Recently I've been getting dull thoughts and imaginations that this will be my life for years and years to come. I will be turning 23 in July. I currently do not have any opportunity to get married at this stage. I do not know anyone, nor do my parents know of a potential spouse, nor are there any potentials I may be able to meet. I've read a few opinions that someone who has an addiction to porn shouldn't get married until they have obliterated it from there lifestyle. Honestly in my community I am a loner and a nobody. I attend the masjid yet nobody knows who I am. Most of the time when I attend, I do not talk to anyone, nor does anyone speak with me. I have been going for years and yet feel like an outcast. Everyone in the masjid has their own circle/group who they mingle with. Years of feeling like an outcast has overtime led me to becoming an introvert. Anytime that I do interact with the public, I am socially awkward I do not have any male friends.... so how am I expected to meet a potential woman? Right now, I just want to give this act up once and for all....... I really do feel like giving up. Please help me. Please help re ignite the desire to continue the jihad and overcome my passions for the sake of Allah...........
  3. Salam, Is it obligatory to combine surah fil and spray Quraysh in salah? If so would I have to re-do my previous salah?? I unexpectedly came across this whilst surfing through old posts??
  4. I follow Sistani. Last year I sent a detailed question about the permissibility of my role and was given the answer that it is permissible. This fatwa is in line with the view of other marajas such as Khamanei, Fadlullah, al Hakeem etc. However, some marjas have different opinions. I found this from a different post on this page, but have been unable to find the original source on Najafi's website: According to masala #2876 of Shaykh Bashir Najafi's Tawdhiul Masail, it is not permissible for one to be a part of interest-involving banking business. And even those who work for this type (interest-involing) of banking are not eligible for any salary. I know I shouldn't be diving too deep into this as I already have my answer from the office of Sistani, but I just can't help but think of the slight possibility my role may entail haram......
  5. Thanks brother, I am still a bit confused. One answer I am getting is that my job should be fine as it is not linked with the riba process. Another answer I get is that all roles within a bank are prohibited, even a janitor as the salary I receive will come directly from the bank who earn its profits through usury. Some maraja allow it (provided no usury is involved) whilst others too prohibit undertaking any role....... What are your thoughts??
  6. Salam, I work for a Western bank and my role is to investigate transactions made on a daily basis and ensuring customers are not paying into potential fraudulent accounts. I do not deal with giving out or receiving interest. Is this permitted or do you think I will need to find a new role?
  7. Salam, I am trying to save up for a deposit on a house. It will take me roughly 4-5 years with my current annual salary. Is it possible for me to delay the payment of khums until after I have obtained a home loan? I fear that it may impact my ability to purchase a home in the long run and I may be out of reach. Especially if I do get married within the next few years.... My parents are forbidding me from paying khums until after I have purchased a property. I am 22 years old... please explain.......
  8. Salam, Zakat is wajib (obligatory) on the following nine items: Coins: silver; gold Cattle: cows; sheep and goats; camels Crops: wheat; barley; dates; raisins Now, gold and silver were standard currencies in the past. Dirhams were made from pure silver. If I am not mistaken, most countries do not trade with them anymore. The standard global currency is printed paper money. With the rise of digitalisation, reports suggest even cash will eventually disappear and transactions will be made digitally. This raises a few questions: 1. Does zakat apply to today's currency? 2. Can/Should zakat be paid on paper money, or is it only exclusively taxable on pure gold and silver? Sunnies regard cash to be taxable 3. Regardless of the rulings, Do you think it is best we pay zakat from our paper/digital wealth just to be safe?? I follow sistani......
  9. Salam, Is it okay to tell a white lie for the sole purpose of not upsetting the other person? For example, I was on a work call and person I was speaking with was not very fluent in English. They were writing my details down in order that they may get the appropriate party to call me back. She asked for my name, and I told her my name is HUSSEIN. She did not know how to spell it and I spelt it for her. At the end of the call she repeated the spelling of my name and spelt it as HUSSAIN. Her English was not great and I didn't wish to correct her over something small and possibly make her doubt herself so I told her that was correct. Is this OK and acceptable??
