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  1. AoA, How do I contact the admin? and How do I know, if anyone replies to my topic/question? Please help me. Iltimasi Dua
  2. AoA, What is the meaning of As-Aluka?. For example As-Aluka Dua ? With Wishes,
  3. Can someone please explain the "Abundance" part little more. Iltimasi Dua.
  4. Salamun Alykum, What is the pattern and time for sunnah/nawafil nimaz/prayers in Shia Islam. Please explain briefly as I am confused, as I came across a hadith of 11th Imam(a.s) that a Shia should read 51 Rakat nimaz in a day and when I summed up 17 Wajib and Sunnah 2+8+8+4+4 and 11 nimaz shaab it comes 54 Rakat.Also please explain about the pattern Please explain, Iltimasi Dua,
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