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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. You leave ManU alone!!! Call me when your team has achieved half of what they have XD although I am mostly tottenham when I play fifa! I havent play the last of us but I see that a lot of people gives it great review so I will definitely check it out. Hehe I used to prefer third person shooter because I believed I had better control that way. Now I prefer first person...
  2. We deal with it everyday but you have to choose your battles. Some certain people are genuinely interested and so they ask. I try to explain to them in my best ability. And they accept it but some people have just made up their mind and they don't wanna know the truth, it's like they love to hate it and so with these people I never waste my time and energy on them since there is nothing I can say or do to change their view.
  3. No I didn't say that, but maybe because we gossip more than you guys. But I'm not even sure about the hadeeth this is what a heard so don't take my words for it.
  4. Yes because I don't really know the source but there is this hadeeth where prophet PBUH had the opportunity to see hellfire and he saw that most of the people there where women and he said: most people in hell will be women because of their tongue and private area. Meaning we gossip too much and backbite too much and also do zina.
  5. Drinking water is the best skin routine. Drink A LOT of water every day.
  6. I must disagree with you. Just because they treat you bad doesn't mean you should too. And this goes for all human beings not just parents. You should never let anyone influence your good character, because you will be held accountable for your character and actions regardless of the reason. Haven't you heard that if a person did you wrong and he/she has a very poor character, if you back bite this person his/hers sins will decrease and be forgiving while yours add up. Also the best among us are the ones who have ihsan. So always treat people good even when they wrong you and that's how the pr
  7. My sister is crazy about East Asians and she is Arab. So yeah I think it's very possible that she ends up with an East Asian.
  8. Dear sister, you don't need to tell anybody about your sins because it's between you and Allah swt. Your husband can't tell if you're a virgin or not unless you tell him. But if you want to be morally correct then you should inform him before getting married, just to keep your marriage honest. But which you already know, ask for forgiveness and inshallah Allah will forgive you. Regarding the guy, well you should move on since he is already doing nikah with somebody else. I don't think he is the one to blame, you can't be responsible or control his actions, only yours and you did an active choi
  9. Woooow, i have never met a somali shiaa. Basically all my friends are Somalian and they said Somalia is 100% Sunni. I love Somalians, they are very kind and funny, out of all the nationalities I click with them the most for a strange reason but they are very hostile towards shia. They know I'm a shia and they do question me a lot in a way that makes me uncomfortable but other than that they are lovely people.
  10. Salaam, So nice of you. I Will definetly do that inshallah. I don't really mind other sects but I literally don't have any shia friends, right now all my friends are Sunnis and so sometimes I feel out of place when it comes to curtain things. I would love to have friends where I can be 100% myself without People questioning me all the time which is not the case right now unfortunatly. But i wouldnt Mind if i met other People from other sects and religions which i Will most likely do since it's London. Mashallah it's good that you are teaching them about shia. I need some of that teaching my
  11. Hahaha that was weird though. It made my day, I live for weirdness.
  12. Look all women understands her, she and you are not the only ones in that situation but being desperate will cause you to forget your values and really settle down for anyone who comes your way. I'm not saying she should just be waiting but she should valuate the options she has and the choices she makes. And besides, basing your happiness on people (friends, spouses etc) will make you dissapointed. Because people dissapoint a lot and plus if that spouse leave you you will be devistated just because you placed your happiness on him. But I do understand you and OP but we still have to remember
  13. But women are responsible for this too in all honesty, since we are letting it happen. We let this world to be a "mans world" and not raising our voices when needed. So it takes two to tango.
  14. Salaam Hehe I'm not a brother actually. But anyway, I think you should sit and really talk to your dad and explain the situation to your dad. Tell him about your Islamic rights and his duty to you as his son. A lot of parents forget the Islamic ruling when caught up in society. But you are a man so it would be easier for you to convience your parents. I don't think deciding not to get married is a good idea since it's recommended in Islam to get married and reproduce. But you are still relatively young so no need to rush unless there is a chance of you and the African girl coming into the hara
  15. Oh I see, so I should take one for the team?! Haha
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