  10. Thanks brother.... I look forward to revisiting the article. Inshallah my doubts and questions will be cleared
  11. Salam, Earlier today I went out for a walk and it was slightly raining. As soon as I got home my mother asked me if it rained on me. At that moment I wasn't thinking properly and slightly dazed out. Because of this I lied and told her that it did not rain on me. Within 10 seconds, the fact that i lied dawned upon me and i immediately rectified my answer and admitted that it did infact rain on me. Will I still get the sin, and if so is my fast invalid?? Please do not laugh because I am really attempting to change myself once and for all this Ramadan, and I do not want my efforts and ibadat this month to be fruitless. I have always been a habitual sinner and Naturally I am now becoming more self-conscious about my actions and there inevitable consequences.......
  12. Salam, I am obviously in the minority here but we have numerous hadiths from OUR books that oppose the building of mosques over graves. Furthermore, our great past scholars (sadooq, mufeed etc) have all been against this notion. So why do we do it? We even go as far to over decorate the shrines with priceless gold, silver, rubies, diamonds etc. The imams lived simple and pious lives and urged us not to be excessive and over-indulgent. Wouldn't this go against their practices? And even in the shrines, people seem to be practicing things that are disliked such as displaying paintings of Imam Hussain and his family, kissing/licking the surroundings of the grave, crawling to the graves etc. It's these practices that have put me off from doing the ziyarah. This upsets me as the imams have strongly recommended performing it, but they never ascribed to building shrines/masjid over the graves, over decorating the shrines etc. Can you please shed some light into this? If you believe that it is permissible to construct masouleums than do you have proof directly from the Quran and narrations of the ahlul bayt (عليه السلام) Sources: “H 4653, Ch. 83, h 2 A number of our people have narrated from Ahmad ibn Muhammad from ‘Uthman ibn ‘Isa from Sama‘ah who has said the following: “I asked (the Imam), ‘Alayhi al-Salam, about visiting graves and building Masjids there. He said, ‘There is no offense in visiting graves, but Masjid must not be built there.’” Alee bin Ja'far asked our 7th Imaam (عليه السلام) about building upon graves and sitting (by them). He (عليه السلام) said: One cannot build upon it, and sit, and plaster, and "clay" it over Source: Al-Toosi, Tahdheeb Al-aHkaam, vol. 1, ch. 23, pg. 461, hadeeth # 148 Al-Toosi, Al-IstibSaar, vol. 1, ch. 128, pg. 217, hadeeth # 1 Al-Aamilee, Wasaa'il Al-Shee'ah, vol. 3, ch. 44, pg. 210, hadeeth # 3426 Al-Majlisi, Bihaar Al-Anwaar, vol. 3, ch. 12, pg. 79 'Alee ibn Ja'far (brother of 7th Imaam (as)), Masaa-il 'Alee ibn Ja'far, pg. 212, hadeeth # 460
  13. Salam, How should I conduct myself with female staff at work? I am very confused about this and fear I may be committing a sin unintentionally..... For example, earlier today a colleague from a different team messaged me on Teams about a customer she had on the phone. After I sorted the issue out we kinda had a chit chat for sometime and we spoke of a few topics like Ramadan, Easter (she is Christian), cooking etc. My intentions were clean, however at times I felt like I may have been a bit "funny" in my messages as she did laugh react to a few. For example, I told her that I cannot cook for the life of me, and if I tried I would probably burn my entire kitchen LOL. I am sure she found that funny as she did laugh react. But now that I think of it, do u think I may have gone overboard? Is there anyway I can better myself for future interactions? Do you think my fast is in jeopardy? I say this because Sistani (rh) as well as narrations from our aimmah (عليه السلام) forbid joking with the opposite gender under any circumstances. Please advise... Wa Salam
  14. Salam, I recently came across numerous hadiths from the Prophet (sawa) and Imams (عليه السلام) that it is prohibited, or at the very least disliked, for males to wear black clothing. Very few clothing in my wardrobe are black, however I have many outfits that are of a dark navy blue colour. Is this permitted to wear, especially when praying, or does anything 'dark', regardless of colour constitute as black?? Source:
  15. Salam, I have recently noticed that sunnis tend to recite snippets of surahs in each rukaa as seen on YouTube For example, in salatul fajr, after reciting surah fatiha, the imam will recite the first half of suratul Qaf. In the 2nd rukah he will complete the 2nd half. Is this permitted in school of the ahlul bayt or do we only recite the surah in its entirety??
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