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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Samosas and pakoras with imli ki chutney. Fruit chaat. Strawberry-orange smoothie.
  2. Sorry to just jump in, but this conversation reminded me of a scholar I listened to during a women-centered (topic wise) gathering, and him saying that women seek divorce too easily, these days, because they don't have sabr. Went further and brought the example of Asiya and how she endured so much oppression as the pharao's wife without complaint - and looking at her, women should learn to endure even physical harm from their spouses because "getting hit here and there" is nothing, apparently... which kind of tarnished the otherwise good speech. And I don't think it's only Shias, either. It's more to do with the mindset there as a whole (and probably not only there).
  3. Not folded, sister. Just placing them on your chest (right hand on the right side, left hand on the left side) although, I am not 100% certain whether it is only the (tips of the) fingers (which is how I learned it) or the whole palms. Also, as far as I am aware, this is considered mustahab. Folding your hands, though, is what would make the prayer void (and what Sunnis do?), I believe. If I got anything wrong, I hope someone can correct me. Also, this might be helpful: http://www.revivingalislam.com/2010/10/women-pray-with-hands-on-chest-in.html
  4. Wasalam, brother! I hope you have been doing well : )
  5. The new layout sure needs getting used to
  6. The Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم) said to `Alī (عليه السلام), “O `Alī, you are from me, and I am from you. Your friend is my friend, and my friend is the friend of Allāh. Your enemy is my enemy and my enemy is the enemy of Allāh. O `Alī, I am at war with whoever is at war with you, and I am at peace with whoever is at peace with you. O `Alī, for you there is a treasure in al-Jannah, and you have both its sides. O `Alī, you are the divider of al-Jannah and the fire (i.e. Hell). No one enters al-Jannah, except whoever recognizes you and you recognize him. No one enters the fire, except whoever denies you and you deny him. O `Alī, you and the A’immah from your children are upon al-`Arāf on the Day of Judgment, you will recognize the criminals by their marks, and the believers by their signs. O `Alī, if it was not for you, the believers would not be able to be recognized after me” "The orphans have lost their support. Who will now tell Zaynab that she is an orphan?" Allahumma la'an qatalata Ameerul Mumineen May Allah guide us on His path and may He give us the strength and the will to follow RasulAllah (s.) and his pure Ahlu'l-bayt (a.) bi haqqe Imam Ali (a.). Don't forget to keep all the believers, especially those who are suffering all around the world, in your du'as during these nights.
  7. For few, the night of the 19th already passed, for majority (I assume) it's tonight. Don't forget to pray for the reappearance of al-Hujjah [ajf], and for all the believers and innocents around the world who are suffering injustices and any other calamity, during these blessed nights. May Allah accept your Amaals and your du'as bi haqqe Ameer'ul Mumineen [a.] (who's martyrdom is here, filling our hearts with grief and our eyes with tears )
  8. OF May Allah's blessings and mercy be upon all the believers in this most Holy Month, may He protect His faithful servants and grant them patience and may He guide us on His path bi haqqe Imam al-Hasan [a].
  9. @Chaotic Muslem I was actually surprised that the Australian Shi'a didn't do anything to defend the Dr. and istead seemed to have encouraged his leaving or that Shi'a generally seem to keep quiet about this even on social media (I might be wrong here, not really active on any social media but I am not hearing anything). I mean, if this was simply the media playing stupid, okay - but this whole thing resulting in the poor man's visas being revoked and whatnot that's just... Countries let people whom they know are associated with ISIS roam free, but innocent men are getting "banned"? As someone else had mentioned earlier - if he has any way to sue for defamation, that would be great. And if there's any possibility to raise awareness for this injustice, Shi'a should try to seek it, no? It is times like these that we should be united and stay in solidarity with each other and thus, support our scholars and preachers. Either way, if there is an even deeper motivation behind this incident, let them plan but there is no greater planner than Allah. In Him we trust. Ma`asalam.
  10. I can't believe you guys are actually replying to this. As they say, Keep in mind that it's still Shahr Ramadhan. You can see when someone's here to learn and when someone's here to cause mischief. Engage in debates where you believe there will be benefits, not in arguments that won't lead to anything but resentment when you can focus on more important things. May Allah's blessings and mercy be upon all believers in this most Holy Month! Ma`asalam.
  11. Having been married (no matter to whom) isn't any indication that someone wasn't homosexual - people who were used to get married, anyway, especially back in those days. Just saying I doubt he was and personally, I couldn't care less. Why would that even be needed to attack him? There are enough things that can be used for that- take the above mentioned marriage, for example. Enough munition. (Not that I am encouraging senselessly attacking Sunnis with it. Just... saying). Anyway. Purify your minds and hearts everyone
  12. No one in this thread has said anything like this and neither is anyone associating with that lunatic who caused the bloodshed, though... where did you get that from? People are referring to the whole lecture, the excerpt non-Muslims wrongfully are using to attack the poor speaker having been posted in the OP, and thus speaking about Islamic countries here (and there, something like this shooting wouldn't be considered hudud either, as everyone is aware). The shooting is not even the main topic in this thread. Let's not become like those non-Muslims and take things out of context and (involuntarily or voluntarily) twist them around to get a completely different meaning. Anyway, does anyone know how Dr. Sekaleshfar is faring? I'm feeling pretty bad for the poor man, can't imagine how difficult his situation right now might be.
  13. Well, you won't hear the athan where I live - but I get what you mean, and I know when the athan normally would take place, lol. And thank you, that solves a big problem for me, now! Feel hugged from me
  14. I don't see any reply box o.O On another note, I'm a little confused about some rulings on fasting while travelling (which I need to figure out quickly). Anyone here knows how it works in different scenarios? Like, leaving your home after Dhuhr and be back before Asr/Maghrib (or, leaving before Dhuhr). Would the fast be invalid in both cases? I'm just too confused about these things...
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