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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. "But, but, but, the names of ABu Bakr, Umar, Othman and Aisha are banned in Iran". lol. Some people are never tired of repeating false rumours against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  2. The City Centre of Baneh, a city in the Kordestan Province of the Islamic Republic, with a monument now, on which reads the Holy Name of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a), Imam Ali (a.s) as well as the names of some companions; Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman who are revered by the Sunni Brethren.
  3. Is this a short clip? Or a trailer for a movie or a series? I don't know but here's Abbas Al-Yousefi, a Kuwaiti director sharing his work on facebook..
  4. The fifth season of popular Iranian TV series; پایتخت made fun of Trump in a circumcision ceremony scene here you go: https://www.aparat.com/v/fPuJR/پای_ترامپ_هم_به_سریال_پایتخت_باز_شد
  5. @Khudayar Born in 1968, Adana, Turkey, Haluk Levent is a Nusayri Alewite Turkish rock star. Below are two of his songs in Turkish and Arabic. Hope you like them. Dağlara Küstüm, Ali! - in Turkish Filistin (Palestine) Song - in Arabic Born in 1976, Istanbul, Can Göksun AKA Can Gox or Haydar Waits is an Anatolian Blues singer. His song, Haydar Haydar (which is a poem by Imadaddin Nasimi 1369-1417 An Azeri Alewite Sufi Dervish who was skinned alive in Syria by some takfiri sheikhs in 15th century), is my favourite. to be continued
  6. http://www.middleeasteye.net/news/holy-defense-hezbollah-launches-new-video-game-675819933 Official website: http://www.holydefence.com It's a video game designed by Hezbollah and is about the war against takfiri terrorists in Syria. And saving Sayyeda Zainab and other sacred places. It says 5$ for a DVD in Dar'al Manar institue but do you know any Arabic website on which I can order it and maybe they can ship it to me. Thanks
  7. lol. the scholars of the green palaces. video in Arabic: http://www.islamidavet.com/multimedya/2018/02/saray-soytarilari-zamlarin-sorumlusu-allahtir/ "One of the names of God is He who changes prices" , "The prices are too high because we are away from God" They speak the truth though. Because they take their kings as gods. And when they are close to their gods, they are wealthy and when they stay away from the kings, they become poor just like the rest of the people.
  8. Found it. WPDEO template for wordpress here's my website: http://klip.yenikaynak.com
  9. Islamic Republic of Iran soon to broadcast new satellite TV for Africa: the HAUSA TV The TV channels will be available in Hausa, English and French languages. News in detail: http://www.ifilmtv.com/English/News/NewsIn/5595/Iran-to-air-Hausa-TV-for-Africa-soon Facebook page in Hausa: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV1 Facebook page in English: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV2 Facebook page in French: https://www.facebook.com/HausaTV3 Official Website to serve soon on: http://www.hausatv.com/
  10. salam. do you suggest an online system to take donations from willing visitors? we have an islamic website in Turkish and it has expenses. and we thought of online donation system, paypal, to let visitors help us pay the bills. but Turkey blocked paypal. so, do you suggest an alternate for it? but it must take from and transfer money to Turkish banks but keeping our names anonymous. because it is illegal in Turkey to do such thing unless you are an official charity organization. thanks
  11. Could someone translate the poem and the Leader's remarks? It is only two minutes video. Thanks.
  12. Maisam Motei reciting the latmiyah Al-Quds Rayatuna
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