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    Islam-To deem a thousand disbelievers Muslim is safer with God than to deem one Muslim a disbeliever.” – Imam Abu Hanifah

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  1. [edited]. despite his support for the ahl bayt imam shafii did say "I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the raafidi shia. That statement of his was true then and remains true today.
  2. I couldn't even finish your post, dude look, we sunnis love and respect the ahl bayt, all of them. We simply did not turn some of them into demi-gods the way you 12er shia have. Not long ago, you started a topic about being confused with regards to calling on your imams, I think you are still confused. Wallahi if I was convinced that 12er shiaism was the true i will convert, after all it will be me alone with Allah(swt) on yawmmulqiyama. With all due respect I looked into your aqeedah and my whole being rejected it, i found nothing but borderline shirk and in some cases outright kufr practices and believes. Your proofs are weak and although you claim to be logical, you simply seem confused.
  3. aside from the whole imams part, I agree with your logic. Sunnis in general are thought to say Bismillah before we start doing things.
  4. just go, sunnis don't bite. just stay away from divisive topics, as a 12er you already respect/love the ahl bayt so that is taken care off, definitely don't curse/disrespect any of the wives of the prophet(saw) or the sahaba(which i'm guessing you won't do anyway) and you should be just fine. Most ppl won't care about you praying with your hands at your side.
  5. your username is "Lion of Shia" and you don't know what "ya hussain or labbaik ya hussain" means 0_o? Those two phrase are some of the most important slogans of 12er shiaism and you don't know what they mean? What does that say about your knowledge of your deen? Anyway alhamdulillah you are not too proud to ask. Mod Note: This post was reported as inappropriate, however, another member quoted and replied to it, very well, I might add. The post will not be removed at this time.
  6. good point, to answer your question quickly, yes ahl sunnah are the majority but there is no unity or a unified authority. that is the main problem ahl sunnah has. with that being said lets be frank, since coming into being and having a theology of its own, 12er shia have sided against sunnis whenever the opportunity presented itself. I'm sure the 12er shia have their way of justifying their past and present actions(i've seen the lecture by ammar nakshawani), anyway lets just hope for tolerance in the future, if not for nothing else, for our common humanity.
  7. these are what your scholars are saying, i can only assume this is what they say when it's only shia in the room. we now live in a world where you can't hide what you belief. If this si what you belief stand by it and own it. This is not about fitna, i can't count how many times 12shia have told me that "this and that said about them is not true". One 12shia girl gave a presentation in which she presented abu bakr(ra) and umar(ra) as the first 2 caliphs, if a sunni said this fine but a 12shia saying this is not true because hatred for these two men is part of 12er shia theology, so she was lying or doing taqiyyah? another 12er shia guy denied the 12er shia belief in rajaa, also a basic about of 12er shia belief. I'm honestly confused when it comes to 12er shia.
  8. use yours, i posted a video of shia scholars talking about your beliefs!!! the same beliefs many of you claim are propaganda against shia. alhamdulillah the Muslims are learning about you ppl every day
  9. look calling upon human beings who even according to your own shia history couldn't help themselves makes no sense. you are not confused, you starting to think!
  10. lol 12 shia muta rules are great. no need for witnesses, [edit] . Ok I'm sorry, I just had to get that out my system. So when I went to college the first thing I did was look for other practicing muslims, many of whom have become life long friends, and join the on-campus muslim student organization. It will not be easy, you will meet many different ppl, with their own practices/beliefs or lack there of, you will be tempted, you will be invited to what is haram etc etc etc. It will all depend on you, this is where you will know what you are made off and what you are will to stand for or stand against. Stand by what you belief and continue to practice. Don't however limit yourself to only muslim friends. I met plenty of good ppl from other walks of life and learned a lot from them. Live but don't forget who you are and set limits based on your beliefs, for example i never went to parties, strip clubs, never took drugs etc etc etc you get my point. Hold firm to Allah(swt).
  11. i remember not long ago a sunni brother putting out a challenge to any shia to debate him on this very forum and no one stepped forward. i made and posted an observation then, which is: 12 shia will not debate any sunni who they know has knowledge of their deen but they are more than happy to gang up on sunnis who are curious. why didn't you step forward to debate this brother iskandarovich? what theological debate did you win? your sect didn't/will win anything, neither in the past, present, or future. Alhamdulillah the ahl bayt are free from you and your lies.
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