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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I think "ghina" could be haram because it could manipulate you, but I think music is more complicated than that. I could see how music can be makrouh, but not haram. The prophet Youssef series was a religious series that told us the story of youssef in the Quran. If you think the series is a positive input to our society, then you must accept the fact that the series had music in them
  2. Salam 3aleykom Is music haram? I cannot understand why it is haram. After reading much about it, I am not convinced. here are my arguments on why music is not haram. 1. Nothing in the Quran says anything about music being haram. I am aware that people have translated "vain talk" into music, but that is not a strong translation at all. I don't thing God(swt) would leave such a matter ambiguous if it was haram. Fornication, alcohol, and gambling are clearly mentioned as being haram. I dont know what else is haram, that is not mentioned in the Quran, but I feel that if music was haram, God would have stated it clearly. 2.How many people have watched "the message" or the series "Prophet Yousef". Can we agree that they are positive? They both contain music in them. 3."Ghina is haram". and ghina means the prolonging of a voice in different pitches or notes. isn't that exactly the adan? 4.when it rains and a there is a steady beat of rain drops on your window sill or patio, and the wind blows through your pipes, is that not a form of music? and is that not a natural music? I will agree that some music is haram because of bad lyrics, but overall i'm not convinced a classical piano piece or drum beat is haram. please if you want to reply - do not use the argument "music is haram because he(anyone) said so", and not clarify on why or how he came to the that conclusion. I want to know the philosophy behind the decisions and not the people behind them. If you cannot follow this one rule, please refrain from replying.
  3. Salam brother As a single person, I go through the same thing every once in a while. Avoid sin at all costs, it will only make it harder for you. I guess we must learn to be happy as singles with only God's love. Maybe when that happens God will gift us with a partner. So maybe he is teaching you a lesson. You are not a bad guy. Imagine how lucky you are that God has let you be aware of him. How many people in this world are not aware of him, and you are one of the few that are. Remember God allows who he wants to be aware of him and he has allowed you so that is a good thing. The best thing to do is fast.
  4. Salam bro maybe you are right, but I have no doubt in my heart about my religion. So I guess it is relative to the person. There are so many atheists out there, and i don't think debates are what is going to bring them to Islam. I think we have to make a positive role model for them to question.
  5. Salam brother I already have been doing step 2 for a few years now, I think its time I start with step 3
  6. Salam 3aleykom After much research on this subject I think I can explain the Dajjal The Dajjal is a system that will manifest into man. But the Dajjal is not here yet as a man. So there are a few men on earth today that are actually preparing for his arrival. They must be in contact with the devil and jinns to have the knowledge they have. Also they must be deceived into thinking they are doing the right thing betting on Satan or deceived into thinking there is no Satan. Either way they are doing his bidding and going to end up in hell. the dajjal created Fiat money. he created a system where he can print as much currency as he wants, after all, it is paper. and it inflates leading all people to debt he even put his mark on it. you will see the eye and pyramid on every dollar. you will also see a phoenix on the dollar. the phoenix is a mythical fire bird that is born out of its own ashes every time it dies. you will see references to the phoenix in many places in today's world such as the mural at the UN. The biggest reference to the phoenix is Conchita Wurst. he/she won the euro vision contest last year. he is transsexual woman with a beard and his song was "rise of the phoenix". The dajjal actually communicates with us through his art in some movies and video clips. Sometimes you will notice song lyrics are his own. when you listen to a pop song from any of these puppet artists from the US, imagine the dajjal singing the lyrics and they will make more sense. Also the video clips and movies themselves are his way to taint mankind. Not all music and videos are evil, but the ones that he produces are. The dajjal's system consists of different branches such as financial, political, and cultural. men run these systems, so you will find that a certain group of directors and filmmakers, actors are always working together, same goes to musicians. These groups and their products are all tainted. the message is mainly to promote lust and greed. to normalize homosexuality, and ruin societies. You will also notice none of the material is original for they cannot create. Everything they do is a copy. Because inspiration comes from God only, and he will not bless them with creativity. So if you notice the devil worshiper Jay z, all his tracks are samples and loops of other music. same goes to the rest. they cannot create. It is no coincidence that maddona and jayz both like to show the "pyramid and eye" in their art, and that same "pyramid and eye" is on the dollar. they work for the same system. The purpose of it all.... there is a purpose. He controls the media to win popular opinion to pass laws. His aim has been and is to reclaim Israel. So that his temple will be built and he can rule over the earth. and he must get rid of the resistance. the resistance is the Shia. They took Iraq, but there is still Iran and hezbullah. And there is Russia our Christian allies. They are trying to weaken them as much as possible to ease his return. Because they know and we know, that when he returns there will be that war the last war on earth before the true Jesus (pbuh) returns and rules as King. that is my account of the Dajjal, I hope you will recognize him when he comes so that you will avoid him. Salam :)
  7. Well what are their views and thoughts that differ with the state's? You cannot just say they differ, we need more information on what they said exactly. Maybe the state had a right to jail them. You cannot just simply call the the greatest ulama of all time just because someone has named them that. Maybe some more information on what exactly are their views were?
  8. Salam 3aleykom Hi, I am new here. I am an ex-sunni before I move on to the topic I would like to say why i left sunni islam. I have always been a believer, I have never had a doubt about there being a God. I was never a religious person and my family is a very mixed and non religious one. Since I read the first few pages of the Quran, I knew these were not the words of a man, but someone divine and that Islam is the true religion. I also have been following world politics and am a deep thinker about issues, and this led me to connect almost every aspect in my life to what is true and false. It all is connected and makes perfect sense in politics, religion, science, art and culture. We have true and false. I came to realize politically that sunnis align themselves with the enemies of Islam. knowingly or not they are on the wrong side. And if you notice to what the zionists are targeting, it is mainly the Shiaa countries. Bahrain is not a threat as long as the KSA backed minority sunnis are in control. Iraq is gone. Yemen is almost gone. And the only reason they are after Syria now is because they want to stop the supply route to Hezbullah. So it makes sense that the target of the dajjal's system has to be the truth. Another reason i switched to Shiasm is because, I can compare today's corruption and lies, to history's and understand how it could have been the same way 1000 years ago. I guess sunni leadership has always been corrupt. today's sunni leadership are drunken homosexual pedophiles. They usurped the muslim nation's money and use it fund a fitna. They even demolished the obelisk pillar which represents satan in the hajj and erected a meaningless wall to throw pebbles at. now to the topic I wanted to talk about...... Can we pleaaaaaaaaase stop trying to convince the world "there is a God", "Islam is right", Shiasm is right, sunnis are wrong" I am tired of these useless debates. There is absolutely no point! Please understand only God and that person can change his mind, and you are wasting you breath and energy. If a person is sincerely asking then we could help him understand. But if someone is arguing, then he has no sincerity in understanding and is there just to fight you. As a person who recently and late in life has become religious, when I go online to learn more about Islam, almost every Sheikh I listen to talks about why Islam is right, or proofs that there is a God. I already believe in God, so all this convincing is pointless information for me. what I would like to learn is more about Islamic law for example, or how to battle anger and impatience. How to act in a society. I listen to Sheikh Ammar Nakshawani and other Sheikhs and I respect them to the upmost, but even they spend the majority of their lectures just trying to prove or convince us that Shiasm is the truth. As a person who already agrees 100% with that belief... Too much time in lectures are given to these topics and I am not learning anything. We need to stop trying to convince everyone and just start trying to learn how to be better muslims :) Thank you.
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