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  1. I knew Rajabali personally. He had always attempted to use suppositions such as "God is infinite, He cannot reside in a finite universe" What do you guys think of this video?
  2. I've watched the majority of that debate before, I'll check it out again, but I do remember Rajabali tripping at some points. Ummm, alright....gah this is just... I'll think about this Hadeeth. But, that's what has been driving me away from faith, the 1% chance that it could be all real, that 1% I've been hanging onto for a while. I'll take a look at the post below yours and continue later.
  3. [EDIT] - Someone just replies, oops So no one has replied yet... Funny, I comment on TheMaskedArab's video for clarification on the "scientific miracle" in the description of the embryo in the Qur'an, and he replies in an instant with everything I needed to know. What should I do now? Hmmm
  4. I have the exact same issue lol The Soy Sauce apparently contains alcohol to retain freshness, and it's not intoxicating.
  5. I've had doubts before, many of us have. I used to always overcome them in the past, however, sometime recently, I left Islam for a very brief period of time because of this influx of doubts. I didn't pray for one whole day. I prayed the next day and returned, but something still doesn't feel right. I can go back to my routine to where I would pray Jamaa' at the mosque all the time and usually pray at the prayer's prime time and read a lot of Quran and recite Dua before I sleep - but, now, it's hard to do any of that. It's difficult to do this because I can't believe in a personal god. It's difficult for me to believe in a deity more than ever now. I'm going to continue to pray, but that's it. The concept of a god is fading away and seems almost silly. I don't know what to do as I've reached an all time low in my life. I'll either pick myself back up and end up on either end of the spectrum - Believer or nonbeliever. I've been more faithful than my entire family and was even scolded a bit for it. Now it seems I'm turning the other direction. I really need convincing. That's all. I don't want to lose something that's so precious to me. That's why I'm still praying. Any thoughts on what could help?
  6. Sigh, I presumably have 6 more years of this nonsense. I'm finding it excruciatingly difficult to control myself nowadays. I've finally come to accept the concept of Mutah (those of you who have read my earlier posts know I used to be an opponent of Temp. Marriage) and would seek it out when possible. But in reality, this would prove to be difficult. My mom told me she would have me married once I finished Pharmacy School (I'm only a Freshman in Uni., a little ways to go) but it'll be too long of a wait. Whatever, I'll just continuously struggle to barely do it, from what I've noticed in the past quality and enjoyment of life is immensely improved with the withdrawal of self pleasure. I just can no longer feel that, I'm a living corpse. I barely feel alive.
  7. After this post I will not continue to argue with Jaafar Al-Shibli. Erroneously denouncing my statements as mere fallacies. "Too many? In your statement there is no specific group described, so you what your implying above, is the generalization of the whole Islamic population, which undoubtedly is based upon your speculative assumption and exaggeration. These circumstances are barely present in most Islamic populations, and rare, since applying the Islamic teachings at young age shapes the individuals guiding principles (Islamic), raising him/her is what's recommended in Islam. Such teachings are ‚Äčobligatory and your definition of forced is delusive." No specific group described, shall we get into specifics then? I live in Dearborn, MI, otherwise known as the most heavily congregated Muslim city in the States. (Sect, you may ask? Shia Majority) I've seen and heard these awful stories prior to my post; no generalization occurred here. Do you want a name? If so I'd be glad to PM you a name to prove that I'm not generalizing here. (Note the sarcasm) There are too many cases to where women in hijab would wear overly tight clothing and engage in other activities that they - as women wearing the Hijab, and thus carrying on more responsibility - normally shouldn't be involved with. I won't adress any of your other arguments. Stop nitpicking. This forum is so backwards, arrogant and disgustingly ignorant. Ban me if you like. I'd be honored
  8. James Bond - why you may ask? Only one I can think of lol
  9. Probably going to remove my earlier post here. My apologies if I came off as racist. These things get hyped way too much. The media obviously wouldn't give it this much attention without an agenda in mind. E.g. Sandy hook and other such shootings used to justify gun-restrictions
  10. I'm done with windows PCs. W8's irritating compatibility issues were driving me insane. I was an early adopter and it took me quite a while to finally come to the realization that my PC, which had come with W8 built in, wasn't compatible with its default OS! What a load of Benzoyl Peroxide! I switched over to a Macbook Pro. These are more reliable and last for much longer.
  11. Watched the video through RT. What did the officers do right? Broke up an annoyingly large party (I believe 70 attended?)Used force to do so. Even if an officer had pulled out a gun at teens, they were crowding him and not allowing him to carry out his duties.What did the officers do wrong? Detain a girl and use physical force on her for absolutely no reasonMost of those detained were Black, Arabic, or (I believe) Hispanic, ignored white male recordingOh for God's sake just follow the law! You're going to have racist bigots as officers every now and then. How do you avoid abuse? Follow the rules. Don't be a disturbance. This insanely large group of teens could have caused some sort of disturbance to local residents. I really hate hearing drunk teens/young adults frolic about in the middle of the night. This really does terrify me. Considering I live in Dearborn, which is conveniently right next to Detroit...yea... However, Dearborn is very safe. I do however absolutely hate driving into Detroit or accidentally driving into these neighborhoods. I'm not racist in any way, shape, or form but you cannot deny the teens' reactions were uncalled for. Don't yell or protest to an officer! You have the right to do so in a Court of Law. The last thing you should be doing during an arrest is speaking, it could seriously be used against you. Again, ignorance plays a big role here. They yell at the officer as if he is some sort of legal guardian or so and has no power to detain you at the spot. Have some respect and let these arrests happen peacefully. You can argue afterwards...
  12. Exactly why I have such a problem with Mutah - so counterintuitive Can't touch girls? No problem brah! If she's mature, just say a couple things, pay her, and you're good! Can't commit non-marital intercourse? Nooo problem brah! If she's mature, no need to ask her dad! Just pay her, say a few words and have fun! Yes. Exactly my point here, this makes a mockery of marriage.
  13. I absolutely love this post. Oh and in the context of "party" or "amusement" music, (started an interesting thread on this, almost no one replied!) all you'd have to do to really know as to what this constitutes of is to look up a "rave/dance/club/party" mix or music. In my opinion pretty much all of these pieces are no where near as good as the electro, techno, and dance I listen to. (I'm just getting into techno) Japanese Pop is also pretty great That music played in these "gatherings" is usually pretty dull.
  14. http://www.livescience.com/6967-hang-25-year-wait-immortality.html This article wasn't very recent, dating back to 2005. Immortality doesn't necessarily always refer to eternal life, but ones that may be very long lasting. People could begin to live through centuries of experience, maybe even Millenia!
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