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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam After I prayed fajr and read Quran this morning, I went back to sleep however whilst I was asleep I experienced a wet dream. I know that if one has a wet dream after fajr whilst fasting, his fast is still valid, however when I woke up i still had about 3 or 4 seconds before I ejaculated. Looking back at it, there may have been a slight chance I could have held it in, but than again I was at a stage of extreme sexual excitement and ejaculation was at peakpoint, and I was still have dosed. My question is does my scenario classify as a wet dream, or intentional ejaculation? Wa Salam
  2. Salam, thank you for your reply. Do u think if the dreeams were true than it may have come from shaitaan himself? Because I remember reading a hadith that states that if one sees the prophet or aimmah, than it is true because Satan cannot take our form. Do u think Satan had the ability to disguise himself as Jesus (as)? Wa salam
  3. I understand that, but my question is do u think in videos like the ones I have presented are distorted and produced by western media for their own interests? Wa salam
  4. Salam Brother, how do u know exactly if they're lying? Is this something really implemented by media in order to gain revenue? Not saying ur wrong but is there evidence to your claim. Wa salam
  5. Salam, Recently I have been seeing alot of clips on youtube of ex-muslims and atheists becoming Christian after seeing Jesus. Whilst most of them are dreams, certain people admit that Jesus did appear before them in real life. These are some examples: and this is an ex muslim who apparently claimed jesus visited him in his prison cell: What are your thoughts on such events? I would strongly suggest that one can atleast watch the second clip so i can get your thoughts. These are just some of the dozens of stories on youtube of people converting to christianity after seeing jesus. Has similar events happened with people that made them convert to Islam? Thank you Wa salam
  6. Salam, May Allah bless and reward the tears that we will all be shedding amongst these sacred 10 nights. During these last few nights I have been attending the majalis of imam Hussain (as) and the program always plays Farsi latmyiyas before the program starts, and there happens to be this one latmyiya which I have fallen in love with so badly however cannot find it no matter how hard I search on the internet. The lyrics go somewhere amongst the lines of "Labayka Ya Tharallah" and I am pretty sure the reciters of this particular latmyiya are the same individuals that created a well known latmyiya called "moon on spears". Any recommended suggestions would be great. Thank you all. Tabarakallah Feekon.
  7. Salam, is working as an accountant permissible or is it haram according to sharia rulings and narrations from our aimmah as it involves recording transactions that involve interest such as charging interest to debtors that have overdue liabilities or having to pay interest to creditors such as banks? If it is permissible are there any industries that is haram for me to work for? Wa salam
  8. Salam, Based on the various narrations from our imams, laylatul qadr would either be on the 19th, 21st, or 23rd of ramadan with most hadiths suggesting it may well be on the 23rd (from what I've read) however I am still confused as to when exactly it would be. For example if one desires to perform laylatul qadr on the 23rd, does that mean that he/she should perform it on the 22nd night of ramadan and by the time fajr emerges it will be the beginning of the 23rd day, or does one perform it on the 23rd night and by the time dawn strikes, it would be the start of the 24th day? I am really confused. Thank you, wa salam
  9. I've heard that before imam mahdi (ajfs) returns, two thirds of the earths population Will die, with 1/3 from bloodshed, And the other 1/3 from disease, and the final 1/3 will survive.
  10. Salam, This is a question that has been on my mind for some time and that is, how did Allah differentiate the appearances of the descendants of Adam and Eve too such an extent that some people are white, some are black, some are Asian, some a red etc? Jazakullah khair, wa salam
  11. Yes I woke up 5.30 and literally was running at the speed of light and performed my ghusl in under 2 minutes
  12. So that means my fast is still valid, right?
  13. Salam, Last night i had a wet dream and when i woke up and discovered this it was 12am. because it was in the middle of winter and it was really cold i decided to postpone ghusl till later. I originally put my alarm at 4am and 5am but i slept through both of them and i didnt wake up till 5.30. Based on my local mosques prayer calender and other shia prayer time tables, fajr salah commenced at 5.40am,however the time to stop eating was earlier. anyway when i woke up and realised it was almost fajr time i sky rocketed to the shower and performed ghusl, however i still feel in doubt, is my fast valid or not? although most shia prayer times begun at 5.40am, sunnis stated that fajr prayers started at 5.20am, could they be right? i really fear that i may have to fast for 2 months as kaffarah which i do not have the strength to do so. Thank you
  14. Salam, I hope u all are having a blessed Ramadan A few years ago when I was in high school I was in my commerce class and our topic was on the legal system. Anyhow my teacher was discussing that as generations adapt and evolve, law is also changing in order to keep up to date with the current generation and than he used shariah law as an example and stated that what shariah law might have been effective 1400 years ago, it is 'unethical' in today's modern age simply because this society and generation is different to the past. Of course back than I with the rest of my few other Shia friends in the class had no reply but what could be a genuine reply to a statement such as this? Is shariah law really outdated? Wa salam, Ramadan Mubarak
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