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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Ali Yaqub


    i know i can shave it but can i shave it with a razor if not why
  2. Ali Yaqub


    Salam I am turning 15 years old and im growing pubic hair on my face. I live in the west I heard that it is haram to shave the beard and it is haram for the razor to cut any hair. I am getting humiliated at school at my hair , should I shave it or not and how do I if I cant shave without a rzazor. please help me Fee Amanillah
  3. Ahhhh. What am I supposed to do. I am sinning every week, I am trying to do something about it, and I cant! Please Borther Bright, please help me do something about this, I cant take it anymore, I need to change, but I cant. There are no Mawlanas here not a single one!!! Why does life have to be hard, thank you God for all my blessings!
  4. I am doing this for my self improvement of obediance to God(knowledge). But as a reward a would just like an amamah, the dress every scholar wears, just a little reward. I am planning on taking 12 Years in Hawza, The beginners stage(4 years) and then the intermediate stage(8 years)
  5. Assalam brothers. I am going to hawza soon in 2 years in Windsor, Toronto, Canada. So me and my friend which knows the leader and many Alims there at the hawza, so we are going to go there and meet everyone at the hawza. I had also talked with another Alim and he said it is best to havea bachelors degree before taking Hawza. So is this right or not, if yes why?
  6. What do you mean ask her to say a few words. And stop joking around, this will change my life, be serious!
  7. Is it haram to date at 14. I am sinning because of not having a girl beside me.
  8. Your the one telling me to get married. Are you serious, you are like forcing me to get married. But I dont want to get married only like a date kind of thing but a married relationship with an AhlulKitab Girl and Mutah.
  9. Thank you. But I read that for black magic to work the person doing it has to do something for the jin and then the jin will do what the it says on the piece of paper, which has to be blood drops placed on the paper for the black magic to work. And there were blood like drops on the piece of paper that we found. And it says on the piece of quran that we found had something to do about Ummal Baneen And she has 4 kids. And I only have a mom with 4 kids including me. So we are the same as Ummal Baneen so the jin will harm my whole family. Some jealous person is trying to harm us by black magic. I am only 14 years old and I am freakin creep out every night. Cant even go to sleep. PS Theres only one person we know that knows and how to do black magic that we know of. And hes been to my house a couple times. And him and his family have a grudge on us from a long time so its no doubt that he did it. But I just dont know why he did it. We did nothing to their family. He is considered a very muslim person but nope he is shaytan. I am never going to pray behind a kafir again. May he go to jahannam. I only have one parent and this person wants her to die to. May God curse him. May god protect us, ya arham arahemeen PS we had a lot bad things happen to us because of this black magic.
  10. This message is considered to brother KHALILLAH Assalam brother. Never talked in a long time. I am planning to do what you told me to do, get married. But please recommend any dating websites that I may get a wife. And do I have to get married to a muslim girl or any girl because this is a temporary marry until my problem may be fixed. And also I am becoming a Mawlana soon cant wait, im going to go study at hawza at windsor. toronto. canada. I knonw alot of mawlanas there also. To the topic. TO EVERYONE: Well a few days ago my mom found a piece of quran nicely cut with a blood like dryed up fluid on it hiding in our washroom. And my mom always cleans the washroom everyday and she had never seen this. We had the exact piece a long time ago. But this was a new one. And someone who hates my family is doing sorcery or black magic on us to harm us. So can you explain to me what this paper is. It is a piece of quran nicely cut with a blood like drops dryed onto it. So what is this and what is this called. and please make a dua for my family. Wassalam
  11. Assalam brothers and sisters I would like to inform to you that doing good pleases Imam Mahdi peace be with him On Mondays and Thursdays your soul will go to Imam Mahdi peace be with him and he will see what you have done. If good he will pray for and cry for you If bad he will curse you and not care of you Therefore think before you act
  12. thank you brother peace be with you is it shia
  13. (salam) you make sajdah on a piece of clay is your thumbs nails not a piece of clay?
  14. (salam) God subhana wa ta a'la made rules so you may pray to him at anytime and anywhere. It is not obligatory to pray on a turbah, instead put your thumbs where you put your forehead and let your forehead touch your thumbs nails. You may do this. However when standing up, you will think where do I look at since you have nothing in front of you, you will look at the point where you put your forehead, OK. This is how you will do it. When you get to sajdah, place your thumbs together and let your forehead touch your thumbs nails. (wasalam) May you start opening your mind
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